WATCH: Trudeau Government Ethics Commissioner Pick Admits Position Is Basically Powerless

Even those in the system know how rigged it is.

While being questioned by MPs (for a laughably short amount of time), the new Trudeau government ethics commissioner pick admitted that the Ethics Commissioner role is almost powerless.

Conservative MP Peter Kent pointed to comments made by current Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson, noting that she said “naming and shaming” is all the Ethics Commissioner can really do.

That’s because the fines are laughably weak ($200), and government pick Mario Dion agreed with that description of the role as being without almost any influence.

He compared it to $500 fines doled out to hockey players making millions of dollars, which is a way of saying it has zero deterrence effect.

When even those deep within the system admit that it’s basically rigged, we know things have gotten very bad.

Watch Dion’s comments in the video below:

Clearly, the system is rigged and corrupt, and those in power don’t even feel the need to hide it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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  1. So it is time to change the role and put some teeth to it. Make a fine that is commensurate with faults by MPs such as $100,000; make the PM fine to be $200,000. However, if the role of the commissioner is to name and shame, I can go along with that. At least it will be official and the rest of the country can shame them further.

  2. Ballad to the Ethics Queen.
    Mary, Mary, never, ever, contrary ,
    How does your swamp grow?
    If I refuse to look, how would I know?
    All this Liberal slime…but I am out of time!!!
    Canadians dare not ask if I did ,or not , my task…
    How does my swamp grow?
    Just silence the Media bells and bury the cockle shells
    And keep my rich boys out of the” Guilty Row”!

  3. The Fine is a Joke even it was a million dollars the SCUMBAG would find a way to steal it from Canadians to pay the Fine. The only benefit to this is it helps Spread the Word to Canadians and People all around the World what a Treasonous SCUMBAG JIHAD JUSTIN is to CANADIANS and our Allies.

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