VIDEO: Scheer Releases New Positive Ad

With his profile among Canadians still relatively low, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has released a new advertisement online.

The ad comes as surveys show Scheer’s popularity lagging behind both Trudeau and Singh, though his disapproval rating is also lower than Trudeau’s.

It’s a critical moment for any new leader, as they risk being defined negatively before they have a chance to appeal to more Canadians.

The ad is clearly an attempt to further show a contrast between Scheer and Trudeau, emphasizing Scheer’s middle-class background.

The ad is called “Why I’m in this,” and can be viewed below:


If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Middle class appeal

The ad is a clear appeal for middle class support, as indicated by the wording used in Scheer’s tweet about the ad:

“Watch this. It’s why I’m here. My life growing up was a lot like other Canadians. I had a paper route, my mom was a nurse, and my dad worked for the newspaper. We didn’t even have a car. Canadians need leaders who understand the challenges they face.”

Whether the ad makes a difference remains to be seen, as Scheer has struggled to gain attention in the chaotic and image-based media environment that increasingly surrounds politics.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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  1. to my new prime minister not having every thing while growing up is an asset to you compared to justin , he was raised by a deeply troubled mother and it shows , he was deprived by a mother with deep problems of her own , for you will make a prime minister ,that will make all canadians proud to be canadian again

  2. The only problem with Andrew Sheer, is that he is such a nice guy, he wouldn’t say sh@t, if he had a mouthful. Too quiet, he really needs to be more forceful and vocal in the House of Commons. More like Candice Bergen, she is a real Tiger.

    1. How often do you watch QP in the HOC? I am guessing you don’t watch it at all. If you do, you are certainy watching different QPs than I do.

  3. I am going to be slammed for the BUT I fear Scherr is to mellow and quiet voiced. I pray He firms up but right now I fear if Trudum AND Andrew came together trudum would be the one Joe Q. Public would come out behind the 8 ball. Scheer is a nice person but nice seldom wins

  4. He is just the kind of prime minister we need a regular guy with a regular background not born into a rich family. He always worked right from a teenager and does understand what the middle class and lower class canadian family goes through to make a living. This is a very good picture of his life which should appeal to canadians.

  5. They need someone much stronger and more dynamic. As I watch Schher, my feelings (I known they are my feelings only) are he lacks energy, speaks to softly and isn’t the lion that wants to rip his opponent to shreds. I am sure he is a nice guy but you need someone that stands out and sheer doesn’t.

  6. It’s really too bad that Mr. Scheer does not make clear his platform on serious issues so that Canadians feel confident that they have someone to vote for in the next election who will stand against the onslaught of anti Canadian and immoral values coming from the Liberals and NDP.

    It is truly wonderful to see that he is a solid family man and is an upstanding citizen but we need a warrior as a leader who is going to go to battle and fight for Canadians.

    I know Mr. Scheer has it in him but he has to make a decision if he wants to remain silent on issues in the public square, working on being popular to as many Canadians as possible in a hope to get a few extra votes. This is indeed a great risk because Canadians are desperate for a ‘strong’ leader and a strong party to tear down the Liberals.

    If he doesn’t make a decision to come out from hiding soon…I sure pray that someone else will rise up with great courage, passion and ferocity.

  7. We need to hear way more about Mr. Scheer. I know that the Liberals seem to have a tight grip on what Canadians can read or hear about, and they certainly do not want us to know who and what Mr. Scheer is about or doing or saying. Especially all these new Canadians and young people need to find out. I really hope Mr. Scheer can be stronger than the only prime minister Canada has ever had in my lifetime and that was Mr. Harper, I was totally shocked when he was not re-elected. I started my voting career when the original P. Trudeau was running and they stupidly bought his propaganda. Mr. Scheer needs to get noticed we need to see how strong he can be. These Liberals have way too much propaganda about how great they are, when they are not they are getting scarier daily.

    1. You are bang on, Nancy! Andrew is a true Canadian which is more than can be said of Justin T who is more a “citizen of somewhere else.” As a globalist or advocate of a New World Order, Trudeau doesn’t qualify as a true Canadian and much less as a Prime Minister of any country. However, forces external to Canada have finacial control of the politicians and the media. These external forces include foreign governments like China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, mega-wealthy industrialists and financiers like the Rothchilds, Soros, even the Aga Khan as well as the Saudi sheiks. Liberal politicians who generally lack integrity and good ethics eg. JT, fund their lust for power by influence peddling to globalist elite. You will eventually see Trudeau as head of the UN. This way he can see all the Broadway shows he wants.

      In the 60’s and 70’s, a Canadian communications/media guru and U of T prof named Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase, “ the medium is the message.” Those who control the medium hold major advantage in politics. The liberals/democrats seem to control TV, Radio, Print and social media platforms. Zuckerberg, a devout liberal, controls FB and IG. If we follow the money we’ll find politicians and media platforms controlled by the globalist elites.

      Bottomline, Scheer and the CPC need to step up their media game. Until there is a conservative buyout of CTV, the Toronto Star and, eventually, the disposal of CBC as a government entity, the Liberal stranglehold on the media gives them the advantage.

  8. Shame he aligns himself with the feminist hate movement. For a guy that believes in family,why would he support a movement dedicated to destroying it?
    I’d rather not vote than vote for any kind of feminist.

  9. He needs to be more like Trump, that is the energy and voice you need… where as if you come off like Jeb Bush you’re going nowhere. Please, Andrew… focus and look to Trump for #winning

  10. That would be a good ad if Scheer was running for chairman of a local non-profit,but as an ad for PM,it just doesn’t cut it.

    Nice guys finish last,though I expect Scheer will finish second and Jagmeet Singh will finish last. I have no idea if Jagmeet is a “nice guy”. Scheer seems to have no passion,no anger, no outrage. He looks and sounds like a man who is quite content to spend a good portion of his long career in politics as Leader of the Opposition,with all it’s perks and great pension.

    As a political animal since high school, perhaps Scheer figures he’s climbed high enough on the ladder of success,and he HAS done very well for himself, but that isn’t the idea when running for the top job in the Land.

    The CPC are asleep, don’t seem to realize what it will take to unseat the very popular Trudeau,who currently leads the polls with 40% to 30% for the CPC. There have been numerous scandals in which Trudeau was involved,and Scheer seems to be nowhere. He should be on camera shouting to the skies about the Aga Khan,Morneau,the Boyle episode, but we hear little to nothing from this nice young man who unfortunately leads the Conservatives.

    There is sufficient ammunition to sink the LPC ship,but it will take the right type of leader,an attack dog like Nigel Farage, or a charismatic politician like Maxime Bernier.

    Canada needs a charismatic CPC leader,one whose speeches ignite the crowds,have them leaping to their feet applauding, like Trump did during his campaign. Andrew Scheer is NOT the person to defeat Trudeau,and we shouldn’t delude ourselves into believing he can.

    If the CPC knew what they were doing,which I frankly doubt,they’d ask Scheer to step down at the next convention,and find someone better suited to the task. But I don’t believe they will,because it appears with the election of Scheer,the CPC has conceded 2019,and plans to win in 2023.

    1. I’m wondering if a bunch of Liberal supporters became members of the Conservative Party to affect the vote. I voted for Kelly Lietch for leader. She was the only one who had the intestinal fortitude to say she wanted immigrants screened for Canadian values. No one else I know of, went near the subject. She would have made a better Conservative Party leader than Scheer.

      1. Very true. Kelly wasn’t politically correct but she was correct.

        Scheer is too gentle and way too nice and the Conservatives will never be successful with Mr. Gentle Softspoken Dimples leading the Cons. We need someone abusive, aggressive, demanding and grating.

        Why isn’t the Opposition demanding that the Speaker force Trudeau and his Liberals to provide intelligent answers? Don’t say “Would the Honorable Prime Minister – – – “. That is way too gentle. Address Trudeau as the Member from Papineau or the Minister for Youth and Fitness. Ignore any mention of him as PM. When the Libs respond with their normal bullshit that has nothing to do with the question, demand that the Speaker charge them with Contempt for parliament and Contempt for Canadians. Trudeau can’t handle pressure so push the hell out of him, goad him, antagonize him. Insult him then apologize and “promise to try to do better”. Use his own crap against him.

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