WATCH: Scheer Offers To Sell His Old Minivan To Trudeau, Mocking Decision To Buy Used Australian Jets

No word yet on whether Trudeau will accept the offer.

Mocking Justin Trudeau’s terrible decision to buy old used Australian fighter jets to “replace” Canada’s old used CF-18s, Andrew Scheer offered to sell his old minivan to Trudeau.

Watch the moment below:

Aside from Scheer’s offer, Trudeau was quite disingenous to cast all blame on the previous government.

While the Harper government failed to get new fighters, they faced intense opposition from the Liberals and NDP – who both kept criticizing the move towards purchasing the F-35 fighters.

Then, when Trudeau took office, he could have made an order for F-35s at any time, but refused to do so.

And then, he let Boeing’s fight with Bombardier interfere with the purchase of Super Hornets, meaning Canadian pilots will end up with substandard fighters that Australia was keen to get rid of because they’re buying F-35s.


Spencer Fernando

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  1. I hate to say it,but Trudeau DOES have a point,the Harper government waffled for SO long on the F-35 issue it never was satisfied.

    The purchase of used fighters from Australia is reminiscent of Chretien’s purchase of the British obsolete class of submarines,which I don’t believe are at sea and combat ready to this day.

    I don’t know why Harper buggered around so long,was he getting threats from the Canadian establishment (Bombardier and friends) that kept him making a decision?

  2. The Air Force people should be soooo… happy that PM resolved to change his ways of a spendthrift, and is saving big money buying the planes that Australia is dumping, as time casualties.
    Our Air-Force pilots are Canadian citizens. In Trudy’s illogical ideology, they did not choose to be Canadians,they were born that way, sooo, his ISIS favorites, who chose Canada, a short time ago, for fun protests and for big profit, have to be protected, because Canada belongs more to them…LOL.
    What a thoughtful idiot did YOU,Canadians ,elect and are ready to re-elect? Does he buy junk ,rejected by other countries ,to make sure that the casualties are going to be Canadians only,and not his protected Terrorists? Is that the Secret, or are you,PM, in need to save , so you can pay off for more terrorist actions, and you need cash available for when they come back to the Canadian Terrorism Factory of the Americas? You are a Canadian Tragedy, Mr. PM. You are destroying what could have been savaged from the degenerating Liberal Party. With you no more Canada and no more Liberal thinking. You can only fool the fools, your faithful voters.

    1. Could not have said it any better …. the guy is a non thinker but an expert at regurgitating rhetoric based on la la land fantasies … this part of our country s make up is not at all important ..don t we all agree ? as lame as a brain can be …

  3. Should a person who defends ISIS terrorists and makes them rich by using our taxpayers money, defends barbaric practices like forced marriages for young children , Female Genital Mutilation which is the castration of a woman, honor killings, persecution of gay people, and restrictions on free speech as we have never seen in Canada, should such individual be the PM of a nation and a history that he despises with his shallow, swampy sense of morality ? Should he be accepted as the PM of this Country? And CBC is so worried with Trump!!! If you want to see, you have a bigger problem in front of you, with your fake “prince of the Media”.
    Line up the young and stupid and the ones who think they owe him big favours…
    I am sure the millionaire terrorists will come to vote in masses. He is the saviour and the newest prophet. The rest of the Liberal Mafia is going to be a thing of the past

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