WASTE: Trudeau Government Spending $5 MILLION On Skating Rink Outside Parliament

The government is a pathetic joke.

We always get told how little money the government has, and how they need more and more from us.

Yet, when they take our money, they waste it horribly.

The latest example of that pathetic waste is a $5 MILLION skating rink outside Parliament.

Of course, we know that Ottawa already has an amazing and widely-used rink on the Rideau Canal – meaning there is absolutely no need for another one, as was pointed out perfectly by Manny Montenegrino:

But, that’s common sense talking, something that is totally absent under the Trudeau government.

Making things even worse, the rink (part of the federal Canada 150 project) will only be open from December 7 to December 31.

While some are saying the rink should be open longer, the real question is why it’s being built at taxpayer expense at all.

Why doesn’t one of Justin Trudeau’s wealthy fundraisers pay for it? After all, they aren’t even paying taxes right?

Or, how about the government just does what the rest of Canadians have to do every day and make choices about what we can and can’t afford.


Instead, we get this pathetic waste, and more of our money thrown down the drain.

Remember this the next time the government demands more of our money. They don’t have a revenue problem, they have a spending problem, and that problem is only getting worse the longer Trudeau is in power.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Will there be gender neutral or genderless change rooms? Will the females have to skate at the back of the rink and get off if a jihadist shows up?

    1. Not on your life. I wouldn’t do that in a month of sundays!! In other words no way! Then if that was enforced who cares Because my friends and I can then go make our own rink!!

  2. another shit reporter hyping his biased opinions about partisan politics.
    EVERY party has wasted taxpayer money on shit projects and given tax deductions for the wealthy> The fact this bozo reporter doesn’t understand nor acknowledge this just tells us he has ZERO understanding of current politics.
    It’s sad he’s allowed to write this shit, instead of trying to organize an effort to get rid of partisan political systems and eliminate money in the political system, so we can get a government run by the people, for the people, instead of by the spoiled for the corrupt.
    But go ahead and buy into his leftwing/rightwing bullshit.
    Divided we fall, and douchebag writers like this just contribute to OUR problems of being divided by rhetoric.

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