DISTURBING: Trudeau Liberals Vote AGAINST Motion Calling For ISIS Fighters To Be Prosecuted

Motion also called for condemning the horrific acts perpetrated by ISIS, yet the Liberals voted against it.

The Trudeau Liberals have once again confirmed that they are totally separated from anything resembling common sense.

After the Conservatives introduced an anti-ISIS motion in the House of Commons, the Trudeau Liberals disturbingly voted against it.

Here’s the motion:

December 1, 2017 — Mr. Paul-Hus (Charlesbourg—Haute-Saint-Charles) — That the House:

(a) condemn the horrific acts committed by ISIS;

(b) acknowledge that individuals who joined ISIS fighters are complicit in these horrific acts and pose a danger to Canadians;

(c) call on the government to bring to justice and prosecute any ISIS fighter returning to Canada; and

(d) insist that the government make the security and protection of Canadians its priority, rather than the reintegration of ISIS fighters, or the unnecessary financial payout to a convicted terrorist, like Omar Khadr.

As Andrew Scheer tweeted, what part of this could the Liberals have possibly disagreed with?


All the Trudeau Liberals had to do was vote for the motion to at least show they had a sliver of concern for the widespread fears about returning ISIS fighters.

They couldn’t even do that.

This is becoming more and more disturbing, as Trudeau and the government seem to put political correctness (they see condemning ISIS as somehow “Islamophobic”), above all else. They have a view of the world that is extremely naive, as if terrorists could be “fixed” with a few hugs and nice treatment.

That’s not how things work, and a true leader would recognize that we live in a dangerous world, and the government has a sacred duty to protect our citizens from enemies of our nation. Among the most dangerous enemies our people and our nation face today are ISIS fighters, and the failure of the government to take any strong action is a total disgrace.

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  1. two thoughts. First, pardoning Isis killers could actually be buying their loyalty for future use. It’s macabre to think about it, but history is replete with such Machiavellian plots.
    Second, maybe this is part of a grander plan to shape public opinion against Muslims in general, to bolster Trudeau’ s accusation that those of us who resist patriating Isis fighters are is Islamaphobic.
    it seems out of character for the PM to get so worked up emotionally, and be so unreasonable about returning Isis fighters, that it makes me suspicious that it’s not part of his or the Liberals wheelhouse but that he’s being manipulated by someone else. George Soros perhaps?
    The whole affair is surreal.

    1. He is probably being manipulated or coerced (by whoever) into agreeing whatever he has to agree to in order to get what he wants out of this deal, but it doesn’t seem like he cares much about what Canada wants although he claims: “That is what Canada wants!” Also, it is very suspicious that the powers that be are ‘aware’ of these fighters leaving Canada and ‘joining’ ISIS and are re-entering Canada?

    2. I agree that he is not making his choices on his own. He is likely under some kind of threat from Islam. He acts like his life depends on being so pro-Muslim, and it very well might be. The Pope is so obviously afraid of Muslims he has said things that were just absolutely obsequies. The leader in Christianity, Catholic that is and there are as many Catholics as there are Muslims and there are more Christians than Muslims on this earth, but it never seems to come up. I found the information easily and it came from a valid source. Christianity is not dead, it’s just not mugging the world is what Islam seems to be doing right now.

      1. TRUDEAU wanted the job as PRIME MINISTER and he has to accept the responsibility that goes with that—HE HASNT NOR WILL HE—–how can ANYONE not support this motion–and that is what it was, a MOTION—to condemn TERRORIST ATTACKS but TRUDEAU AND the whole Liberal party REFUSED to do even that. HIS pathetic stance has put Canadian people at risk and that is nothing short of appalling —I really hope the canadians show him how WRONG this decision was in October 2019

    3. And what if it was found that one of them was responsible for a injury or Death of a Canadian Soldier or is the BOUNTY paid by Trudeau going to be higher for one of our Canadian Military HERO’s.

    4. I believe it is George as well. Trudeau wants to be a part of the big boys circle. No matter what.
      Soros goal is to destroy America, and include Canada in the deal. Trudeau has done a photo opp.
      with him. WHY? I would be ashamed if I had any connection to this person.

  2. So what happens if it is found that one of these Terrorist Traveller’s killed or Maimed one of our Military members. Trudeau paid 10.5 million to Omar Kadar for an American Soldiers life..What will be the Bounty on a Canadians Life.

  3. Yes…..it seems obvious that Truedope’s a scared puppet. He’s probably been bought by Soros and/or the Islamists in Canada. Canadians can no longer risk having a compromised Prime Minister. There’s too much at stake.

  4. Could we all chill out and cut Justin a little slack? He is a warm, loving person who believes there is good in everyone. Wouldn’t surprise me , if his name is put forward for sainthood.

    1. Where have you been for the past 20 years? You cannot be for real! Trudeau is killing Canada and you want to cut him a slack? Wake up!

    2. Kenneth Oblak , are you a idiot that belongs to the liberal party ? … You must not read what is going on with what Justin and the liberal party is doing to this country ! Wake up before it is too late .

    1. Could be construed as treason? … The criminal code of Canada is quite clear. Joining a terrorist organization is an act of “high treason” punishable by life in prison. Aiding someone, which would include not stopping someone from committing high treason …. is considered to be “treason” punishable by 14 years in prison. I would suggest … JT and his party, have committed an act of treason and should be held to account.

  5. Here’s a thought that will force the government to make a hard choice.
    If we all as Canadians start submitting claims that the Liberal government as a whole is knowingly and willingly jeopardizing the lives, security and safety of all Canadians as outlined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms paragraph 7, the right to safety and security for all Canadians, this will call them out and force a court hearing over it or they will offer to buy the claimants off instead and hush them, that will expose the government as either supporting Canadians by allowing a court hearing by a non Trudeau appointed judge to determine if the violation is valid or as a corrupt, non Canadian value government that continually threatens the rights of Canadians by calling any opposition to their agenda “islamophobic” and allowing the 1. Treasonous, 2. Terror supporting 3. Woman killing 4. Homophobic 5. Human rights violating terrorists back in our country. Several measures that have already been brought in by the current Liberal government such as the “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian law” that takes away the governments ability to remove a terrorist dual Canadian citizenship, the allowing of covered faces on firearms licenses, the failure to charge returning ISIS fighters with Treason or any terror related crime, and the most current mess, the thought that an IDEOLOGY such as Extreme Islam can be confronted with “reintegration” at the expense and distaste of all Canadians including the Muslim-Canadians that came here to escape these terrorists that are now allowed to freely roam Canada unchecked. Trudeau knows that he, in his RCMP/CSIS guarded community that he and his fellow liberals are a part of will not be affected by any attack on Canadian soil, he is making this bet and staking Canadians lives on it, not his or his families.

  6. The smug nasty look on that face says it all, he has nothing but disrespect and loathing for Canadian citizens that dobnot worship at the feet of globalism and call it what it is, “communism”. He’s a Soros and UN sock puppet, that needs to be removed in 2019, or sooner, if liberal backbenchers ever wake up to the distruction and harm being caused by their government!

  7. If Justin would have been PM at the end of the second war and following his present logic, he would be welcoming the Nazi war criminals with open arms. However they were tried for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. Why isn’t the same thing happening to ISIS war criminals?…..It is because he is an idiot and not fit for the office of PM.

    1. The US government did welcome the Nazi scientists with open arms; it’s called Operation Paperclip. This liberal ideology is a globalist plan, called a caliphate.

  8. Why was this not in the mainstream media just checked the National Post not a word was printed about this. WTF is happening these days with the media and their lack of reporting.

  9. I believe there is four sections of the Canadian Criminal Code that defines our country ‘s legal position on Canadian’s going to fight in another part of the World against our own troops and allies. The Section 83. 202 defines up to maximum of 14 years in prison. How does the Liberal Government, NDP, Bloc Party vote against your own Charter and Criminal Code. So our Charter means nothing anymore, the Liberals are so concerned about passivizing the Muslim Community that they are ignoring our own Rules and Regulations. This shows that Justin Trudeau is following the manipulation of a outside source , presumed to be George Soros. This is getting closer to being a Totalitarian state and we have two more years of watching our country being stripped apart. Biggest problem is that most Canadians don’t even know it’s happening.

  10. The fact that every liberal was opposed seems more childish play than anything to stick it to the opposition party as across the floor. It looks like a personal grudge and they are not seeing pass the horse blinders they are wearing. I come from a military family on both sides of my family with members that have served or are still serving in the Army, Air force, and Navy. We consider this a personnel slap in the face to our family and our families heritage. I am sickened by the fact that this is happening to Canada. It seems that our PM is buying his votes and even importing his votes in time for the next election. A blind man could see this. Somebody wants to keep this man in power for some reason (Soros).

  11. Thank you Andrew Sheer for standing up. For standing firm against stupidity, and acrimony of most all Canadians.

    The thought occurred to me that if the royal arse of the intelligent quotient, Mr. P.M. Trudeau thinks we can rehabilitate lifelong trained ISIS killers, molesters, torturers, rapists and sadistic marauders then first use his smarts on all our prisoners first. Perhaps a partial lobotomy or a nice, slick full one would do the trick. Other than that. NOT A F@#!$%g CHANCE.

    I would love to be able to contribute financially to your MAKE CANADA GREAT AGAIN campaign however my wife and I run about 1500 in the hole every month and have for about a year or so.

    However, I do contribute in the way of social media. To prove my point, though I am also a verbal supporter of Donald Trump (I know it) I have 28,000 likes on Facebook to show my comments are strong, supportive and mostly on queue, balanced.

    Keep up the good work. Canada is watching.
    Cornwall, Ont.

  12. It’s not Canada’s business to prosecute Isis. Trudeau might be an idiot, which it’s a high luxury this days for sure. But he is not an a**hole. Now, in a world of a**holes like today’s world the idiots are pretty much misunderstood -mostly on purpose- and may end looking like a**holes. While the a**holes declare themselves and each the guardians and keepers of the common good and common sense .
    It’s not Canada’s business and thinking otherwise is just self-entitlement, the very root core of personal and collective misery.
    Good for the liberals once again! Congrats Prime Minister.

  13. I see no reason why a motion has to be accepted by parliament for the police to simply do their jobs. Laws exists to apprehend and charge those who committed crimes overseas. If found guilty, send them to jail for a just duration and let them re-integrate through preexisting programs within the prison system just like any other prisoner would.

  14. I am having some qualms with what exactly is meant by section D, it seems like the Conservatives intentionally include such a point to make what Canadian security is levied against arbitrary. I know it does not exactly come across as clear, but my perception is that.

    When I think about it further, I am wondering why it had to be levied against something at all. I think that kind of binding wordplay is fallacious and even dangerous.

    Why would they not have it be ‘insist that the government make the security and protection of Canadians its priority’ (whilst ensuring that no ISIS fighter be integrated back into society [which clearly is ALREADY outlined in point C])

    The unnecessary payout is such an arbitrary judgement call and what is that supposed to be levied against?

    Seeing as the Conservatives are the ones who put forward that bill, I can see that they do not worry about the Omar Khadr card in the spotlight, and the backlash it may have, you know, being a sensitive subject and all.

    It makes me think that this game may be a politcal power move not only to promote distrust and swing certain voters (perhaps even a dual agenda) but also a future financial loophole or for future governments to hold money back that may be given to groups overseas that is necessary, seeing as we are a nation known for peacekeeping efforts.

    I think that last point is really what the crux of the bill is, evidenced by the recursion of C through D.

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