DISCRIMINATION: Ride-Sharing Company In Richmond B.C. Reportedly Only Accepts Chinese Fares, Refuses To Pick Up “Westerners”

Yet the same politicians who endlessly talk about diversity are silent.

A disturbing report from Richmond B.C. reveals that a ride-sharing app in the city reportedly discriminates against non-Chinese fares, refusing to pick them up.

Here are some key excerpts from the report by Global news:

“GoKabu is one of a number of ride-hailing services operating across B.C., according to an October advisory from the Passenger Transportation Branch (PTB).”

“And that was the one that Global News tried on Monday. The app was just a touch away on a smartphone.”

“An Audi A4 eventually arrived to pick up its fare.”

“But the driver wouldn’t take this one.”

“The driver said the company running the app asked them not to take any Westerners, or, say, non-Chinese riders,” Qi explained.”‘

This is outrageous.

It’s blatant discrimination against everybody aside from one group.

Can you imagine the outrage if a ride-sharing company said it would only take white fares?

It would be a national news story, and every politician would be condemning the company over and over again.

Yet in this case, when it’s discrimination against everyone who isn’t Chinese, it’s silence from the cowardly political class.

This is also a total failure of assimilation and integration. It is essential that new Canadians become part of the broader Canadian culture, rather than setting up what are basically colonies of other countries within this one. Many newcomers do become strong members of the broader Canadian family. But that’s clearly not happening in this case.

So to see a ride-sharing service that is allegedly discriminating against all Canadians outside of those who are Chinese shows a clear breakdown in any sense of a Canadian identity.

Pathetic response

As expected, the response from officials is pathetically weak.

The report reveals that there are fines of $1,150 against the ride-sharing operators, since they don’t have a license. But their profits are clearly large enough, since they are apparently “treating the charges as the cost of doing business.”

Aside from that, not much is being done.

Those in government at all levels must end their gutless attitude and speak out against this discrimination. If Canada is to succeed as a nation, we cannot simply be a bunch of separated colonies of other countries on the same landmass. We must be a unified nation based on a common Canadian identity and spirit of patriotism, and if we make that happen our potential as a country is unlimited. Unfortunately, the weakness of our current politicians is making that goal harder and harder to achieve with each passing day.

Spencer Fernando

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    1. Yes it is not fair to true Canadians as we are loving and excepting g people to every race That Up holds out Countries laws and traditions and not try to take our country Over God Bless
      Canada and the True Canadians

  1. Many years ago when I was in real estate the Chinese in the old China town in Toronto would not sell property owned by them to or through any one that was not Chinese, many newcomers to Canada behave this way, they have their reasons. We have been divided for many years, with so many new groups coming to Canada we are going to see much, much more of this. The Italians, do this also, some nationalities, some religions do this so they can keep their cultures alive. Canada was divided when it started, Indigenous, French, Chinese and the British who took over and left it divided. So how to fix this problem? We were born as a country divided unfortunately, and until that “problem” gets fixed it is unreasonable to keep dividing us more so. We are all here now and have a beautiful rich place to live and now we must stop adding more divisions and learn to work together accepting or fixing these divisions that we have.
    We do not need a government to divide us more, we need a grounded fair and equal government, making fair laws across the whole divisions that make us all equal not divided as we are becoming more and more with these divisive laws for particular groups we need to make it fair and strong equal under the same laws ones that will make us into a great country, not poor and more and more divided … weak.
    We need to be strong and stop this unfair government in its tracks and we really need to work together not let their greed ruin us.

  2. Offering Chinese drivers an option is a good thing. Have you seen how they drive? Richmond would be a bumper car game if the drivers could drive at the speed limit.

  3. “when it’s discrimination against everyone who isn’t Chinese, it’s silence from the cowardly political class.”

    We get the very same silence when there is “Death to infidels” or “Kill all Jews” screamed out in mosques. Not a damn peep from ANY Canadian politician. My jerk MP won’t even answer my mails when I ask why he isn’t doing anything about it. By their silence, they show their support and approval.

    1. It’s not support and approval…it’s fear of “political correctness”. If they speak out, their political careers are on the line for being “racist”. Trudeau likes that word when referring to true Canadians

  4. Justin the Clown keeps on yelling that he is a feminist. Go to the future Town Halls or email him your opinion about Female Genital Mutilation that he is importing with his reckless attitude to buy votes by letting in thousands of newcomers. How many doctors have been put in jail for this horrible crime of castrating young girls, so that” they do not get horny”? And right here in Canada!!!! Who will protect them? Not the fake feminist in charge.
    What about honor killing of women , which Trudeau says it is not barbaric. It is ok, because it is Cultural. Do you believe that there are Canadians that ignore Trudeau’s actions and statements and still take him as a legitimate and entitled politician, no matter how subversive his ideas and his public comments are !!!! Should we be afraid of Justin Trudeau? What will it take?

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