DESPICABLE: Trudeau Government Cuts Pay Of Injured Special Ops Forces, While Planning To Spend Taxpayer Money On Returning ISIS Fighters

A continuing pattern has emerged under Trudeau: Those who hate Canada get rewarded, while those who stand on guard for our country get betrayed.

Before Remembrance Day, I reported on a decision by the Trudeau government to slash the pay of injured Canadian special ops forces:

According to the report“The new rules mean that personnel with the Canadian Special Operations Forces — many of whom work on top-secret missions across the globe — will lose the special compensation if illness or injury restricts their duties for more than 180 days.”

Additionally, “Paratroopers, submarine crews, pilots and air crews, rescue technicians and ships’ crews are also among the affected.”

Some injured special ops forces members could lose up to $23,000 over a six month time period.

Those disgraceful cuts are sickening enough on their own. But in the context of the Trudeau government offering taxpayer funded “rehabilitation services” to returning ISIS fighters instead of eliminating them, or jailing/deporting them, it’s even more disgusting.

This means that at the very same time as injured Canadian Forces members in special ops units lose money, our taxpayer dollars could be spent on people who were just overseas trying to kill those same special ops forces and attack our allies.

It’s insane, and it is a sign that the Trudeau government and the elitist political class has become totally unmoored from any sense of reality, common sense, or justice.

Those who hate and oppose our country must be punished, while those – like special ops troops – who respect and serve our country must be rewarded.

The fact that the government has this backwards is despicable.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. “our taxpayer dollars could be spent on people who were just overseas trying to kill those same special ops forces”

    The Islamic terrorists could very well be the same killers that wounded our soldiers and killed others. The V E R Y same individuals.

  2. Hi Spencer…What do you want the government to do ..line the up and shoot them…Well, if so, here’s the first shot, it’s on you. The Canadian military are well paid and incentivized for deployed Ops…and they have trained for it…Don’t spread bunko news utilizing the military as talking points, not cool..sir? Sgt. Major Jeff Smith (ret’d)

    1. Well paid?you are kidding right,I spent 25 years in the service of this country,and that’s one sentence I,be never used.The idiots that send these guys to these missions,make more than any soldier will ever make,and to cut there pay for what ever reason when this moron PM is allowing terrorist back in this country is just wrong.Please we need to get rid of this idiot,before he gives it all away.Wo.Hendsbee retired.

    2. Hear hear Sgt Major, well said. Doesn’t matter what side of the political fence one sits, but journalists should be held accountable for providing the facts, not the Grey truth. Big difference between allowances and base pay.

  3. It boils down to the Trudeau Liberals openly supporting Islamic terrorism. There are no consequences for jihadists returning from the battlefield. These jihadists will receive counseling and special “re-integration training” despite evidence that none of these costly treatments will be successful. Jihadists returning to Canada cannot do anything to have their Canadian citizenship revoked. It boggles the mind. The jihadists will not be prosecuted for international crimes or questioned by CSIS or the RCMP, but Ralph Goodale assures us they will be under surveillance. Shouldn’t they be in jail? The Canadian Liberal goverment has done everything to show a friendly face to Islamic terrorism, and make the terrorists feel right at home here in Canada. Ten and a half million dollar cheques have been handed out if any hardships have been claimed by the terrorists, but none of these allegations need to be proven in a court of law. We take them at their word.

  4. There are plenty of reasons to dislike Trudeau, this one is a stretch. Imagine if you are an oilfield worker getting extra compensation from travel allowances and overtime. Then you get injured. Would you still receive overtime pay and travel allowances? Of course not. The same thing applies here to military personnel. They will still get paid, but don’t get the extras associated with the hardships/danger of the job….because they’re not doing the job. It’s a bullshit argument that uses the military as a bargaining chip.

    1. Chris Grant is absolutely right.

      For all of the things that our disappointing prime minister richly deserves castigation, this is not one of them. He has no say in the matter, and even less influence.

      The rules governing these allowances, which are designed to compensate specific people for hazards and conditions beyond the norm, are well-established. When one ceases to be subject to those hazards and conditions, the allowances stop as they should.

      I received Aircrew Allowance whenever I was in flying positions. When I was posted from a flying position to a staff position, the allowance ceased. Had I become medically unfit to fly for an extended period during a flying posting, the allowance would have ceased as, obviously, I’d no longer be exposed to the hazard of military flying. I received Foreign Duty Allowance as well during the three years that I served in West Germany (1986 to 1989). That ceased when I was posted back to Canada on the planned date, but would have rightfully ceased had I been posted back early due to personal or military reasons. I received Foreign Duty Allowance and Hazardous Duty Allowance etcetera for each of my two tours in Afghanistan, along with tax-free status (a Liberal initiative), but those all ceased at the end of each tour. My second tour was cut short by 4.5 months when the Conservative government of the time ended the mission – and those allowances and tax reductions also ended. Should I, and almost 3000 others, have continued to collect those allowances and tax reductions because our tours ended early? Obviously, no.

      People are counselled not to rely on these allowances, as they could cease at any time that the conditions driving them ceased.

      While loss of the various allowances sucks for those so affected, and I fully sympathize, what would you propose as a fair alternative? Pay them to everybody, regardless of the hazards or extreme conditions or lack thereof? If you disagree about where the line is drawn, suggest a new line. In the meantime, the established rules and regulations should stand.

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