‘TRANSPARENCY’: MPs Will Get Just 7 Minutes To Question Ethics Commissioner Pick

The Trudeau government didn’t consult the opposition, and is giving MPs almost no time to ask questions. That’s a long way from what was advertised as the most “open and transparent” government ever.

MPs in committee will have just seven minutes each to ask questions of Mario Dion, the Trudeau government pick for Ethics Commissioner.

That’s a minuscule amount of time, and the CP notes that NDP Ethics Critic Nathan Cullen pointed out Dion will be on the job for as many as 7 years.

7 minutes for questions, 7 years in office.


There are also concerns about Dion’s prior performance in the bureaucracy:

“Also problematic is Dion’s past as the public sector integrity commissioner, where the auditor general found Dion had challenges following through on investigations, Cullen said. Those findings are relevant given the unfinished Dawson investigations, he added.”

The Trudeau government definitely doesn’t want Dion answering too many questions, especially since the opposition and many Canadians are demanding to know how he will handle the investigations into Trudeau and Morneau, and are very concerned that he didn’t commit to continuing those investigations.

So much for openness and transparency.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. We can expect that Mario Dion will be obediently following instructions from Trudeau and answering valid questions with typical Liberal crap. Um, ah , ah, ummm, er. Trudeau is very likely offended that anyone would DARE to question his choice of servant. Arrogance at it’s finest.

    When will Webster’s Dictionary start showing the definition of arrogance as Justin Trudeau?

    Trudeau and the Liberals are disturbingly starting to act like the North Korean dictator more each day. This is getting dangerous.

    1. Trudeau and Dear Leader Kim J Un are twins: Same mother, different fathers, for diversity purposes.
      Same size of Brain, same ideology ( Communit – Nazi nuances)
      Love of praise from their slaves. Smiles and sunshine selfies.
      Good head of hair that they use instead of brains.Nobody notices the difference!
      Same future, just wait and see.
      You can recognize them individually, because one of them likes to cry in public for the dramatic effect. The other uses atomic scares for the same purpose.

    2. I consider Trudeau worse then the N.K. leader right now. Trudeau destroying his own country, while the N.K. protecting his country. Quite a difference. SO SAD.

  2. Canadian corruption. We are so smug that we don’t even recognize or name it………….I imagine Trudeau is laughing at Canada. But we seem to like it! Liberals won 3/4 elections this week.

  3. for someone who is seriously mentally unbalanced and doesn’t have enough brain cells to tie his own shoes, he sure knows how to control all 35 plus MILLION IN THIS GLOBAL WELFARE DUMP! Where are all the brains here in the former canada?? Come on people, now is the time to show us all how to bring this S.O.B. DOWN AND BURY HIM! I SUGGEST OVER AND OVER AGAIN THAT WE ALL SHUT OFF ALL TAXES TO HIS COFFERS AND EVERY OTHER POLITICAL COFFER! JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS WILL BE ENOUGH TO HAVE SERIOUS IMPACT ON HIM AND BRING HIM DOWN – BUT ALL I GET ARE EXCUSES TO DO NOTHING- OH AND CRITICIZED! I don’t have a university degree but I’m a hell of a lot SMARTER THAN MOST “CANADIANS”!! SHUT OFF THE TAPS OR SIT BACK AND WAIT FOR THE WAR THAT IS COMING, LOSERS!

  4. Seven Minutes allowed to Question trudeau’s Pick for Ethics Minister ! You can BET justin and sophie trudeau didn’t believe the references of their Babysitters/Maids just like the Conservatives. Unlike the Conservatives the trudeau’s spent more then Seven Minutes questioning their babysitters !

  5. This clown was elected on a promise to legalize marijuana. After that – the voters heard nothing and furthermore, don’t care. Unless Scheer comes up with something just as attractive to those voters, we are doomed. Just my opinion.

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