WEAK: Trudeau Government Likely To Buy USED F-18s From Australia

Yet again, the needs of our men and women in uniform get put at the back of the line.

As the Bombardier-Boeing dispute continues to grow, the Trudeau government has decided to put politics ahead of giving our men and women in uniform the equipment they need to protect Canada.

With Canada’s CF-18s reaching the end of their lifespan, the government has continuously delayed replacing them. Instead of just buying some F-35s, the government waited and waited, and then started a plan to buy Boeing Super-Hornets. Yet, because of the fight between Bombardier and Boeing, the Trudeau government is going to make an even worse purchase.

According to a recent report, the government is going to buy USED F-18s from Australia. So, the plan is to buy old used F-18s to replace old used F-18’s.


It’s yet another disgraceful example of the Canadian government treating the defense of our country as an afterthought, and putting those in uniform at risk by giving them substandard equipment.

Real solution: Buy F-35s, then build up Canada’s own military production capability

Buying used F-18s is a terrible idea, as we will end up spending heavily on repairs, maintenance, and then have to replace them soon anyway. The real solution is to buy the F-35s (which despite criticism are still great and highly advanced planes), which will help cover our needs for the next few decades. In that time, we should invest in R&D, and start building a domestic military aviation industry, creating the capability to design and build our own Canadian fighter jets.

There also needs to be a broader political shift, where we start taking the defence of our country seriously, and prioritize giving those in uniform the best of the best. Politicians can’t claim to support those in uniform on the one hand, while constantly under-funding them and giving them crap equipment. After all, the Trudeau government has no problem spending tons of taxpayer money and exploding the budget deficit, but gets cheap all of a sudden when it comes to the military.

It shows where their real priorities are, and keeping Canada safe seems to be far down that list.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Canada First ~ How about taking the Super Avro Arrow and producing them right here in Canada! It is still the best most agile fighter in the world and can be produced and manufactured right here in Canada at a substantial savings to taxpayers!

    Restoring our Bank of Canada to its mandated raison d’etre would be a Canadian Way to finance the production of it right here in Canada!

    Thinking about become a Neutral Nation outside of the United Nations, and doing things the Canadian Way might be the elixir that the vast Majority of Canadians NEED AT THIS TIME!

    We can thank Donal Trump for Challenging Canada to become a Sovereign Nation!

    1. Je suis très content de savoir que certain canadiens réalisent jusqu’à quel point nous sommes exploités chez-nous par des Trudeau et “leur famille”
      De la Confédération à 1974, le Canada s’est impliqué dans deux guerres mondiales; a traversé une dépression majeure; a construit de vastes infrastructures, telles que la Voie maritime du Saint-Laurent, l’autoroute Trans-Canada, des aéroports internationaux, des chemins de fer nationaux (le Canadien National); et a implanté des programmes de protection sociale comme les allocations familiales, la Pension de la Sécurité de vieillesse, le Régime de pensions du Canada, le Système de soins de santé universel. Tout ça, avec une dette de seulement 21,6 milliards $.

      Qu’est-il arrivé en 1974? Eh bien, Pierre Elliott Trudeau a délégué la souveraineté monétaire du Canada à un groupe de banquiers privés internationaux.

      Entre la création de la Banque centrale du Canada, en 1938, et l’année 1974, le gouvernement canadien empruntait à sa propre banque centrale. La dette était virtuellement sans intérêt, puisque le gouvernement est propriétaire de la banque. Mais depuis 1974, le Canada emprunte auprès de banquiers privés internationaux. Cette année-là, le Comité de Bâle a été créé par les gouverneurs des banques centrales du «groupe des Dix» (G10), incluant le gouverneur de la Banque du Canada, Gerald Bouey.

      A voir absolument l’héritage des Trudeau;https://quebecblogue.com/grande-trahison-de-1974-trudeau-a-privatise-banque-canada/

  2. Spencer you are bang on with your observation re developing a Canadian military entity. At one time as you are aware we led the world with a fighter interceptor that Defienbaker scrapped. The Avro Arrow was so far ahead of every other fighter aircraft that even the yanks were interested in it. Canadian engineering can be once again at the top of the world accomplishments but not with this P.M.
    Thank you for your every day observations. The Canadian media, CBC has turned into a fluff reporting source. Are they controlled by the Liberals? The biggest story that no one is reporting is the Bank of Canada and it,s being controlled by the foreign banking cartel. (THE ROTHSCHILD SERPENT)
    Canada is bankrupt because the money is sucked out of our treasury faster than taxes can replace it. I would appreciate your take on this subject as well as the GILATI/COMER court case against the Bank of Canada.

  3. One particular thing I like about this blog is that rather than merely highlighting the issues and pinpointing the flaws in the policies (which is an awesome job by itself), it provides thought-provoking & practical solutions to those issues. Hats-off to you Spencer.

  4. This government and specifically Trudeau himself, as it was with daddy, not only hates Canada itself but also hates our armed forces and sees them as an expense not worthy of consideration, again following daddy’s lead. Perhaps my comments that he is the perfect example of the Manchurian Candidate, are becoming more and more obvious to those who perceived my original comment about this as being far-fetched. There is far too much evidence, in my view, that supports my theory to simply say ‘it cannot be that way.’ Everything he does is according to the precise thought processes of Pierre — and those of us who lived through that era can see it very clearly. So, although this latest decision appears to be extreme, which it is, it also follows Pierre’s acts and thoughts to a “T.”

  5. Why would Australia get rid of perfectly of good working CF18s? Cant believe with all the millions that Trudeau is sending overseas that Canada is unable to buy CF18s as if we were a third-world country.

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