STUDY: Canadian Veterans Suicide Risk Far Higher Than Civilian Population

The study confirms what has been clear for a long time: Successive federal governments have failed to support Canadian Veterans.

A federal report has found that the suicide risk for Canadian Veterans is “significantly higher” than for the civilian population.

The study found that the suicide rate for male Veterans is 36% higher, while the suicide rate for female Veterans is 81% higher.

As pointed out by CTV, “Young male veterans are at the highest risk. Male veterans under 25 years of age have a 242 per cent higher risk of death by suicide compared to the general population of males younger than 25. The risk of suicide for male and female veterans has been stable over the last four decades, the study found.”

The fact that the rate has not come down in the last four decades is a big problem, as it shows numerous federal governments have been unable to make progress on helping our Veterans.

Numbers could be even worse

Yet as bad as these numbers are, the true Veterans suicide risk could be even worse.

The study only looked at Veterans suicides from 1976-2012, which means many Veterans of the Afghanistan War were left out.

Because of that serious omission, in addition to the report leaving out part-time and full-time non-operation reservists, it has received criticism as potentially understating the true scope of the crisis.

It has also been criticized for lacking a clear plan of action.

The Canadian government is failing our Veterans

In the wake of the disgraceful decision by a B.C. court to rule against Veterans in the Equitas case, and reports that the number of Canadian Veterans who are homeless continues to grow, it’s obvious that the government (and previous governments) is totally failing Canada’s Veterans.

The government always seems to have money for foreign countries and those who hate Canada, but when it comes to providing Veterans with the support they need, the politicians and the bureaucrats start pinching pennies.

That must come to an end. Without our Veterans, we wouldn’t even have a country, and the politicians wouldn’t have any money to spend or any citizens to govern.

Even if it takes billions more dollars, the government must do what it takes to give every Canadian Veteran the help and support they have earned through service to our nation.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Since our government feels people who hate our country and fight against our armed forces, are owed all these millions then I think we do owe the indigenous population of Canada even more since they have been horribly treated by all of our governments past and present and our veterans. Where is a Canadian government with more than lip service here in our country Canada.

  2. What I cannot understand is that Indigenous People”Love” Trudope. They Cannot see that it is “All Show” for this Joke of a PM to Act like he Cares about the Indigenous Population. Being a Drama Teacher, he knows How to Act and has Even Shed Crocodile Tears when he spoke and awarded Indigenous Population who were horribly mistreated in Residential Schools. Yes, Trudope is quite the “Actor”. If he truly Cared about Indigenous People, he would NEVER have Awarded Terrorists with Tens of Millions of our Hard Earned Dollars, but would have spent this money to better the Lives of Indigenous People and our Veterans who are living on the streets. Our tax dollars would have been better spent on the Indigenous People for Better Education, Clean Water, Better Living Conditions, Better Health Care and the list goes on. Veterans would not be living on the streets with all these Millions of Dollars that he has given to Convicted Terrorists, Illegal Immigrants Crossing our “Open” Borders with Free Health Care, Free Education, Free Housing, etc., Millions of Dollars to the Corrupt Clinton Foundation, Hundreds of Millions of Dollars to Middle Eastern Countries and the List goes on. Indigenous People NEVER speak up to the Atrocities that this Arrogant Idiot Has and Continues to Commit to them and to ALL Canadians. He has been Bankrupting this Once Wonderful Country without Helping the People who truly should be helped, like the Indigenous Population and our Veterans. This “Actor” is only acting like he cares to get their Votes. I hope that people educate themselves and are not fooled by this “Actor”. Canadians have been fooled in the last Federal Election, but Should NEVER be Fooled again By this Traitor.

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