Democracy Watch Calls For Lobbying Investigation Into Aga Khan

After Ethics Commissioner rules that Trudeau violated the Conflict of Interest Act during his trip to the billionaire Aga Khan’s private island, people want more answers.

The independent watchdog group Democracy Watch is calling for an investigation into lobbying by the Aga Khan.

According to a report, “Democracy Watch sent a letter to the Commissioner of Lobbying late Wednesday, urging her to investigate whether Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini Aga Khan IV “violated the Lobbyists Code by giving Prime Minister Trudeau and Liberal MP Seamus O’Regan the gifts of trips to his island home.”

The report also notes that the head of Democracy Watch Duff Conacher wrote “Your position must be that anyone working for or associated with a company that is registered to lobby a public office holder who gives to or does anything for that office holder… that is more than an average voter does… puts that office holder in an apparent conflict of interest.”

The Aga Khan’s Global Centre for Pluralism receives money from Canadian taxpayers, and Trudeau was in meetings with the Aga Khan where that money was talked about.

According to the Ethics Commissioner, Trudeau should have recused himself from that discussion.

Additionally, Trudeau and the Aga Khan talked about a waterfront project the Aga Khan wanted taxpayer money for.

This all raises legitimate questions about the lobbying efforts of the Aga Khan.

Adding to those questions is the fact that the Ethics Commissioner noted the Aga Khan hadn’t been in touch with Justin Trudeau for about 20 years – until Trudeau became Liberal Party Leader, which Trudeau pathetically tried to pass of as a regular “friendship.”

What a coincidence…

Certainly this needs to be looked into, and Democracy Watch is right to be calling for a lobbying investigation.

The Canadian people deserve answers.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. All this brought up when people are busy with their own holiday preparations, not to the Aga Khans island of course but what we can afford hopefully. Also it is very hard to get the oppositions opinions, although they both made them. I was watching CTV news live and they said Trudeau was supposed to speak to Canadians at 2pm but that did not happen, then out in the wind they interviewed the NDP leader and I could not make out what he said very well. Then Andrew Scheer was supposed to speak but there was no sound?????, so I switched to CBC but instead of Mr. Scheer speaking they had Trudeau the lieberal speaking with sound even. Later I tried to get Mr. Scheers opinion but the only place that had part of it was Youtube. Our rich media propaganda stations really are out to stop Andrew Scheer from speaking, like Mr. Harper they cut him off or cut out the parts where he is saying something the Lieberals do not want Canadians to hear, democracy does not exist in Canada the Lieberals think all of us are brainwashed to their way of thinking the poor unwashed us, wow.

    1. The Canadian media is complicit in continuously covering up for the great Justin Trudeau. If this had happened to Harper there would have been a major news conference with all Canadian news outlets tearing him apart and demanding his ouster. The media is treating this like just another little scandal instead of the fact that in actual fact this is the first time in the history of Canada that a sitting PM is investigated and then found guilty of breaking a federal Statute. Come on people, this should be huge, this shows Trudeaus complete lack of interest in our laws as he has always been above them. Even the tone of his apology was arrogant and non-apologetic…it was like a spoiled little kid pretending to apologize to his parents so he would get off the hook and get to go back to doing whatever he wants. Knowing him he probably had his toes crossed.

  2. “The Aga Khan’s Global Centre for Pluralism” – What the hell is this supposed to be? On the waterfront? What is this “pluralism” thing? Is that another piece of BS like “inclusiveness” and “diversity”, whatever those are supposed to mean. Meaningless fake Liberal words in the same range as islamophobia?

    There is something very troubling about Trudeau. He cannot be trusted. There are things going on with him that desperately need to be investigated, seriously investigated. Trudeau seems to be a corrupt liar.

  3. Why would Canada contribute to a park for the Aga Khan foundation? Canada is in debt over its head and needs the funds to repay its debt, feed and shelter the homeless across Canada, needs to increase the CPP payments which are way below poverty levels, fix the veterans issues and make sure they have the financial resources to live, subsidize electricity costs for consumers in Ontario….should I name more. We need infrastructure for roads in the Greater Toronto with the roads that have been the same for the last 20 years with a population that has almost double to release the terrible congestion for work commute. We know a child under the government welfare received $1700 per month for its subsidence but a retiree on CPP gets about $500 a month. That is really an out of whack situation. CPP should be paying a minimum of $1500 a month to a retiree.

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