VIDEO: Trudeau Tries To Deflect From Growing Ethics Troubles In Question Period

Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau faced-off in Question Period over the continuing conflict-of-interest troubles engulfing the Trudeau government.

Notice how Trudeau is trying everything possible to shift the focus to the past Harper government, instead of addressing the actions of the government he leads today.

It’s a clear sign that Trudeau is feeling the heat, and Andrew Scheer worked to keep the pressure on in QP. Watch the video below:

Trudeau may have dressed up as Clark Kent/Superman for Halloween, but it’s clear that transparency is his Kryptonite.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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  1. I really think, as a viewer, that you should never end your video clips with IDIOT BOY TRUDEAU trying to fight his way out of his WET PAPER BAG. I think these are more effective if the last word goes to Scheer.

    1. I agree. IDIOT BOY TRUDEAU should NEVER have the Last Word! He basically sounds like an Idiot who cannot answer any question. At least with Scheer, we will get the Intelligent Last Word!

  2. when will this arrogant,narcissistic Pm answer a direct question from the conservatives and the liberal Bobble heads will stay still for a while

  3. All Trudeau does is talkabout protect the parliament. How about protecting regular Canadians from the corruption of the Finance Minister using unethical loopholes to his advantage & leaving the rest of us homeless when we become seniors. It makes me sick that governments have known for years that we were going to have baby boomers reaching this time & yet none of them did anything to prepare for it! It costs $5200 & up per month to live in a private senior home & the government assisted rooms through their pension are non existent & already taken. So many end up on the streets & abused because family is non existent or unable to help. So Morneau & the others can rot in hell for their immoral & unethical self serving corrupted ways !!

  4. Find this so funny because Justin Trudeau and his cabinet actually believe there be a transparent. Justin Trudeau and his cabinet does not give a damn about the Canadian citizens, they lie to our face, they have light left right and centre, they have no respect for the Canadian citizens, every question to they get asked they never answer. How can I think they’re transparent

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