INCOMPETENCE: Report Says Ethics Commissioner NEVER Investigated Any Government Cabinet Minister For Recusal In Potential Conflicts-Of-Interest

Imagine how many conflicts-of-interest could have been ignored in the past decade…

A shocking report by Althia Raj in the Huff Post says that the Ethics Commissoner Mary Dawson has never investigated a cabinet minister for whether they recused themselves from a potential conflict of interest.

Dawson has been in her job for an entire decade.

The report points out that Dawson only launched one recusal-related conflict-of-interest investigation into an MP in that entire time period – and that investigation was only launched after another MP filed a complaint.

Here’s what Dawson’s spokeswoman told the Huff Post when asked about investigations into conflicts-of-interest:

“You asked whether the Commissioner has investigated a member for not recusing himself or herself formally (by filling a recusal) or informally (by not showing up to votes or debates) because of a conflict. The Commissioner has undertaken one inquiry in relation to a failure to recuse, the Thibault Inquiry in 2008.”

Raj specifically notes that Dawson “has never investigated a cabinet minister.” (for recusal in potential conflict of interest)


At this point, Canadians are asking “What is the point of even having an ethics commissioner if they don’t take strong action to investigate conflicts-of-interest.

As the scandal around Bill Moneybags Morneau continues to grow, people are looking back and wondering why the ethics commissioner wasn’t taking a more active role in investigating potential conflicts in order to protect the interests of the Canadian people. Now, we find out that Dawson has NEVER investigated a cabinet minister for whether they recused themselves in the situation of such a conflict during her entire time in office. It’s total incompetence.

Canadians now have zero faith or trust in our government system, because it seems the people who are supposed to stand up for our interests and serve as watchdogs over those in power are sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

Now, we can only imagine what other conflicts of interest are taking place that we’ve never heard of. This is an incredibly disturbing moment for Canadians, and the Trudeau government seems especially willing to take advantage of the total weakness of Canada’s ethics office.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Time to investigate the investigator – a “spokeswoman” – for christ sake who does this load of dead wood think she is – investigate her fully and in particular look at the cash flow – want the truth ? – follow the money – this one is dirtier than dirt .

    1. No,Mary Dawson isn’t “dirtier than dirt”, she is a lifelong civil servant having served in various government ministries since 1970. She actually has excellent qualifications if you care to read her bio,but has probably been given the plum of a nice retirement job until she finally packs it in. Dawson must be about 70 years old,having graduated from university in 1966. A fireball she definitely is NOT! And the pols don’t want one!

      She is undoubtedly exactly the type Federal politicians want in the CC’s Office, a tired old retread who goes through the motions unless a complaint if made to her,and given all the pols propensity for maintaining the elite club,there likely haven’t been many of those.

      If Canada had a real conflict commissioner,of the Trey Gowdy type, we’d be in constant turmoil from one conflict after another, as the Morneau case is only the tip of the iceberg.

      How about Chretien and Martin representing Power Corporation in trade negotiations with China,when Martin once worked for Power Corp.,financed his purchase of CSL by Power Corp., and Chretien’s daughter was and is married to the current co-CEO of that corporation?

      The Liberal Party is chock full of this type of corruption,and I wouldn’t bet that the CPC is much better, just less practised at it. It’s the natural result of doing politics in a corrupt Province like Quebec.

      No,Mary Dawson isn’t dirty,just the perfect civil servant for this job.

  2. so what a plain , nobody citizen has suggested is true …WE NEED AN ETHICS COMMISSIONER TO INVESTIGATE AND HOLD TO ACCOUNT THE ETHICS COMMISSIONER …???

  3. moi je suis écoeurée de me faire mentir, où peut-on faire des plaintes pour que le gouvernement soit obliger de rendre des comptes, moi Trudeau je ne suis plus capable d entendre ses discours vides, pour défendre ses ministres qui volent tout simplement et qui font des délis d initié, car Monsieur fait les lois et empoche suite à ses réformes, il a beau dire qu il va redonner non il va tout simplement le déduire de ses impots, non assez c est assez

  4. Marry Dawson was a very good friend of the Trudeau’s. She was around when little JT was growing up. She was helping old Pierre screw up the constitution at Meech Lake. So sorry she’s not this little old lady that is just waiting to retire, she knows this shit inside out, she’s liberal and she’s a liar of the worst kind.

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