REPORT: Judge Suspends Part Of Bill 62

Ruling says government must provide clear guidelines on restrictions surrounding people with covered faces delivering or receiving government services.

A key part of Quebec’s highly-popular Bill 62 has been suspended by a Quebec Superior Court judge.

The section of the legislation that requires uncovered faces to deliver or receive public services have been stayed – meaning it can’t take effect until the government meets certain conditions.

Those conditions are providing clear guidelines on those restrictions, something the Quebec Liberal government has not yet done.

Quebec’s government says they won’t have those guidelines in place until at least summer of 2018.

While the elitist establishment and all the federal parties criticized Bill 62’s uncovered face requirement, it is widely popular throughout Canada, with majority support in every province, and support around 80% in Quebec.

The legislation – and reaction to it – served as a clear example of the wide gap between the elites and the majority of Canadians, who believe the government should be standing up for common-sense values.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. It seems that if this restriction on wearing face masks is defeated, anybody, anytime, anywhere can legally wear a mask. Men could legally walk into and rob a business wearing their burks and simply walk away free form prosecution. No ID. Security cameras will be useless. I am going to investigate selling men’s burkas on line. Sorry officer, I don’t have to take off my mask, that would be Islamophobic or racist or offensive or something

  2. If faces are not allowed to be covered in Mecca therefore faces should be uncovered at any gov business. This is not religious culture or else Mecca would have allowed it or demanded it.

    1. A little late, DEE, but Trudeau quietly submitted to sharia and has changed the rules to allow firearms documents ( PAL ) to be issued without a photo, “If a letter is provided from the leader of a religious organization that specifically forbids pictures”.

      Somehow join a so called “religion”, submit the letter to the RCMP and you don’t have to show your face. This doesn’t specifically mention Muslims, but we ALL know that is exactly who it is intended to protect. Just imagine a person, possibly a Muslim, and POSSIBLY a female, walking into Bass Pro or Cabela’s and legally buying a shopping cart full of pistols and ammo and walking out without ever showing their face or even saying a word. Just l point. Pay cash and there is no record of the purchase. Welcome to Trudeau’s Liberal ISIS Canada.

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