REPORT: Federal Government Pays $31.3 Million To Three Men Wrongfully Jailed & Tortured In Syria

The imprisonment took place under the Chretien Liberal government, and the men were never charged with any terror offences.

A report from CTV reveals that the federal government has paid a combined $31.3 million to three men who were tortured and imprisoned in Syria after being “wrongfully accused of links to terrorism.” 

One of the men was tortured so severely in Syria that he was “covered in blood and unable to walk.”

The men, Abdullah Almalki, Ahmad El Maati, and Muayyed Nureddin, had filed $100 million lawsuits against the federal government in relation to events that took place when the Chretien Liberals were in power.

As noted in the report, “A 2008 inquiry led by a former Supreme Court justice determined that federal officials contributed to the men’s torture by sharing important information with international agencies. Foreign Affairs, CSIS and the RCMP were found to have made mistakes in connection with the cases, the inquiry found.”

The Harper government led efforts to address the actions undertaken while the Chretien Liberals were in power, and in 2009 the House of Commons Public Safety Committee had issued recommendations calling for a government apology and the provision of compensation to the terribly mistreated individuals.

Additionally, “MPs on the committee also pushed for the government to do “everything necessary” to clear the men’s names and delete the false allegations from national security agencies’ records.”

Similar to Arar case, very different than Khadr

It’s important to note that this is very different than the Khadr case. With Khadr, he had been imprisoned for a tangible action – the killing of American military medic Christopher Speer. Khadr was imprisoned by a democratic ally, not the brutal Syrian regime. He also confessed to throwing the grenade that killed Speer, and did so under a situation that did not include torture, unlike what happened to Almalki, El Maati, and Nureddin.

Additionally, the Trudeau Liberals made a choice to compensate Khadr despite the government having already fulfilled any legal “duty” to him by repatriating him. Furthermore, the Trudeau government paid Khadr in such a way that the widow of Christopher Speer was denied any chance to stop the payout.

So, people are looking at this as a very different situation.

The horrible situation faced by the three falsely imprisoned men is far more similar to what happened to Maher Arar, who was compensated under the Harper government after he was tortured and imprisoned in Syria due in part from false information the government provided.

While there could be debates over the level of compensation, those who are falsely imprisoned and tortured certainly deserve compensation from the government.

Of note, all these cases took place when Liberals were in power, a fact that the current Liberals in power now often attempt to obscure.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Syria tortures them. Trudeau decides we’re the guilty party and must pay $31.3 Million.

    Meanwhile taxes are going thru the roof. For the first time in my life I’m seriously considering emigrating.

    1. How about Jihadi Trudeau just pay for the compensation using Moneybag Moreau’s money. We, of course don’t have the taxes to pay for the compensation, because he has wasted it on “fighting” climate change and compensating a terrorist.

      I am also considering emigrating – to Poland, because it stands up for its values and you can be politically incorrect.

    2. I’m already mindset … if the Liberals take the next election, I’m leaving Canada, I won’t give those lying, manipulating, self serving bastards another dime of my tax dollars! Maybe I’ll consider the Middle East, that way if I’m injured or tortured in any way, I can come back to Canada to collect my $10M!

  2. It always comes back to Khadr, doesn’t it? The correct action by our government would have been to condemn the US for even having military overseas, killing foreigners in their beds, at their weddings and subsequent funerals. If the US can do this, and there is no democratic, peaceful way to stop it, then those who wish to assist the innocent party should have every right to do so. Just as Canadians joined the US military to kill Vietnamese in that unjust war, so Canadians should have the right to fight to protect their relatives overseas. Sorry, kiddo, but the Americans knew what they signed up for – to do evil in the name of their corporate global government. The world needs to resist the American empire – even Canadians. Would I fight to resist the Americans? To protect my family and neighbours, either in Canada or in Britain – yes, if the Americans sent their army into our streets. These guys resisting the Americans overseas in their home countries are doing no less and are to be commended for it – certainly more than the Canadian politicians whose refrain is always to join Americans in their overseas murders.

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