VIDEO: Scheer Rips Trudeau For Offering “Poetry” & “Group Hugs” To ISIS Fighters In Canada

The Conservatives changed the criminal code to make it a crime to leave Canada and fight for ISIS, yet the Trudeau Liberals seem unwilling to jail the Jihadis.

Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau battled in the House of Commons over how to deal with returning ISIS fighters, with Scheer demanding tougher measures while Trudeau emphasized a far weaker approach.

Scheer pointed out that the previous Conservative government brought in legislation that made it a crime to leave the country and fight for a terrorist organization, which should give the government the ability to jail returning ISIS fighters.

Yet, instead of committing to stronger measures to protect Canadians, Trudeau attacked the Conservatives, insanely accusing them of “Islamophobia” and “fearmongering,” despite the fact that fear of Islamist terrorism is a totally logical response to the horrific death toll it has unleashed upon the world.

Watch the battle between Scheer and Trudeau below:

This video makes clear that Justin Trudeau is more concerned with political correctness than defending Canadians.

The fact that he would attack the Conservatives for “Islamophobia” because they oppose his dangerously weak ISIS plan goes to show how disturbingly out-of-touch Trudeau is with basic common sense, and that is something all Canadians have the right to fear.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

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  1. Clearly Trudeau is insane . He belongs in a mental institution but I would much prefer Gitmo as he would fit right in with his ISIS buddies. Morneau breaking rule after rule and constantly under ethics investigations…is this what Canadians voted for – this open and accountable gov’t? Our most important and powerful ally to the south which we share a border with is going to start looking at us differently and possibly turn on us if this treasonous gov’t is allowed to distribute hugs and blankets to known terrorists fighting for ISIS instead of locking them up when they return. These are the same scumbags our troops have lost life and limb fighting against. What an absolute betrayal and slap in the face to our brave soldiers…sickening – disgraceful.

    1. you took the words out of many Canadians minds. Trudeau is totally out of touch with the real sentiments of Canadians. He forgets that in the last election he really only got 26% of those people that voted. Next election he will be leaving to go back to drama school where he can lean to speak without so many uhms and ohs… Must have been a kindergarden class where he learned is drama skills.

      1. Dear Brian, Thanks for your realistic and striking comment , despite a few typo. I hope you and your horses are in good health and doing well. Best regards from Turkey. Akin

  2. Agreed!!! trudeau is a TRAITOR, and it really shows that him and his libtards are, IMHO, have a very low intellect…even lower IQs for that matter….cuz IF they had an OUNCE of intelligence, this shit wouldn’t be happening to our great country and fellow Canadians. That’s my two cents.

  3. Turdeau”s eyes must be brown,because he definitely has shit for brains and turdeau is by far the biggest threat to Canada

  4. Is PM hoping to win favor with muslim canadians by pulling them into his argument about confirmed terrorists? Does he believe there is sympathy there for ISIS jihadis? Why is he drawing a parallel between muslim issues and terrorist issues? Isn’t that exactly what he condemns in others?

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