CRAZY: Liberal MP Equates Criticism Of “ISIS Reintegration” With White Supremacy

A total disgrace.

Recently, some Canadians in St. Catharines expressed their right to free expression and protested against the Trudeau government plan to “reintegrate” returning ISIS fighters.

Considering that polls show the vast majority of Canadians want ISIS fighters jailed or deported rather than let loose in our communities, those protesters were in line with the will of the Canadian people.

So, how did Liberal MP Chris Bittle respond?

Did he listen to their concerns?

Did he express his disagreement respectfully?

Did he show support for free expression?


He called them “white supremacists.”

Here’s what he said on Facebook:

“It is shocking to me that in 2018 white supremacists would stand up in public, in St Catharines, to promote their hateful, racist views. It happened, today, in front of our office on Geneva Street.  A few showed up and if their intent was to intimidate or shame me in some way, it’s done the opposite. I will continue to be a voice against hatred in our community. The Prime Minister often says, and I truly believe “we are strong because of our diversity, not in spite of it”. A big thank you to the Niagara AntiRacism Coalitionand Karrie Porter for organizing a counter protest at the last minute. They outnumbered the white supremacists and showed us what Niagara should truly stand for – an inclusive community, free of hate.”


Apparently, agreeing with a position held by the majority of Canadians is now “white supremacy.”

And when it comes to a community “free of hate,” Bittle apparently doesn’t realize that ISIS is the most hateful organization on the planet, and that it’s simply common-sense to want that hate kept out of our country and off our streets. 

Of course, this is the tactic of the Trudeau government. Declare that any criticism of radical Islam or ISIS is “hate speech,” and then use government power to silence that speech.

Here’s what Canadian Citizen Melanie Greenham posted on Facebook:

“To those that are mutual friends to my husband Dave Burns, he has been banned from facebook for 30 days for upsetting Liberal Chris Bittle M.P. by pointing out truthful facts and also for asking Chris Bittle to please not call him a white supremacist because Dave believes in lawful immigration instead of the ass backwards policy we have now of open borders, terrorists welcome.
Please direct your complaints to Mr. Bittle.”

So, a Canadian citizen who believes in protecting our country and following the law gets called a “white supremacist” by an MP who is supposed to be upholding the security of our nation and the integrity of our laws.


The attitude expressed by Bittle – if taken to its logical conclusion – is a threat to the free speech of the Canadian people. It shows a government willing to slander its own citizens rather than defend our nation from a dangerous ideology that threatens our lives.

It’s a disgrace, it’s crazy, and it’s shameful.

Canada deserves far better from those who presume to represent our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook

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  2. The people who were protesting in your St Catherines where prostesting the ACCEPTING of Jhadists people from Canada who returned from their fighting of Nato (read our) TROOPS

    yet you and the prime minister think that poems and huggies all around will rehabilitate these killers

    Other countries have either KILLED their terrorists OR Jailed them

    so what do we do INVITE them in and give them money and and and

    Is your Government Crazy? June 2019 Cannot come soon enough for us

    I am totally upset over the term WHITE SUPREMACIST I want to DEFEND CANADA and you just let in KILLERS

  3. king trudeau backs all his liberals, regardless of what portfolio they have, this country is gone, because there was a hanful of people showed up, we need hundreds of thousands of people to get rid of imam trudeau.

  4. Mr Bittle I am sure your remarks and true feelings will be remembered in the next election. Your career as a politician will be over along with the rest of your liberal embarrassment to the Canadian people. Shame on you and the rest of your Liberal MP’S

  5. Another Liberal traitor! These Liberal MP’s obviously have drank Justin Trudeau’s coolaid and are now thoroughly brainwashed and programmed.

  6. I agree 100%. This is absolutely shameful coming from an elected leader. Trudeau did the same thing when he accused Sheer of being an islamaphobe before the whole House and nation and received a standing ovation from his barking seals, and a free pass from the ever vigilant press. A shameful response to any question, but especially one involving an issue of safety and security and had already raised legitimate concerns and fears from Canadians. If M103 was law, would this idiot MP Bittle have been able to involve the kangaroo courts to persecute these individuals and make examples of them to stifle any opposition to our overlords. How racist to have any concerns that your daughter might get blown up at her favorite concert or crushed under the wheels of a truck while shopping, their lives are of no consequence to the greater good of diversity. All hail diversity ( preferably five times daily on your knees with your asses pointing away from Mecca ). If Canadians don’t wake up on mass to better the million votes the boy traitor is bringing in by next election, then Canada will cease to exist. It will become another country, not just different, unrecognizable; the same as most of Europe and the UK is today where you can be arrested for the horrendous offence of reciting a Winston Churchill speech, arguably one of Englands’ greatest leaders, and charged with a hate crime. This is no longer England and Canada is on the same path to extinction with these Liberals in power. I don’t think that a lot is at stake here, I think everything is at stake here for us and every future generation. We’ve seen this hollow horse before and what it has done to every country it has entered, and are appalled that our leaders are opening the gates.

    1. No there is nothing we sane people can do! Corrupt Trudeau and his corrupt liberal government are above the law, the liberals have the most seats in the House of Commons 20 or more of the liberals would have to cross the floor to vote a non confidence motion and that won’t happen, because they sold their souls and Canada to the devil‼️‼️‼️‼️CANADA IS DOOMED ‼️‼️‼️‼️

  7. If nothing else, Mr. Bittle serves to exemplify the arrogance and moral decay that has swept the Liberal Party. Aside from the fact that ISIS is a terrorist organization – not a race – bent on world domination and the destruction of any vestige of democracy or human dignity, Mr. Bittle’s commentary shows the root of Liberal thinking. Any disagreement with the Liberal Regime will be met with personal denigration in an effort to vilify the protesters and ignore their concerns. No wonder Trudeau has so much admiration for Castro and the Chinese dictatorship; all Liberals need do now is to mobilize their own version of Castro’s DGI or the Chinese MSS. Of course the Liberals have already entrenched their own version and have moved to make themselves immune from any form of prosecution.

  8. We must remove the Liberals at the next election.
    Support strong, moral, individuals with a grasp on reality and of sound mind to run.
    Get involved.
    Write to this MP and let him know how you feel. CHRIS.BITTLE@PARL.GC.CA
    Chris Bittle, was appointed as the new Deputy Leader of the Government in the House of Commons on Sept. 19, 2017
    Upon his acceptance MP Holland read a message from Bittle’s predecessor, MP Chan (who passed away).
    “We must remember that our greatest strengths lie in our civility with each other, our humility in the face of our own limitations and our willingness to serve,” Holland quoted his friend as saying. “It is up to us to be braver, to go beyond our comfort zones and engage with people of other backgrounds, to diversify and broaden our relationships, and to seek the betterment of all. We have to take a chance, to engage and to participate. That will help to strengthen the institutions that serve us all.”
    What is civil about calling fellow Canadians white supremacists when voicing their legitimate concerns, and fears, over the issue of returning ISIS fighters. And ‘taking a chance’ doesn’t mean against the Canadian people putting them at risk.
    He is in office to represent the concerns of Canadians and I think it is more then reasonable to prioritize the concerns of law abiding citizens.
    The Liberals are missing the mark on this one and I hope Canadians will remember this come the next election.

  9. Were the people protesting those who have a history of racism and neo-Nazism? If referencing the people than perhaps he might have a point, but there is nothing racists about protesting allowing ISIS fighters to return. Most ISIS victims are Muslims and most Muslims both in Canada and abroad oppose ISIS. Opposing ISIS doesn’t make one Islamophobic anymore than opposing the KKK makes one Christianophobic. Both are violent hate groups who do not represent the religion the claim to. Opposing Islam and Muslims simply because they are Muslim is bigotry, but opposing one’s actions who happen to be Muslim is not bigotry. As much as I dislike the Liberals, I have a tough time believing he is stupid enough to think opposing ISIS makes one racist, but if he does, all I can say is I am shocked this is beyond belief. I am guessing the individuals involved have a history of hatred and racism elsewhere and he was simply condemning that, but showing a picture of someone saying Jail ISIS and tweeting it is bigoted was really stupid and he should probably clarify his remarks otherwise a lot will think this is what he means.

  10. If wiping out jihadists is called white supremacy, I see nothing wrong being the bad white heterosexual male supremist.

  11. Well, that means he is calling every western country in the world a bunch of white supremacists and haters – as Canada is the only country to be stupid enough to do this. When the whole world is against you, maybe it is our Liberals who are out to lunch. In their efforts to be, well, so liberal, they have lost all common sense.

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