HYPOCRISY: Canadian Taxpayers Federation Reveals Trudeau Government Kept Bombardier Emissions Analysis Secret

Instead of standing up for all of Canada’s industries, Trudeau shows blatant hypocrisy by keeping analysis of Bombardier emissions hidden from the Canadian people.

Writing in the Financial Post, Colin Craig – Interim Alberta Director for the Canadian Taxpayer Federation – has revealed the massively hypocritical approach being taken by the Trudeau government when it comes to the emissions of various industries.

While the oil industry is forced to release a public analysis of emissions on new pipeline projects, it turns out that Bombardier was allowed to keep their emissions analysis secret.

The Trudeau government decision to change the pipeline approval process by seeking upstream and downstream emission analyses led to the cancellation of the project, and the loss of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars.

The Canadian oil industry gets held to a super high standard by the Trudeau government, but it’s a double standard that doesn’t apply to other industries.

That was revealed when the Canadian Taxpayer Federation asked for those same emissions analysis for two projects that received taxpayer money and burn fossil fuels – construction of Ford trucks and Bombardier Airplanes – and it turned out that things were very different:

Writes Craig, “The federal government responded to our inquiry by telling us that it didn’t do any emissions analysis before handing over $102 million to Ford. Apparently Ottawa isn’t worried about emissions that come from things that have a Ford logo on them. The federal government also told us the emissions analysis it conducted related to Bombardier is confidential as it was part of materials that went to cabinet. Isn’t it interesting that while TransCanada would have to go through a lengthy public review, Bombardier was provided with cabinet confidentiality? That being said, we’re doubtful there’s anything of substance in the materials that went to cabinet.”

It’s blatant and outrageous hypocrisy, and it explains why so many people in Canada are angry at the government.

This is also a sign that Canada has no coherent industrial policy, instead we have a bunch of decisions based on virtue-signalling and winning votes.

The Trudeau Liberals don’t care about votes in Alberta, so they don’t help the oil industry. They do care about votes in Quebec and Ontario, so they help industries impacting jobs there. Then, they virtue-signal as opponents of the fossil fuel economy, yet they hypocritically punish the source of fossil fuels, while subsidizing industries that burn those very same fuels.


Instead of playing favourites, the government should be standing up for all of Canada’s industries. If they don’t it will become an increasing danger to national unity, as people will get more and more angry about the blatant hypocrisy and it will divide our nation even more.

Read Colin Craig’s full article here.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. It more and more evident every day that Trudeau absolutely hates Canada and Canadians. He doesn’t even try to hide his disgust and disrespect for us. The Opposition had better get their shit together. If Trudeau stays another four years Canada will cease to exist. The West’s only chance at survival is for the United States to simply walk in and absorb Western Canada west from Thunder Bay. Americans aren’t stupid. They can see what Trudeau and his Liberal party are doing to Canada. Better to simply take Western Canada than to have Communist Chinese armies north of the border.

    I bet a lot of us are more familiar with the American Anthem than we are with this weeks Liberal Canadian one. I am.

    Four more years of Trudeau will likely result in sharia law with most residents working for Chinese Government owned companies. The next election could conceivably be the last democratic election in Canada. Yes, it can happen that quickly.

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