WATCH: MP James Bezan Points Out That “ISIS Brides” Will Raise Children As Jihadists In Canada

It’s a serious threat to our country, made all the worse by the total weakness of the Trudeau government.

As outrage continues over the Trudeau government’s terrible “plan” to deal with returning ISIS fighters, Conservative MP James Bezan has brought up a serious concern that hasn’t received much attention.

Bezan pointed out that returning “ISIS brides” will come back to Canada while still supporting the ISIS ideology.

Then, they will raise their children to commit Jihad, creating a serious long-term threat to the security of Canadians.

Yet, rather than block the ISIS brides from returning, the Trudeau government is trying to “deal with them” and deal with returning ISIS fighters with so-called “re-integration” services, which includes poetry and blogging – all at taxpayer expense.

Watch Bezan’s remarks in the video below:


If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Government must protect our borders and stand up for our citizens

The Trudeau government is a globalist government, and is not committed to the Canadian people. They don’t see our borders as having any real meaning or value. As a result, they take a disturbingly weak approach to dealing with returning ISIS fighters.

For that to change, we will need leaders who are willing to stand up for the safety and security of Canadian citizens, and keep returning ISIS fighters and ISIS brides outside of our borders.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. truduh! has his head so far up soros’ butt counting the 500 million + dollars his foundation has received this year from other countries… what do this other countries want from truduh! ? look at the crooks who have foundations… Clinton, Obama…

  2. TRUDEAU has to gò, he is putting Canadians in danger, we didn’t ask for this. Canada is a peacefull country. This prime minister is a danger to canada and it’s people.

  3. Poetry and blogging is supposed to reintegrate “Isis fighters and their wives”? What? The Muslim Canadians who left Canada to fight over there with Isis, did it for a reason. They don’t care to honour our Canadian values or our laws or any value system but their own. They went over there to fight, murder, shoot guns, rape, bomb and kill as many as they could. You only do such things because you are full of hate and anger all the time and have no regard for human life. To let them come back home to Canada and continue with their lives like nothing happened, is giving them permission to be hateful killers, here. Sooner or later they will think they can do it in Canada and get away with it, because of Trudeau, the Liberals and all those bleeding heart people who will excuse them because they don’t know any better and because this is what they were taught. You cannot change these Isis fighters because they have a certain mind set, they have no empathy and no value for other life…just like you cannot change a serial killer or pedophile murderer. Their minds are wired differently. And they “will” teach this to their children because they strongly believe it is the right way to be or they would not be doing it themselves. Trudeau should take away their Canadian Citizenship and demand that they stay over there…do not come back. “They” threw their Canadian rights away when they decided to fight for Isis and become a terrorist threat to Canada. They want it both ways. I am tired of Trudeau and his sunny ways, hugs, reintegration, paying everyone millions of Canadian Tax Dollars, his crocodile tears and all his other stupid ideas. I don’t want Canada to be like Germany or France but it seems like Trudeau does. In fact, Trudeau is going out of his way to destroy this Country. Trudeau is doing some God awful, sneaky decisions, and he is not protecting our Country properly. You do not invite the “enemy” into your country and expect them to behave and honour our laws. They will not change their values, act differently, or be wonderful people again just because they cross back over the border into Canada. Talk about naive. I want Trudeau to stand up and do the right and proper thing, not bend over backwards, give hugs, make excuses and call us racists because we do not agree with his stupidity. He is supposed to protect “us” not the “terrorists”.

    1. Now Canadians know what having a TRAITOR does to a Country . TRUDEAU is not a Canadian but a Treasonous SCUMBAG


  4. Very well said Sandra, but I don’t think for a minute that he or the party are going to come around to a rational way if thinking. They have to go, & now, but I don’t know how that can be done. If he finishes off his term I don’t know if all the damage done can be turned around & that’s the part that really worries me.

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