DISGUSTING: Trudeau Government Cuts Funding For Remembrance Day Wreaths

The Trudeau government is showing open contempt for our country and our history.

There are emerging reports that the Trudeau government has slashed funding for production and delivery of Remembrance Day Wreaths for Canadian Legions. The information was shared by a Conservative MP on Twitter:

These cuts are absolutely disgusting.

The arrogance, and disregard for Canada from the Trudeau government has reached such a level that they aren’t even trying to hide it.

MP Phil McColeman is doing great work bringing attention to these terrible cuts, and it seems the Lieberals are trying to talk their way out of the anger towards their decision. Watch McColeman bring up the issue in Question Period below:

If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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  1. When will Canadians wake up and throw this disgusting Trudeau idiot out on his ear. Tonight, or tomorrow is no soon enough. This is the guy I saw at the solemn Vimy ridge memorial waving at the crowd…he was devoid of emotion for the actual ceremony commemorating the heroism and death of our soldiers that remarkable day, one hundred years prior. This man is a phony with devious plans for Canada in the short and long term. The sooner we rout him and Gerald Butts the better for all of Canada.
    Ben Eby

  2. Trudeau needs to step down –NOW!! he is NOTHING but a traitor and a hater!! Justin Trudeau is the enemy of Canada — Him & Perry Bellegarde & their sheeple!!!!

  3. This is an out and out insult to how our veterans fought to save Canada. We know that thousands ofoff men fought and many even died for Canada! Justin Trudeau, in my opinion is an idiot and very disrespectful of Canada. No way should Justin Trudeau be our Prime Minister snd represent aur country. It is ufortunate that Treason has been done away with as this clown should have been charged wth it

  4. Simply another example of disrespect for those who died so that he could live — had they known in advance this person’s hate of Canada (mirroring his father’s hate) it is doubtful they would have willingly laid down their lives for such a disgusting example of a human being.

  5. Such a petty gesture. As if the cost of Remembrace Day wreaths are in the millions. Frankly. It probably isnt even 100k. That’s Trudeau for you. TRUDEAU ‘s signature: DECEPTION.

  6. His father PET hated the military when he was PM. Now his son is using the same play book as his father did during his reign as PM. Thge current leadership of this country and the party has never changed, cut military spending, get second hand equipment, or from the cheapest bidder. And of course ,send the troops of with the wrong kit.

  7. I used to have to watch that weasel Veterans Affairs Minister every morning on CTV News Kitchener. How in the world is he a minister of our best citizens? Our government is a joke. I hope Our glorious leader in old age surfing the web sees all the discontent he and his cronies have did to their own people. Hope my children’s generation learns from this mess that was created.

  8. Canadian friends, youd better get this bum out of office before he has destroyed your country. The liberal mindset is going to destroy all of us, including here in the US if it doesnt change, and quickly.
    We will have been over run by those who seek to destroy us.
    Fight on Canadians!

  9. And to think….We have 2 more years of Trudeau. There’s more of this crap coming our way. I really hope that Canadians wise up and not give this man another 4 years. He has been the worst mistake for PM, yet. He has absolutely no clue on how to run a country. A spoiled little rich kid in charge of Canada who is not using his brains, has no ethics and no respect for this country, with his hands so deep in the tax payers pockets, and a vengeance for spending other people’s hard earned dollars, while he protects his own and every other wealthy hypocrite. If Trudeau can’t respect our past and present Veteran’s who have put their lives on the line for us and our freedom, then there is no hope for him. Without our Veteran’s, Trudeau would not have what he has today, and neither would any other Canadian.

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