Trudeau Puts Virtue-Signalling Ahead Of Security On Border Questionnaire

Canada has no obligation to make those crossing our border illegally feel comfortable.

The recent controversy over some of the questions being asked of illegal border crossings by the RCMP has missed the key point when it comes to illegal border crossing:

Canada has no obligation to make people trying to enter illegally feel comfortable.

We know it’s absurd that we are supposed to consider the feelings or comfort level of those breaking our laws. In fact, when people considering crossing illegally see how our leaders are falling all over themselves to consider how we can be “nicer” to illegal crossers, it will only make Canada seem like a more inviting destination for those who have no interest in using the legal border entry process.

Appropriate questions?

The other issue is whether the questionnaire itself is appropriate. The political class has shamefully thrown our hard-working RCMP under the bus for the questions, yet when you look at them, you can see that they are really quite reasonable questions in keeping with Canadian values. Here are a few of the “controversial” ones.

“Canada is a very liberal country that believes in freedom of religious practice and equality between men and women. What is your opinion of this subject? How would you feel if your boss was a woman? How do you feel about women who do not wear the hijab?”

These are reasonable questions. When someone tries to enter Canada illegally, our country can ask whatever questions we like. We have a right to ensure that people adhere to the values of our nation. And yet, rather than work to prioritize the safety of Canadians, the Trudeau government has instead sought to virtue-signal and claim that the questionnaire is against “government policy.” They’ve even left open the possibility of punishing RCMP officers who administered the questionnaire.

This is incredibly concerning. While RCMP officers work to keep Canadians safe and deal with the consequences of Trudeau’s virtue-signalling tweets, the Trudeau government throws them under the bus and puts the interests of illegal border crossers ahead of the interests of the Canadian people.

As we can see, this is one of those issues where the establishment media and political class are totally ignoring the views of Canadians. Those questions would be seen as reasonable by almost all Canadians, and are fully in keeping with Canada as a country that believes in gender equality and freedom and wants our nation kept safe. It’s a shame those in power are either unable, or unwilling to see that.

Spencer Fernando


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  1. When the Prime Minister of a country encourages foreigners to break Canadain law, should he not be charged with treason and taken out of office?

  2. I am stunned and outraged that Ralph Goodale continues to downplay the risks we are taking with our open border and how he once again spends his time kowtowing to ‘Muslim’ leaders in Canada. Rather than decisively make decisions in the best interests of Canadians he ‘suspends’ the questionnaire stating that it is ‘against government policy”. We have radical terrorists lying and entering our country and instead of resolutely supporting the validity of the questionnaire and unapologetically vetting immigrants of the Muslim religion for non-conformism and a dangerous ideology, he folds.

    It is appalling that Trudeau hasn’t taken any steps to close the well known loop hole allowing asylum seekers to freely cross. You would expect that he would, at the very least, ensure the ‘government policy’ would approve a questionnaire that reflects the signs of the times.

    Quote from article…”But civil rights advocates, refugee lawyers and Muslim leaders said the document highlights the larger problem that Canada’s security services disproportionately target Muslims.”

    Seriously!…Have they already set aside the horrific terrorist attack in Edmonton last week and the news of a ‘Canadian refugee ‘Muslim” coordinating an attack in New York. Are they ignoring the tragic facts of Muslim extremism throughout Europe?

    We have a right and a responsibility to vet these monsters and ensure they do not get in.

    Spencer you recently wrote in an article, “While globalism gets sold to us as being about ‘inclusion’, it’s really about ‘destroying’ National Sovereignty, weakening the nation state, and concentrating all power in the hands of a small elite. That’s why Canadian citizenship is being ‘stripped’ of it’s meaning by the Trudeau government, as we lose rights and freedoms, while those who break our laws get rewarded.”

    This government is constantly giving in to the self-victimization of minority groups giving them room to grow and cause irreparable damage…this group is one that cannot be ignored and we need to call them on it.

    These so called ‘Muslim leaders’ need to decide where their loyalties lie and let that speak for itself as to there allegiance to ‘this’ great Nation.

    This government is bent on whitewashing the threat against our Country. This is war and they are undermining the legitimate concerns of genuine and loyal Canadian citizens.

    Prime Minister Trudeau is a traitor to this Nation and it is becoming increasingly vital that this be acknowledged and immediate steps taken to have him removed from office. He is not fit to lead and the damage he is causing will be irreversible if we do not act now.

    1. All Canadians need to file a Complaint with the civil or human rights of Canada. Our right to a safe secure Canada under the Constitution has been grossly violated by the Traitor Trudeau Government. He has assisted in Criminal violations to our Border security. This has placed All Canadians in Danger. He is also assisting in Gag orders as to not prevent Canadians the right to know how many crimes have been committed throughout Canada by illegal Immagrants that he has assisted to invade.

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