PATHETIC: Trudeau Blames Ethics Commissioner For Moneybags Morneau Not Using Blind Trust

Who could believe this pathetic spin?

It was widely believed that Finance Minister Bill Moneybags Morneau had put his vast fortune into a blind trust, as would be expected of someone with the power to dramatically impact the economy.

It turns out, Morneau didn’t do that. As a result, the opposition parties are understandably ripping him for possible ethical issues, especially considering how Justin Trudeau made such a big deal of public officials needing to use blind trusts. Of course, Trudeau isn’t applying that same standard to Moneybags.

Now, Trudeau is trying to talk his way out of the growing controversy surrounding Morneau, and is blaming others for the mistakes and failures of his government:

As noted by the Globe & Mail, “The Prime Minister placed responsibility for the lack of a blind trust on the shoulders of Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson. “We have in Canada a Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner who is mandated to ensure everyone follows the rules … I can tell you the Minister of Finance worked extensively with [the Commissioner] when he came into this job and followed all her recommendations.” Mr. Morneau is facing a separate accusation of conflict of interest even as controversy lingers over his lack of a blind trust.”


Think about how crazy Trudeau’s spin is. Morneau could face serious ethics questions because of his lack of a blind trust. He still refuses to say whether he owns shares in Morneau Sheppell. Yet, instead of fire Morneau, Trudeau pathetically tries blaming the ethics commissioners. At this point, how can anyone believe anything Trudeau says? He refuses to take responsibility for anything that happens in the government he leads, and he always throws other people under the bus. After all, if Trudeau had any integrity at all, Morneau would already be out the door.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Why is it that the media that know every single detail of Donald Trump AN AMERICAN and not a single word of their own PM JUSTIN TRUDEAU a Canadian, who is doing a lot a damage to their own country Canada?
    Another thing, ‘what is good for the liberals to find loopholes to avoid paying taxes then it must good for the general public to find loopholes to avoid paying higher taxes imposed by the liberals.

    1. No,under our system of government,there is nothing we can do. Americans can impeach their President, in Britain the Party of the PM can turf him if they choose,but under Canada’s system,he is there for four years and we have no legal recourse. The Governor-General can remove the PM, but again,that has never been done,and there is no set of rules as to what reason the G-G would have to do so. It’s a moot point as Julie Payette is certainly not going to remove the man who gave her the G-G’s chair.

      In theory, the House of Commons under the British parliamentary system can impeach the PM or anyone else,but that has not occurred since 1806,in Britain. This has never been tried in Canada,so given the political elite that currently infests our Country, there is no hope.

      Trudeau can be impeached by a majority of the H. of C.but there is no way in Hell that will happen,so we just have to tough it out for two more years,and maintain our displeasure so that all Canadians who dislike the man and his government will get up off their fat butts and vote the man out!

  2. and this pathetic spin does not account for a possible recommendation by the Ethics Commissioner that is based on the information this looter provided…it may have been a good and lawful recommendation but if the info provided lacked real fact disclosure…….PATHETIC and he must go with the gang of pick pockets

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