LIARS: Trudeau Government Breaks Promise To Eliminate GST For Construction Of New Rental Units

The pattern of saying one thing and doing another continues.

The Trudeau government has broken their promise to get rid of the GST for the construction of new rental units.

During the 2015 campaign, the Trudeau Liberals made the pledge as a way to support the construction of more affordable housing in Canada.

Now, as noted by the CP, that pledge is “listed on a new tracking website as “not being pursued.” The federal website, launched Tuesday, lists the government’s progress on the items in the mandate letters provided to cabinet ministers.”

The government says “research” has shown there are better ways to increase the amount of affordable housing in Canada, yet they didn’t even mention what that “research” was.

This is just one of many broken promises by the Trudeau government, the most notable being their pledge to run three small deficits, which has turned into endless deficits of over $20 billion per year.

Additionally, the promise to bring a new era of “openness and transparency” has been twisted into an arrogant, elitist, and out-of-touch government facing the unprecedented situation of having both the Prime Minister and Finance Minister under ethics investigations.

With all these broken promises, it’s no wonder that trust in the government continues to collapse.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. LIBERAL JEAN CHRETIEN during his campaign also ‘ PROMISE’ to remove Brain Mulroney’s GST, which he was voted on for that reason but when he came into power and saw ‘ all that extra dough coming in through GST, Liberal PM Jean Chretien decided to break his promise. The media was as usual quiet even to this day.
    So, since former liberal PMs can make and break promises, why not this LIBERAL PM DICTATOR JUSTIN TRUDEAU.
    PM STEPHEN HARPER promise that he will lower the GST from 7% to 6 to 5% which he did as campaigned on. It is unfortunate that the Canadian liberal socialist media can’t see this through their ‘blinders.’

  2. Of course a FOI request will provide all documentation on the Liberal “research”. Lie after lie after broken promise after lie.

    PM Harper was perfectly correct in saying “Just not ready” and “Liberals”.

  3. Yes, I agree with the previous post. I see that the “share” button is back. Thank you, because all of Trudumdums actions must be all made public, because we still have too many people wearing blinders, as to what he is truly doing to our country. His deplorable and treasonous actions have to be accounted for and documented so that no one else can do what he is doing to our country. I feel that by 2019 we will “NOT” be Canada anymore, because Trudumdum is bringing in ‘TERRORISTS”, and before long they will be taking over our homes. I will fight for my home, my family, my neighbors, my town, and my country if it comes down to it. We have to protect what is ours at all times. Thanks again Spencer for your reporting, because those corrupt news stations won’t report what is truly happening around the world. It’s like they would rather have us in the dark. You, da man, as a friend of mine used to say.

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