WATCH: Hussen Admits Immigration Increase Will Cost Taxpayers Over $1 BILLION Per Year & Keep Going Up

He only answered the question reluctantly after repeatedly trying to dodge it.

After announcing a massive increase in Canada’s immigration levels, the Trudeau government is being grilled on the extra cost to Canadian taxpayers – at a time when services are stretched, the government is running huge deficits, and taxpayers are being fleeced.

In an interview, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen did everything he could to dodge the question of cost, before finally revealing the truth.

Canadian taxpayers are already paying over $1 billion per year for the cost of immigration, and Hussen admitted that the Trudeau plan will add to that cost every year. Considering how dishonest the Trudeau government has been, and how all their cost projections end up going way over-budget, we know that cost could end up being billions more per year above what Hussen is claiming.

Watch the interview below:

At at time when Canadians across the country are being massively taxed while being betrayed by a government that made big promises, there is growing anger that billions will be spent on bringing more people into the country, instead of maintaining the levels under the previous government and focusing on doing more to help those who are already in the country.

Unfortunately for Canadians, the Trudeau government has no interest in supporting the Canadian people, and would rather focus outside our borders than inside.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. It is tragically sad that we, as Canadians, have submitted to what Martin Collacott has describes as the wilful replacement of our population. It is time now to fight the long and undoubtedly difficult reconquista of our nation’s identity, culture and history. There can be no greater or more noble task in my opinion.

    1. Canada has no identity or culture, and hasn’t since the ‘willful replacement’ of the old and venerable cultures that existed prior to the rapacious colonial expansion of settlers from a score of different states a few hundred years ago, which I assume is what you mean by ‘history.’

      1. Civilization in Canada appeared in the early 1600 when Europeans immigrated to the Lower Canada and Upper Canada. They started to build schools, hospitals, basically all the infrastructures to make it viable for the new societies . What is a civilization: it is “the process by which a society or place reaches an advanced stage of social development and organization.” The previous populations were nomads called indigenous who did not settle in any particular areas. As a metis, I am proud to have been part of the group that has integrated for peace. Unfortunately, Canada has invested trillions of dollars for the First Nations ’cause since 1946 so they could live like they used to 400 years ago in order to preserve their cultures. Unfortunately, what is the point of having reserves if they live like modern men after all.

  2. The best CBC interviewer I’ve seen in a long time. Well done Rob Brown! A liberal not able to give a straight answer to CBC, There is hope!
    The simple math to the question he was asked is close to 4 billion over the nest three years, that of course will be understated by the time we get there. It is good to know that 85% of settled immigrants learn either french or english quickly. Where does this guy live. And as far as receiving citizenship, the liberals are handing them out like candy on halloween. I’m all in favour of helping and growing. Its not so much about the people as it is about this government and a broken immigration system.

  3. Kick Trudeau out of his office. let us start this petitions. I am an Reg Nurse working in Hospice/- Palliative Nursing care facility whereby family members are required to pay for the patient’s

    laxatives which is very important for the patient comfort due to the pain medications they are receiving and here this inconsiderate man is wasting Canadian taxpayer’s money.Hope to see him lie on hospice bed and be told that he has to buy his own laxatives so he can have a bowel movement

  4. Only a billion a year? Double that # because all Liberals lie. It’s part of who they are. This immigration policy is a main cog in their wheel of destruction.

  5. Over $1 billion per year? Well, that’s going to go up, like always, with Trudeau. Trudeau doesn’t want to help “our” homeless, “our” seniors or “our” low income people, but he is willing to pay this for the new immigrants? And he expects the Canadian Tax Payer to provide the money for “them”? He plans to bring in 1 million in 3 years? That’s a lot of people in such a short time. Where is he going to put them? There’s already a shortage of low income housing right now. He says the seniors are dying off and Canada has to replace them? No….we are losing employment every day…companies closing down, moving to cheaper countries and Trudeau is selling Canada to everyone and the Chinese who will probably bring in their own staff. There are so many skilled Canadians at the moment looking for employment. This is going to make it much worse. Pretty soon the only place in Canada to find employment will be Walmart or Tim Horton’s, McDonald’s and Wendy’s and they aren’t even Canadian companies. Ooops, sorry, they are cutting back on staff too, bringing in machines, so the customer can do the work in order to save their money. I swear, Trudeau is trying to replace our own hard working Canadians and make Canada a third world country. And broke and in debt up to our eyeballs. There is nothing wrong with helping others and other countries, but Trudeau is going way overboard, especially when he refuses to help his own Country and the Canadian people who are already here, footing the bill for “his” agenda. Trudeau is completely out of control.

  6. This article is absolute garbage, and sheer xenophobic scaremongering. If it weren’t for immigration, Canada’s rapidly aging population would cause the entire economy to collapse within a few decades. It might cost a billion dollars in the short term to bring in all those immigrants, but the same immigrants will contribute many billions more to the economy, and their taxes will pay for your healthcare and other services when you’re old.

    1. You’re assuming that those immigrants will be working – many will not. In Germany, only 13% of the 1.1 million migrants have found work so far. This is completely unsustainable.

      Instead of replacing aging Canadians with new immigrants, we should encourage and incentivize Canadians to have more children.

    2. “If it weren’t for immigration, Canada’s rapidly aging population would cause the entire economy to collapse within a few decades.”

      Now that’s scaremongering! That’s a lie thrown around to frighten Canadians into accepting unacceptable levels of immigration and begrudgingly embrace our replacement. Immigration doesn’t offset ageing societies. Research has been done into this, it’s not hard to find. Besides, were we so serious about it then why are we allowing so many aged parents and relatives of immigrants to come here? It’s about securing immigrant/ethnic bloc votes.

      “It might cost a billion dollars in the short term to bring in all those immigrants, but the same immigrants will contribute many billions more to the economy, and their taxes will pay for your healthcare and other services when you’re old.”

      More scaremongering nonsense. Immigrants are a net fiscal burden according to research by the Frasier Institute. Immigrants also don’t grow economies according to the OECD. They’re attracted to them but they don’t necessarily prosper them. Immigrants also remove $24 billion from the Canadian economy each year by sending it overseas. If immigrants grow economies and prosper societies then why is Peel Region in Ontario reporting over half it’s residents are classified as poor? This was once a quiet farming community out in the boonies of Toronto that has been overrun with immigrants from India and increasingly the Caribbean to the point where Brampton is now Vis. Min. majority.

      In the CBC clip the Immigration Minister, who is an immigration lawyer by trade and a Somali national (conflict of interest), doles out all the tired and debunked reasons for high and increasing immigration that previous Ministers have doled out before. They’ve become cliches now. He even dares to talk about the “success” of the Provincial Nominee Programs of which many have been plagued by abuse and scandal such as in the Maritimes. And those “stakeholders” he consults? None are the average Canadians who suffer the consequences of immigration but the usual suspects in the immigration industry and business lobbies who lobby for self-interest and not national interest. It’s the same crap that’s been going on since Mulroney and it needs to end.

    3. Immigrants should have a job when they come,we did .not brought in by the government and be and welfare demanding better than our own people. It is hard to be a new immigrant but with hard work,learning our language there are possibilities to have a good life .

    4. Nicholas – who do you work for? Why do you think your progressive hatred would be of use to anyone here? If we wanted an insane globalist propaganda, we would surely consume insane globalist media… like you seem to enjoy. There are plenty of other places where your anger and self-hatred can be expressed and engaged. IF you think you’re smart or cultured for thinking what the government has told you to think, you’re more lost than Socks himself… you should try educating yourself…

      Canada has culture, values, traditions, and is a country in and of its own right. It amazes me when progressives can hide behind their vague re-definition of immigration so they don’t have to face reality…

      Good job as always, Spencer… keep the irons in the fire and keep speaking truth to power

  7. How can the Minister of Immigration say that we are a world leader in integration? When there is no curriculum on Canadian Values for new immigrants, in schools, be elementary, high school, post-secondary or even adult education. We hear every day of immigrants who commit crimes and they say they did not know it was wrong. Of course, if you offer to do the same thing to them, they will scream: “NO” and a big one. The massive immigration that is planned cannot be absorbed. Currently the large cities of Canada are the places where new immigrants go. Congestion on the roads is at the maximum. We will see more accidents, more deaths with more immigration because the infrastructure is not there and cannot be built fast enough for their plan of intake immigration. As for the aging population, seniors who have worked for the last 40 to 50 years have pre-paid for their pensions and services way in advance so they are far from being a drain on the younger generations. SINCE THEY HAVE PRE-PAID ALL. The current drain comes from new and some old immigration who lives on welfare. Look at the Khadr family, they have been on welfare for 25 years. A second drain is the government salaries take more than 50% of revenues at all levels, municipal, regional, provincial and federal. That means that any PRIVATE COMPANIES who follows the government model goes bankrupt. The third drain is the indigenous.

  8. Just remember, you to will be old one day. This SOB puts taxes on everythings and seniors don’t have the money. I don’t want to wish bad on anyone but I hope that one day every liberal
    Feels the pain Canadian seniors are feeling every day. Cold homes because of the high heat, can’t go out because we can’t afford it. Food so expensive we are forced to eat poorly.
    Very ashamed of those that want pot and put this mental midget and his idiot in power.

  9. Hussen, does not care like the rest of the elitist so called government!!!! THE PEOPLE DO NOT COUNT!!!!! WE NEED RECALL IN THIS COUNTRY AND REFERENDUMS WITH QUESTIONS NOT CONSTRUED BY SO CALLED GOVERNMENTS!!!!!!

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