VIDEO: Jason Kenney’s Speech After Winning United Conservative Party Leadership

With his strong victory in the race for leader of the United Conservative Party, Jason Kenney now carries the hopes of millions of Albertans – and millions more people across the country – who want to see the NDP defeated and Alberta’s strength restored.

That fight is now underway, as Kenney made clear in his first speech as leader of the UCP. Watch his speech below:

In a unifying gesture, Kenney brought Brian Jean and Doug Schweitzer on stage to show his commitment to bringing the party together and focus on defeating the terrible NDP government.

Read more about Kenney’s win here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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    1. Actually Ontario has its election almost a year before Alberta and Wynne’s approval ratings are even lower than Notley’s while unlike Notley, Wynne doesn’t have the luxury of time so unless Brown does something stupid, I think Ontario should swing rightward next June. The only advantage in Alberta is conservatives have a stronger built in base than they do in Ontario, but I think Ontario in 2018 will be a lot like Manitoba in 2016 where an unpopular left wing government who had been in power for well over a decade was turfed.

      I am hoping though that the left wing dominance in Canada starts to recede, otherwise our own pink tide (using the term they used for the left wing swing in Latin America) hopefully starts to ebb soon. At the moment we only have two to three centre-right provincial governments (Saskatchewan and Manitoba for sure and maybe Quebec), so hopefully by 2019 Ontario and Alberta will have swung to the right and maybe if we get lucky the BC government will fall sooner than expected thus allowing it to swing rightwards.

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