Jihadist Terror Attack On Sufi Mosque The Deadliest In Egypt’s History

At least 235 are dead, and over 100 wounded in horrific massacre.

The horrific terrorist attack on a Sufi Mosque in Egypt’s Sinai region is the deadliest in that country’s history.

The death toll – which could rise further as more information comes in – has reached 235. Another 109 are reported wounded.

While no group has taken responsibility for the attack, an ISIS-affiliated group has been terrorizing the Sinai region for some time.

As noted by Reuters, “Arabiya news channel and some local sources said some of the worshippers were Sufis, whom groups such as Islamic State consider targets because they revere saints and shrines, which for Islamists is tantamount to idolatry. The jihadists have also attacked local tribes and their militias for working with the army and police, branding them traitors.”

Reportedly, a bomb was detonated in the Mosque, and the terrorists were waiting outside with machine guns as people fled for their lives.

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi vowed a “brutal” response against the terrorists.

Many responded to the attack on Twitter:

Disturbingly, because of the insane policies being proposed by the Trudeau government, if any Canadian ISIS fighters were involved in this attack, they could still conceivably get taxpayer-funded “reintegration services” if they returned to Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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And yet CTV shows its bias by not even mentioning this horror in their emailed notifications, which they send out several times each day. The TV news on the matter referred to Egypt’s President as “el-sisi, who was put in place as President by the military.” This is very disrespectful for our media.


Why didn’t Harper convict ISIS terrorists who returned ?
Tough on crime wasn’t tough at all was it?