FOOL: Naive Trudeau Tricked By China, Press Conference Cancelled At Last Minute

As many Canadians expected would happen, Justin Trudeau got played by China, raising serious fears about how badly our country will be screwed over in upcoming “free trade” talks.

In an effort to sell a Canada-China “free trade” deal – which would be a total betrayal of Canadian workers and open our country to being sold out even worse – Trudeau has pretended that he’s seeking a so-called “progressive trade deal.”

That “progressive” agenda is really a bunch of empty virtue-signalling talking points, but it’s part of Trudeau’s efforts to distract from the goal of the elites to serve Canada up to China on a silver platter.

Yet, despite pushing such a deceptive agenda, Trudeau was seemingly so naive that he was tricked by China into thinking they were on board with his ideas, only to get totally embarrassed at the last minute.

As noted by John Ivison, “Canada got a tough Chinese-style lesson in power politics Monday. Justin Trudeau arrived in China in the belief that his hosts had accepted the fundamentals of his “progressive trade agenda.” He fully expected to announce the launch of formal free trade talks Monday, with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in the Great Hall of the People overlooking Tiananmen Square. He left empty-handed — which is going to make this a very long week for the Prime Minister, as he’s asked to elaborate on what went wrong.”

At the last minute, China cancelled a press conference, and Trudeau and Li instead read prepared statements.

Of course, while this is humiliating for Trudeau, it’s good news for Canada.

Anything that delays – and ultimately increases the chances of blocking a Canada-China “free trade” agreement is great for our country.

However, Trudeau’s humiliation is concerning for the simple reason that it shows how badly he will get played when he tries to push forward with a further deal.

And there’s no doubt that he will try, as Trudeau already confirmed that he’s still pushing for a deal. After all, the globalists don’t give up just because of humiliation, deception, or public opposition. They’ll keep pushing for the deal as long as they are in power and think they can get away with it.

That means we all need to keep speaking out in defence of our national sovereignty, and stop this dangerous betrayal from going forward.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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    1. Alan, he only cried in the privacy of his on-board bedroom. I figure he feels insulted that the Chinese don’t instantly want to run over and kiss his Butts. Who do the Chinese think they are anyway not lining up for more selfies? Why make such a long flight and no selfies. Wasted.

    2. I bet he cried ….

      On his return Chrystia Freeland will plan a pajama { a baby-doll } party at the big doll-house on the hill , it’s their party and they’ll cry if they want too, you would cry too if it happen to you …….
      Chrystia’s Just-in’s and Geralds Butt’s tears will make their baby-dolls even more transparent …. hey…….. that’s the Liberal transparency they are always talking about.

    1. I don’t think Justin knows who PM Kim Campbell is.

      When he was on the “Kelly and Ryan” show in Niagara Falls a while ago he was boasting that his daughter will one day be the first woman to be Prime Minister of Canada.

      He must have flunked Canadian history. Just SO boring.

  1. Spencer: You got your work cut out for you…If your shits clean you’ll keep at it to save your country…I hope it is…time will tell us what kind of balls you have. I’m an American and really like the Canadian people, but I’m gonna tell you kiddo your country is fuc-ed right now…Your Trudeau is our Obama! Obama just about did us in, we got real lucky when we got Trump…you’ll see. You guys have this sh-thead liberal kid for 2-3 more years. A lot of damage will be done to your country in three years…The radical Muslim thing is in for the total haul, their not going to stop…get goin.

    1. Thanks PA. You have no idea how bad it is up here. I don’t know what you’ve heard, but it’s worse. Next to Trudeau, Obama is Einstein. In fact, ANYBODY is Einstein.

      This arrogant and incompetent fool is spending us into bankruptcy, trying to save the World with our modest economy, and diluting our culture by flooding us with his preferred choice of people. It’s a nightmare – our nightmare.

  2. Will someone reign in this child?! The only reason he left is because he didn’t want to have to fire his finance minister. First he goes to China and gives them a billion, then they send him out to play and take selfies with the kids and now he goes and gets schooled on the realities of negotiations. Quit bringing your agendas to trade negotiations. It hasn’t worked in the US and China will eat you/us for lunch. I have no confidence in Trudeau, do you?

    1. I have no confidence in Truedope Jr., just as I had no confidence in Truedope Sr. Junior has mental issues, I’m sure of it, and the Canadian people have no way to legally get rid of him except to vote him out in 2019. Truedope Sr. removed any references to ‘impeachment’ as the way to get rid of a Prime Minister. He must have been thinking of his son!

    2. Sean Short – Unfortunately, the kind of people who voted for Justa Turdo don’t care about having confidence in him nor do they care about Canada. Some only care that “he’s cute” or “he has nice hair” or, for the older ones, that he’s a Liberal. They pay no attention to anything that happens after they cast their votes. He’ll be re-elected in a landslide in 2019 because George Soros’ vote counting company will be used to count the votes. At that point, Canada will gasp its last breath. The West will separate and Eastern Canada – where Turdo gets most of his support –
      will be left to fend for itself.

    3. Yes I have a lot of confidence in turdeau. Confident that if he is not somehow brought under control, reined in, he will destroy our country.

  3. (He’s) The Fool on the Hill
    Day after day
    Alone on a hill
    The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still
    But nobody wants to know him
    They can see that he’s just a fool

  4. All the above comments are right on. People start opening your eyes. This is serious stuff. Is there no way we can stop this ..”….?

  5. I’m curious about China’s motives? Why didn’t China take the pretty gift of Canada handed by our Emperor??? What are China’s goals for Canada, besides cheaper buying our companies?

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