TERRIBLE: Former NDP MP Tries To Get Foreign Court To Include Canadians In War Crimes Investigation

Canada shouldn’t be listening to foreign courts trying to pass judgement on our people.

It’s rare that a Canadian citizen – let alone a former Canadian Member of Parliament – calls upon a foreign court to investigate Canada.

Yet, that’s exactly what former NDP MP for Toronto-Danforth Craig Scott is doing.

As noted in a CBC report, “Craig Scott, an Osgoode Hall law professor who was defeated in the 2015 election, will hand deliver a 90-page brief to the court in the Hague, arguing that successive federal governments “abdicated” their responsibility to investigate reports of torture. He is urging Fatou Bensouda, who has been the ICC’s chief prosecutor since 2012, to make key Canadian politicians and military officers “central to any investigation.”

Apparently, Bensouda is planning to implicate the U.S. for war crimes, and Scott apparently wants Canadians to be investigated as well.

Canada should ignore the ICC

Despite Scott’s efforts, the International Criminal Court should be ignored by Canada. It’s unfortunate that Scott is trying to throw Canadians under the bus.

After all, Canada was dealing with a chaotic warzone and brutal terrorists, and it’s outrageous that any Canadians should get in trouble because of the judgement of a foreign court.

If the ICC goes after Canadians, the government should dismiss it entirely. No foreign court should ever have jurisdiction or influence over any Canadian citizen.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Absolutely the government should dismiss it entirely; but now that Canada has a self-anointed king in power, nothing is off the table – no matter how insane it may be. What is it with these self-loathing liberals anyways?

  2. Remember when Michael Ignatieff and Jack Layton united in the opinion that some Canadian soldiers serving in Afghanistan were possibly war criminals? This action shows the feeling was far more pervasive than just the latte-sucking Party leaders at the time.
    If Canada allows a UN/ICC kangaroo Court to prosecute our soldiers,we might as well kiss our sovereignty goodbye.
    There is no doubt the ICC will trump up enough phony charges to keep us busy defending them for years,and I wonder if the government will pay for the defence lawyers,especially for ex-military personnel.

    Trudeau is a globalist traitor to Western civilization,this is just another nail in it’s coffin if he doesn’t tell the NDP communist bastard to F off and die.

  3. Agree 100%, and while we’re at it, throw in the Useless Nations (UN) and all their hair-brained ideas … we have enough hair-brained liberals of our own to deal with …

  4. “No foreign court should ever have jurisdiction or influence over any Canadian citizen.” I agree with that statement one hundred percent. However I can see IQ80 buying to this travesty, I won’t hold my breath.

  5. Generally I would disagree with this, however in light of the recent ISIS returnees I might suggest that it could be a great idea. Some form of justice without the messy home grown judicial nightmare. With the state of our Liberal track record, I would be happy to leave it in the hands of a third party.

  6. When Canada supports American overseas wars someone needs to bring Canada to account. If Canadians and Americans won’t stop their criminal, immoral governments those murdered in their homelands still require justice.

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