Canada Abstains On Garbage UN Vote That Condemned U.S. Declaring Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital

The corrupted and biased United Nations regularly condemns Israel and other democratic nations, while ignoring horrendous actions committed by brutal regimes.

The Trudeau government abstained on a United Nations vote that condemned the United States for making the common-sense declaration that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital and pledging to move their embassy to Israel’s capital city.

Voting against the resolution should have been a no-brainer, since Israel should be allowed to define their own capital, and the United States should be free to put their embassy where they choose.

Instead of standing with the U.S. and Israel however, the Trudeau government took the more politically correct choice, criticizing the resolution while refusing to actively oppose it.

In a statement, a spokesman for Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said:

“Canada continues to support building the conditions necessary for the parties to find a peaceful solution. We are disappointed that this resolution is one sided and does not advance prospects for peace to which we aspire, which is why we will abstain on today’s vote.”

Canada joined 35 countries in abstaining, while over 100 voted in favour.

The U.S., Israel, and a handful of other nations voted against the resolution.

U.N. hypocrisy

This vote is just the latest in a long line of hypocrisy from the U.N.

The effort was initiated by Turkey, a nation where the government is increasingly eroding democracy, putting journalists in jail, and suppressing freedom of speech.

Yet, there’s no condemnation for Turkey, or the many other anti-democratic nations in the U.N.

Instead, most of the focus goes toward condemning Israel and the U.S., proving that the United Nations has been badly corrupted and is brutally biased.

While it’s good that Canada didn’t vote for the garbage resolution, the government should have gone a step further and voted against it, while issuing a statement condemning how far the U.N. has fallen.

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  1. Something has to give with this Liberal Government. Trudeau is the most despicable human in Canada and has no regard for anything except himself, his hair and his socks. He is corrupt and evil and why he is still PM is beyond me. What is a matter with true Canadians. Are they so blinded that they don’t see through his Globalist ways. He should have been long gone when he paid tourists with tax’s payers money. Does Canada wont to become a Islamic country and loose their free speech?

  2. Amen!
    In the Book of Zechariah, it states that Jerusalem will become a cup of trembling,
    Zechariah 12:3-9New King James Version (NKJV)
    3 And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it.
    God is so good, to warn through His word, but I sometimes wonder if anyone ever reads the Word of God, or follows the Word of God, Jesus.
    The Book of John states that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory, of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth!
    Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and no one comes to the Father except through Him.
    During this Christmas Season, I pray everyone has a blessed, happy and Christ Centered Christmas.
    In Christ
    Mellany McKenzie

  3. Being Canadian and not from Israel I really do not know the answer but until the Palestine/Israel problem is solved I do not believe Trump should be deciding anything, although he has a Jewish son in law so maybe he knows?? Let us all hope that peace will happen and the whole middle east problem solved, it would help the whole world become a happier place, until the next problem arises. I think Trudeau is anything the powers that “puppet him” want him to “act” on, he is definitely not a thinking man.

    1. Trump is not deciding anything. He has the right to put his embassy where he wants as long as Israel agrees. All US embassies and embassies of other countries are in CAPITALS of each country. So putting the US embassy in Jerusalem is a no brainer. It follows a worldwide rule. Hey!

  4. JIHADI JUSTIN has no trouble supporting ISIS AND TERRORISTS YET HE CAN’T SUPPORT USA moving embassy to Jerusalem yet he plans to re-open Canada’s embassy in Iran (which was closed by PMSH), a nation that wants to destroy Israel.
    It’s no wonder Canada’s economy is going downhill leaving to fulfill a nation(USA) that supports Israel.

    1. Can’t support Trump’s tweets and on the fly decisions when they are so troublesome.. I have friends in the States who said when Trump was elected that he would start a civil war or a world war… I am thinking now maybe both!!

      1. Trump is trying to stop WARS. Where do you get your information? It is being found out that Hillary Clinton has orchestrated so many murders that there are not enough fingers on the hands to count. 24 bodyguards of Clinton died unexpectedly, mysteriously or other weird ways. So tell me how many of YOUR BODYGUARDS died that way? For me, ZERO.

    2. We are a sovereign country, it is not our obligation to always support the US. I expect us to make our own independent decisions based on our values and if the US differs too bad. I am glad we stayed out of Iraq and Vietnam. I should note our traditional ally UK went the other way and vote in favour of this so you could say we took the middle ground in between most of our NATO allies.

  5. Shame on Trudeau government! To abstain is to show cowardice. So now Trudeau got another label. Shame for abstaining which is a perfect way to fuel wars. Why does Trudeau want war? If Trudeau continues with his anti-Trump behaviour, Canada will pay dear prices.

  6. I think we did the right thing. Lets remember only nine countries opposed this which are US, Israel, Togo, Guatemala, Honduras, Micronesia Federated States of, Marshall Islands, Nauru, and Palau. Australia which has a conservative government abstained like us while the UK who also has a conservative government voted in favour of the resolution and against the US. We voted with the US on an earlier resolution which condemned Israel, but this one is condemning Trump’s reckless move. Why try to inflame tensions, the best thing to do is to work towards a two state solution which will benefit both Israelis and Palestinians and after that is settled, then we can consider moving the embassy to Jerusalem but not before.

    Also Canada should have its own foreign policy distinct from the US, not just blindly follow them. We were right to stay out of Iraq and right to stay out of Vietnam so the Conservatives if they want to win need to make clear we will not be toadies to the Americans as we are a sovereign country who will make our own decisions.

    1. Yes,Canada is a sovereign Nation ,living on the tab of the U.S.A.,without whom we would be a third world Country. Canada should have voted for or against,an abstention is the cowardly way out. If Trump was to cancel Autopact, Canada would resemble Venezuela in six months.
      Yes,we were right to not get involved in the Vietnam quagmire,but we stayed out of the Iraq war only because The Desmarais family,the In-laws of PM Chretien, had a multi billion dollar deal with Saddam Hussein for oil rights.We did not stay out due to any noble reasons, just business for the Power Corporation elitists.
      Our current globalist PM will lead Canada into servitude to China,economic and otherwise.After a decade of rule by China, suddenly Canadians will begin to realize the USA WAS our best friend on this planet,and we should have maybe shown a little loyalty to them,instead of sucking up to the UN as we do now.

  7. There seems to be no end to the wreckless decisions of this Canadian government. Why would they abstain from voting unless to show their smug little attitude toward the US once again (remember the wide open arms to those wishing to leave the US and cross the border unannounced) and that’s all it is. To keep defying all logic when our neighbour, the most powerful of nations, our trading partner and our ally, and here we sit with NO defences is lunacy. But then we all know who the lunatics running this country are. Go ahead long as it makes them feel better no matter what the consequences may be, which is clearly stated by the US. Keep on slapping the hand that has been there to help our helpless country and see where that gets us, Trudeau you bonehead. Oh, and whose business is it to meddle in the US and their decision to move their embassy? Not the UN or anyone.

  8. Your all either a bunch of uneducated idiots or zionists. What trudeau did was amazing in my book. Standing up to the good ol’ bully u.s.a. and israel.
    So what? The u.s only made humanitarian contributions to the u.n so that way everyone would listen to them and do what they ask? Do you know what the definition of humanitarian is? Google it. To stand infront of 200 nations and armpull/blackmail with money is just wrong and embarrassing for the u.s. i pray for everyone in this comment section that you find the truth one day about u.s-israel hidden agenda and you will understand what trudeau did was a blessing.

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