Aecon Shareholders Approve China’s Takeover Of The Historic Canadian Company

The federal government can still block the deal, but that’s unlikely considering Trudeau’s repeated unwillingness to challenge China’s efforts to buy more and more of our country.

Aecon shareholders have voted 99% in favour to approve the takeover of the company by Chinese firm CCCC International Holding Ltd.

57.8% of shareholders participated in the vote.

“It’s a bittersweet moment for me personally,” said Aecon CEO John Beck. “But it’s definitely the right thing for everyone involved with the company.”

Of course, there was a time when big businesses had a sense of loyalty to their country, not just their shareholders. Unfortunately, this attitude has been lost, as big companies chase short-term profit, even when that means letting an anti-democratic communist state takeover one of Canada’s most historic companies.

BNN Reporter James Berkow tweeted about the vote:

Letting China’s government take over a historic Canadian company must not be allowed. Our country must protect our national security, our jobs, and our history.

All of our citizens must wake up and realize that Canada is being sold off piece by piece, and unless it stops, we won’t really have a country anymore.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Treason? What was the purpose of even offering the company for sale? Were the directors and senior management given offers they couldn’t refuse?

    Trudeau has already sold off an advanced satellite communications company in Vancouver with US military contracts, a leading edge laser company in Montreal and a Senior’s residence corporation in BC. Piece by piece he is selling Canada to his Communist dictator donors. These are only the sales we are aware of. What else is he offering to his friends? Are they making secret deposits in unnamed accounts in Chinese Banks in Vancouver? Do any other Liberals have accounts in those Banks?

    Disturbing policies from the same cartel that was bitching and complaining about PM Harper selling Canada. Liberal hypocrites.

  2. Trump was absolutely spot on when he said the Chinese are extremely aggressive economically, but in Canada he’s “the hated Donald Trump” so our media and all liberals will cheer as we do the exact opposite of what we should do regarding China.

    China intends to buy up as much of Canada as they can,they take what they need for China, in the case of resources, they will be shipped home to be manufactured or refined back there,not here.

    If Canada should object,as we eventually will, China will take us to arbitration with the WTO,and we will lose. I can’t wait for the day China decides to ship oil and LNG home from Canada, via pipelines to the Pacific then via tankers off the pristine coast of B.C. that is currently under a moratorium.

    We started out as a colony of Britain,one reason we never achieved greatness as a Nation, and it looks like our amateurs in Ottawa are about to turn us into a colony of China.

    It’s a good time to be old.

  3. I am shocked that the Canadian government may approve a takeover of Aecon by CCCI. “Aecon is a jewel among Canadian construction and engineering firms, one that built many a Canadian landmark. CCCI, on the other hand, is an investment arm of the notorious China Communication Construction Co. (CCCC) – a state-owned enterprise (SOE) that has built artificial islands in the South China Sea and is therefore on the radar screen of the US Senate.” Also from the same article “CCCC has also engaged in fraudulent business practices across multiple countries….(after Australia invited Chinese investment), they have also awakened to China’s meddling in every aspect of their lives.” Please read the full article at Macdonald Laurier:

    1. Do you not think China was behind the Last Election, they needed to have bed partners and now you see what the Election has bought them! I always say Corruption runs very deep.

      1. you could be right marian, but you are forgetting the other ones, the tides foundation, hillary clinton, and obama, and finally the ring leader….. george soros….. the elction was bought out completely.

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