DELUSIONAL: Trudeau Sparks Outrage For Saying Returning ISIS Fighters Could Be “An Extraordinarily Powerful Voice”

Trudeau’s appalling remarks in year-end-interview show that he’s taking a shockingly naive approach to people who fought for one of the most brutal terrorist organizations the world has ever seen.

As parts of Justin Trudeau’s year-end-interview with CTV News have been released, he is facing growing criticism for his approach to the threat of returning ISIS fighters.

This section in particular has raised concerns:

“The prime minister also expressed his personal belief that former ISIS fighters can be de-radicalized in the event that they return to Canada. In a recent interview on CTV’s Question Period, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said he believed the likelihood of reintegrating former ISIS fighters is “pretty remote.

However, rather than support Goodale’s common-sense view, Trudeau said, “There’s a range of experiences when people come home. We know that actually someone who has engaged and turned away from that hateful ideology can be an extraordinarily powerful voice for preventing radicalization in future generations and younger people within the community.”‘

Of course, Trudeau is making a massive assumption that these ISIS fighters will “turn away,” and when he says “engaging,” he’s breezing over the horrific acts and crimes committed by that brutal group.

Also, part of that “range of experiences,” has been terrorist attacks, something Trudeau doesn’t even deem worth mentioning.

Many Canadians are reacting negatively to Trudeau’s comments, including Senator Denise Batters:


There are countless more comments like the one above, showing the deep outrage felt by many Canadians over Trudeau’s terrible remarks.

It is absolutely insane that Trudeau insists on treating returning ISIS fighters like people who got involved in petty crime and then reformed themselves. We aren’t talking about small-time crooks here. This is about people who willingly left Canada’s borders to enter a warzone and join an organization that enslaved women, beheaded, tortured people, and drowned people in cages, executed religious minorities and lgbt people, and oversaw a horrific reign of terror across parts of Iraq and Syria.

Not only that, but ISIS has also threatened Canadians and taken the lives of innocent people across the world as they seek to spread their hateful Islamist ideology and butcher innocent people.

This is an absurd situation, and it is incredibly dangerous that Trudeau’s focus seems to be on the off chance that these ISIS fighters will “reform” – which Canada’s own Public Safety Minister deems unlikely. After all, if they don’t reform, Canadians are being put at serious risk.

The real solution is common-sense: Jail or deport them.

If Trudeau is so delusional that he doesn’t get that, he has no businesses serving as Prime Minister.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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    1. Trudeau is on their side which is pretty clear. He is a bought and paid for Soros and islamic oil money puppet and is trying to destroy Canada. Shades of Obama.

    2. I don’t think it has gone to his head, he is an arrogant ____________! He cares nothing for Canada. OR Canadians. He was going to help the “middle” income Canadians but hasn’t helped any CANADIANS except himself and his friends. Armed forces have taken a really
      Big hit, seniors are hurting.He is borrowing money that my great grandchildren will be lucky if they can pay it off. We are pretty much defenceless and are the laughing stock of the western world. He nends to be replaced but writting letters have done nothing, same way w petitions. I know Canada can’t survive another 4 year term next election.

    1. Surely there must be a way of declaring him criminally insane, and incapable of performing the duties of Canada’s prime minister! And how about the members of parliament who are supporting him? They should be made to leave too!

  2. No suprise to those of us who saw the signs of a delusional person even before he was elected. The big surprise was that people actually fell for his rhetoric. It was all there but many thought it might be cool to have a young good looking prime minister who was going to change the way he did things. The problem was he neglected to tell everyone what he really had in mind and how he was going to change Canada (and the world) NOR how he was going to pay for it. Turns out we are all going to pay for this walking disaster including those who did not vote for him. Gee thanks, how do we clean up the mess. Still, there are people out there oblivious to what is going on. Better to ask them a couple of pertinent questions like………. ‘did you know that (fill in the blanks with any facts) and watch the blank stares as they invariably answer with a well, no that would not happen here in Canada. Yeah!

  3. I always thought Tom Mulcair was a better choice than him. Clearly smart, able and interested in the average voter from a Progressive perspective.

    I think he (The PM) is following the Sr. Trudeau’s pattern of saying provocative things to rile up his opposition – things that are nonsensical to average people to appear to be “smart” and make the average voter fawn all over him. I do not think he is stupid. He knows how to manipulate the average person in ways that are still unclear to us, the Opposition. The more we go nuts over his weird BS, the better for him. He makes a fool of us if we give his stuff any credence whatsoever.

    1. Mulcair is just as much in bed with Islamic groups as Justin is. It is Mulcair who submitted the Islamophobia Motion M-103. The NDP is heavily infiltrated.

  4. This is only giving the green light to any and all would be Muslim Jihadists here in Canada. He’s setting precedent to allowing these people continue unimpeded.

  5. I always thought Americans were the dumbest people in the world. But Trudeau proves that Canadians and their “Political Correctness” are far more brainwashed than americans.

    We are gonna be the next Sweden. The new rape capital of the world, all the while blaming “white supremacy” as Islam runs Wild in the “great north”

  6. Wow! Just wow, are the rumors true? Is Justin Trudeau a member of the Muslim Brotherhood or? Has he fallen completely off his rocker? These people are NOT returning home, they’re being SENT HOME BY THEIR LEADERSHIP to indoctrinate or SPREAD their sickening disease of an ideology to replenish their numbers! How can One man in a position of power be so stupid? Does George Soros money really make one feel this invincible and Un touchable? Justin Trudeau has repeatedly endangered the life of Canadians, he has stolen tax dollars to pay off CONVICTED TERRORISTS WE DEMAND JUSTIN TRUDEAU STEP DOWN IMMEDIATELY!

  7. Mr.Trudeau ,I besiege you on the side of caution for Canadians safety. We see what is happening in Germany where many older non muslims are being attacked for no other reason than they are Christians or Jews buy muslims.
    If you are the man you say you are ,please incarcerate these ex Issis fighters who are traitors to Canadians and for what we stand.
    It only takes one to cause mayhem and death .
    There are at least 60,Something for you to ponder then take action to make Canadians safe.
    The best to all my fellow Canadians Peace over this wonderful holiday.

  8. I think he lost his mind he suppose to keep canada safe but hes doing the opposite he better wake up before something awful happens here

  9. How can anyone effectively deradicalize or convince terrorists to abandon their violent, radical, extremist ideology? There has been no evidence that these programs ever work.
    Using the wrong methods could mean not detecting a high-risk person, or shielding them from the authorities. The fact that a person is in a deradicalization program could make security officials and people less vigilant, blinding them to his continued violence and danger.

  10. Trudeau’s mendacious and mindless utterings offer irrefutable evidence of the effects of medium to long term use of marajuana

  11. Spencer, Canadians need to know this:

    SUBMISSION: The Danger of Political Islam to Canada: (With a Warning to America) Kindle Edition

    by Thomas Quiggin (Author),‎ Tahir Gora

    ‘The book will also examine how Prime Minister Trudeau has been a consistent supporter of the Islamist cause, while at the same time ignoring reformist Muslims and working against Canadian values. The last chapter, A Warning to America, will also examine how Prime Minister Trudeau is endangering both the USA and Canada with his submission to the Islamist cause. The authors of this unique work, (Muslim, Christian, Jewish) have written it the shadow of death threats, fatwas and the constant harassment of “lawfare” lawyers who would silence free speech on behalf of their Islamist clients. The Islamists must silence free speech with false charges of Islamophobia for one reason: Their ideology is so abhorrent, and their practices so barbaric, that anyone who attempts to expose and discuss their work must be stopped.
    This book will identify the leading Islamist groups in Canada, their connections to terrorism funding and their policies of violent abuse against women and girls. It will also expose who they believe their Islamist ideology is superior to the Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada.’

    read more

  12. Some here seem to think that Justin Trudeau operates with unquestioned power and as an absolute ruler in Canada, a despot if you will. The fact is: the whole of the Liberal Party is consulted and are responsible for this insanity! The back room boys of the conservative party are “throwing” this election. The NDP obviously have already stepped down. Why? Because only the Liberals should stand and take the crash that Trudeauism, or more correctly Liberalism has invoked upon Canadians in four short years. Justin Trudeau’s “Fame and Glory” on the jet setting Universal World Stage, will not be marred by losing the title of Prime Minister two years down the road while we still pay for the next two generations of his fame glory and generosity won’t bother this Plutocrat (Google Plutocrat) either. We The Canadian Voters have been played for fools and serfs by a wise ass kid.

  13. This is the WORST PM in history… do Canadians put up with this……America….please liberate us from this barbaric dictator and his followers.

  14. I guess Justin is just a lot smarter than everybody in the whole world . Welcome home to all the War Criminals . The ones that left Canada to fight against Canada and it Allies to murder pillage and rage and kill , Wow , and he pays them to come home , Welcome back War Criminals , WHY did we bother to hunt down and pursue WW II War Criminals almost until they were on their deathbed and make them pay for their War Crimes against humanity , Justin didn’t get elected soon enough to save all those brave souls ,. and pay them to be good citizens , as IF that will ever happen with these ISIS Nazi’s TRUDEAU is screwed in the head , He is a complete and utter Mental case . He must go . Very soon

  15. trudeau Has Lost His Mind With This Progressive Globalist ISIS Hugging Delusional Government With Him! Some Of These liberals Must See The Insanity And Are Ready To Bolt!
    You Don’t Experiment With Deradicalization In Canada! trudeau should show how much he believes in them and Spend the period of deradicalization In Pakistan Or Wherever, in a Compound with the ISIS Fighters. No Security Inside, Just justin , The Radicals, Kitchen Forks And Knives. trudeau Can Conduct His Experiment Just Not Canada!

  16. It would be an interesting experience to have those calling the PM stupid and delusional match IQ’s with Justin Trudeau. Remember, there were those who said much the same thing about his father – a truly outstanding Canadian

    1. You obviously never lived under his father. Just know the apple didn’the fall far from the tree. His father has hurt Canada and now his idiot son will finish Canada permanently. You are obviously on of his marajana cohorts to believe he has a brain. Does this ring a bll?”the budget will balance itself.

  17. Full Definition of delusion
    1. 1 : the act of deluding : the state of being deluded
    2. 2 a : something that is falsely or delusively believed or propagated : a persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary; also : the abnormal state marked by such beliefs

    It’s pathological and the “Term” used by the Psychiatrists is: Delusion: “A persistent false belief that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary; a belief held in the face of facts or evidence to the contrary, that is resistant to all reason”.

  18. I cannot wrap my brain around what Trudeau says anymore! Is he only playing a part in a play?, where we are his audience, since he took drama, or is it the effects of long term use of marijuana? Nothing he says makes any sense. He’s lied, stolen, and is speaking nonsense about a said group of people, and we are asked, no, TOLD to bow down and accept their beliefs and respect their religion as everyone has the right to wear it and believe their god. Um, huh, NO! What god, what religion, allows them to mercifully maim, harm, or kill their child for not wearing their “hijab” or head scarf.?They are shunned amongst their own so called beliefs. All the while Trudeau preaches to us that, we Canadians are better, and should respect them, when they don’t respect themselves or their innocent children. There are other religions and beliefs here in our country, we don’t hear about them, why? The lies and indecencies brought upon others religions. Oh that’s right, they don’t have a say, we can’t even say merry Christmas anymore, or we may offend someone, who? How much revenue is brought in on Christmas? The very same people who complain about Christmas are making millions on CHRISTMAS.
    He stands on his stage, as Hitler has done, with brainwashing tactics, to believe that there is and will be one race of people. A serial killer at his best, it’s also a proven fact that serial killers love “attention”. Our politicians have set the stage, but I will not scream out, nor stand up, as I will not be a part of the so called “ENCORE”. He has divided Canada, and the world around us.
    I applaud the people who truly made Canada great, our generations of hardworking men and women and those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom, these are the forgotten ones, for they “stood for thee”. They have been forgotten, abused, and tossed aside. That is discrimination, yet our politicians swear and stand singing the phrase “we won’t tolerate nor reward bad behaviour “.. we have been shown nothing but, deplorable and inexcusable behaviour by our own government. Lies, and deceit!
    What happened to Canada, so divided, by the mouths of our politicians, “we stand on guard for thee”, when our government wants us to kneel or lay down with our mouths shut , gagged, and restrained while there are people within this country are fighting against us.
    I will not sit in your auditorium anymore, and listen to speeches that we “Canadians “ must bow down to a certain group of people. Get off the stage please.
    Trudeau, we want Canada back, safe and sound.
    Religion, should never be a topic of discussion in the workplace, it’s to be kept amongst yourself and within your place of worship or at home. If it isn’t possible, then, I must agree with everyone else here, they must leave with you. Canada doesn’t have room for only one religion.

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