Trudeau Government Policy Allows Small Knives On Most Canadian Flights

While small knives are now allowed, baby powder is banned.

In a decision that defies all common sense, Transport Canada changed Canada’s airline safety regulations to allow knives with blades up to 6 cm long to be brought onto airplanes.

Meanwhile, baby powder remains one of the banned items.

It’s a change nobody was asking for, but it took effect today. (November 27, 2017)

The knives will remain banned on flights to the United States, since the U.S. doesn’t allow knives of any kind to be brought onto airplanes.

Many are concerned by the policy change, especially in the era of terrorism in which we now live.

Of note, the knives are allowed as part of carry on luggage, so rather than simply being a matter of letting people put the knives on the plane, they will have potential access to them.

There’s no logical justification for the move, and all it does is make the skies potentially more dangerous, the last thing the government should want.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. I can’t think of a single reason why they would do this, it just makes NO sense. A two and a half inch blade can still be used as a very effective slashing weapon, as in threatening to cut the throat of a flight attendant if they don’t open the cabin door so the hijackers can divert the flight into the CN Tower.

    I guess of Air Canada or Westjet are going to issue whittling sticks to each passenger instead of their awful coffee, the knives might be a good idea.

    Or,is it just more bureaucratic idiocy?

    1. Simple; Trudeau and the clowns are catering to the Sikhs as they carry a ceremonial knife. In any event that size knife can kill a person in various ways Liberal stupidity strikes again.

  2. I was a commercial pilot for decades and would have no problem kicking off and even banning someone with a weapon like this. This is beyond ignorant. Imagine how easy it will be for a terrorist to access their weapons and if confronted, scream their standard racism or Islamophobia. The Muslim hijackers used box cutter knives with much smaller blades for God’s sake.

    Just like every other day lately, I woke up wondering how many people the Mohammedans have executed and what stupid ignorant idea the Trudeau Liberals have come up with.

    BINGO. They didn’t fail me. They are a joke. Trudeau is offensive.

  3. I know why – it is because we are investing in the middle class and the environment and the future, social capital and Green investment, our youth and our seniors and we lowered income tax on the middle class and raised them on the rich and don’t forget the income supplement and child benefits and infrastructure and inner cities and low income housing, rehabilitating terrorists, engaging with youth, supporting refugees and embracing asylum-seekers – because we know this is the way to build our future, good jobs for kids, great pensions for seniors, Diversity Is Strength and Love trumps Hate …… yada, yada yada

  4. Better hope Vince lee doesnt catch wind of this. He s out of prison now.
    Any way ; if it really was a threat the unionized pilots could circle their wagons and put
    a stop to this stupidity.

  5. The Trudeau folks will likely increase the allowable length of the blade to 7.6cm very shortly… to accommodate the length of the Kirpan to be allowed on a plane. Such a stupid decision… Liberals need to go!!!

  6. The Liberal move was made to make overtures to the growing Sikh political power base. The Sikhs are beginning to flex their political muscle, which is growing quickly.
    And the Liberals want a taste of that action, of course.
    In fact it was originally “Just for Sikhs and their religious ceremonial daggers”.
    But once again the Liberals screwed that up because Canadians like myself of Scottish Heritage now also wish to wear our religious ceremonial dagger which is called a “Sgian-
    Now I am sure that there are other religions that carry similar blades as part of their Religion…now allowed on the plane. In fact the legislation had to be opened up to the public in general…can’t discriminate, you know!
    So by opening the door to a “Special Interest Group” as a wink and a nod deal to remember the Liberal Party next Election Day. The idiots have just made air travel in this country the next best terrorist opportunity to blaze their message of death to the World via a Canadian owned Airline.
    Absolutely moronic.
    Oh by the way, just on a personal note I would prefer that no one was carrying a weapon on one of our Aircraft…period.

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