MAKING HISTORY: Trudeau Becomes First Sitting PM Found In Violation Of A Federal Statute

Journalist David Akin points out Trudeau’s ‘historic’ first.

Justin Trudeau has made a historic first.

However, it’s not for anything good.

Global News Chief Political Correspondent David Akin revealed the history-making event on Twitter after the Ethics Commissioner ruled that Trudeau violated four parts of the Conflict of Interest Act:

“PMJT first PM in history to violate a federal statute while in office: “Mr. Trudeau did contravene sections 5, 11, 12 and 21 of the [Conflict of Interest] Act but that he did not contravene subsection 14(1) of the Members’ Code, or subsection 6(1) or section 7 of the Act. “

It’s not quite what Canadians expected when Trudeau promised “Real Change,” but it’s certainly a historic event.

Of course, it’s been clear for some time that Trudeau thinks the rules don’t apply to him.

Like many elites, Trudeau believes rules are for everybody else, and is willing to hold himself to a “special” standard that the rest of us aren’t privileged enough to receive.

Canadians deserve far better.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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  1. So what is going to happen to this little elite prick. Does he get his candies taken away from for a day? Let’s hear it. Don’t leave us hanging how a rich elite gets off the hook with no consequences

  2. Wow ,wow ,wow!!! What about the case of giving 50 million to the same “Family friend”?
    What is Mr Trudeau’s punishment for being so large with the money he is robbing Canadians with excessive taxes?
    What is his fine for abusing the trust of the Canadian taxpayers? 50 million gone…, Fine about $500.00? Too much for such a moral weasel? Weasels get big discounts when it comes to Justice. Will a fine of $5 do it, for the Commissioner and the liberal mob? We have to help the boy!!!
    What did he not contravene? Please tell…

  3. Ballad to the Ethics Queen.
    Mary, Mary, never, ever, contrary ,
    How does your swamp grow?
    If I refuse to look, how would I know?
    All this Liberal slime…but I am out of time!!!
    Canadians dare not ask if I did ,or not , my task…
    How does my swamp grow?
    Just silence the Media bells and bury the cockle shells
    And keep my rich boys out of the” Guilty Row”!

  4. I imagine the helicopter costs over $2000 US / hr. Trudeau’s penalty should be to pay the entire value of those flights out of his own pocket. As it is. the liberal party will make the payment of likely only a few hundred dollars.

    What a legacy: – Protecting the identity of and rewarding ISIS terrorists and now multiple statute violations. What’s next? Loser.

  5. Of course this will be yesterday’s news along with the taxpayer funded millions Turdope gave to his billionaire pal AGA in the Bahamas. As long as he has good hair and the media backing him up the masses of entitlement gullible snowflakes will vote for him again.

  6. I believe there was rumored to be possibly 4 ethics investigations. Is this one of the four? Will the other three disappear magically when the new puppet gets installed in January? How about bringing the penalties up to todays standards and make those fines $20,000 instead of the $200 from 1867. All the fines the rest of us pay for parking, speeding, etc. are based on todays standards. Just a thought.

  7. Canadian’s should , they probably will not , they used to have “the Ball’s” but he should be sued for his impeachment and forced to resign for the Good of Canada . He is violating our right to Security as in the charter of rights !

  8. A new low has been reached in the USA with the loon they have in charge, now our boy king is striving to beat Trump to the bottom.This is a start, Harper was an asshole as the leader, Trudeau is just a big child in the adult world wondering why he now has to follow the rules that everyone else is obliged to follow!Who gets to break the ethics of there office say sorry then just move on,that’s just pathetic.No punishment,just like the police when they brake the rules,do as we say not as we do because not only do we not have to abide by the rules YOU have to follow but we will not have to face the same punishment you would have to face if you broke the same rules where you are employed!!

  9. we do see how entitled it was ,how narcissistic and how arrogant and that blonde ragdoll ??? a DISGRACE …stupid , more stupid and so much more irresponsible …hateful is what it is ,,,,the whole liberal government , a bunch of sheep following the head sheep …!!!!!!!! and some have voted this disgrace in to administer the affairs of the country …

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