“SHAM”: Trudeau Government Announces New Ethics Commissioner Pick Without Consulting Opposition

“This whole thing is a travesty,” says NDP Ethics Critic Nathan Cullen.

The Trudeau Government has announced Mario Dion as their pick for the new Ethics Commissioner to replace Mary Dawson.

Dawson’s term ends on January 8, 2017.

The announcement was made by Bardish Chagger.

Dion is a long-time government bureaucrat, having previously been commissioner of public sector integrity, and chair of the immigration & refugee board.

There is lots of attention on the Ethics Commissioner post, as Dawson is currently investigating both Justin Trudeau and Bill Moneybags Morneau.

When her term ends in early 2018, it will be up to the new commissioner to decide whether to continue those investigations – if Dawson hasn’t completed them by then, and there is concern that the Trudeau government will seek to have the investigations dropped.

Cullen rips “totally broken” process

Nathan Cullen – the NDP Ethics Critic – ripped the way Dion was put forth by the Trudeau government.

According to reports, while the government is supposed to consult with Parliament on the decision, Cullen says they just sent a letter informing the opposition of Dion’s selection, “then said we’d been consulted.”

Obviously, that’s not consultation.

Cullen said the government had ample time to have real consultation considering they’ve known Dawson would be leaving for a year and a half: “The government has known about this for more than 18 months, they waited until the last minute. This process is totally broken.”

“This is a sham,” added Cullen, and he is 100% correct.

The Trudeau government didn’t consult. They wanted to ram their own choice through regardless of what anyone else thought, and that doesn’t bode well for the hope of Canadians to get the truth in the ongoing investigations into Trudeau & Moneybags.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. looks , the way spencer describes it , like the whole thing is PLANNED…if so , that ridiculous excuse for a responsible adult administrator should be OUSTED and now …but no one will do it

    1. It can’t happen soon enough, sadly I don’t think he’ll do it. He is wrecking Canada and he is a laughing stock on the world stage!

  2. Open and transparent?? LIE. This government is close to being considered the most corrupt lying gang ever to walk in the Common’s doors. What happened to their Oaths of Office? Did the Liberals lie?

    Trudeau now has bypassed or ignored protocol yet again, showing that he honestly doesn’t think rules and Laws apply to him or the Liberal Cabinet. It’s ALL about him. Arrogant offensive ass.

    We all know Liberals ignore Canadian Law. EG: sections 318 and 319 of the criminal Code of Canada.

  3. get rid of this type of evil before its to late ,there soon will be no stopping this guy if opposition cant restraint him he’s a liar and a sneak

    1. It is very difficult to deal with a sociopathic personality. It is very difficult to sort the lies from reality. One of the harbingers of a sociopath is to never answer a question which includes facts,,,rather, they use emotional responses to sprinkle the reality onto everyone but themselves. Justin seems to have cobbled together a group who practice hiding facts and pushing forward their beliefs. consultations have now become an ongoing issue. When I want something the rest of my family does not want, I do not consult. Mr Dion has quite history of being unable to do his job. perhaps we should let the LIBS go forward with this one as there will be no follow up on the “investigations”. This might upend Libs as the public is quite tired of being kept from definitive info about their money and where it goes.

  4. Isn’t him picking the Ethics Commissioner while he’s being investigated a conflict of interest…isn’t it supposed to be someone who is neutral?

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