Trudeau Doubles Down On Joshua Boyle Meeting, Throws Security Officials Under The Bus

He refuses to realize why so many Canadians are outraged at his horrendous judgement.

Justin Trudeau is refusing to acknowledge that his meeting with Joshua Boyle – who is now facing tons of charges in court – was a horrendous mistake.

Not only is Trudeau doubling down on the meeting – despite having often not met with the families of other Canadian hostages – but he’s even throwing Canada’s hard-working security officials under the bus.

As noted by Global News, “I can tell you that we received full assurances from all our intelligence officials and agencies that the meeting could proceed,” he said. “More than that, you’ll have to talk to the officials involved.”

Trudeau has also tried saying the meeting is a usual thing for Prime Ministers, which has been debunked by former Harper government staff saying they would never have approved a meeting of that kind.

The most disgraceful part of Trudeau’s comments is that he’s trying to throw Canada’s security officials (who work hard to keep our nation safe) under the bus to distract from his lack of judgement, and deflect from questions about why he seems so unwilling to confront or even discuss radical Islam.

Additionally, Trudeau is also saying he has “no memories” of meeting Boyle in 2006:

“In regards to 2006, I remember being with [retired Lt.-Gen.] Romeo Dallaire at an event in Ramsden Park in Toronto to highlight the plight of Darfur, and I have memories of being there with Romeo Dallaire. I have no memories of meeting anyone else there.”


It’s the latest example of Trudeau denying reality and pinning the blame on others, and refusing to accept that he is responsible for his own actions.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. So Justine is now saying that Boyle is a liar, insofar as the 2006 meeting is concerned. Does our Lieberal leader now suggest that Boyle was also lying about being a captive, and not a footsoldier for Islam?

  2. Thank you for all the work you do to expose this terrible man, and even worse PM for what he is. As a permanent resident who immigrated to this Country 18 years ago, I for the first time since setting foot in this wonderful country, feel afraid to sleep in my bed at night or walk the streets. He is a danger to us all. Justin Trudeau is abusing every minute of his power, he has run free reign with the County’s purse. I pray while I am still allowed a Christian prayer, that this man will be stopped and soon.

  3. So once again we have our boy wonder Prime Minister trying to deflect responsibility!!

    HEY MEDIA: The REAL question for Justin Trudeau, is WHY DID “YOU” WANT TO MEET WITH JOSHUA BOYLE IN THE FIRST PLACE, not why did your security detail clear the meeting!!!!

  4. This is typical of his generation and ones after it. Never take responsibility for the mistakes and wrong things you do…blame someone else. Not all of them are like that, but so many of them are, especially people who are ultra-left in their thinking.

  5. Make your list Canada. Hold him and all his party members accountable. According to a combination of social media and MSM reports, Trudeau opened our border to illegal migrants from the US, invited terrorists to return to Canada after commiting or condoning atrocities on behalf of ISIS. He paid off Omar K, effectively spitting in the face of America’s military justice system and the Speer family whose life was shattered by Khadr’s grenade. He redefined our fear of islamic fundamentalism as a hate crime and shames us for fearing loss of freedom and a culture of abuse, violence and oppression. Trudeau claims to be a feminist yet panders to the the most abusive anti-feminist culture in the world today. He gifted our tax dollars to the Clinton Foundation which is emerging as the Clinton Family Business, where they skim donations for Bill, Chelsea and Hillary. Apparently only small percentage of revenues find their way to relief and charitable causes. See Haiti. Trudeau, along with the UN/foreign governments and various globalist elites, is dismantling Canada’s natural resource based economy and selling off to the Chinese government. He, along with provincial Liberal or NDP governments, saddles us, our children and theirs with massive debt and condones the policy and behavior of a self-interested Finance Minister. I’m certain this list only scratches the surface. Liberal and NDP leaders might as well be lumped together as they are both bent on Canada’s destruction, Liberals are motivated by greed and control of the people they ‘rule’. The socialist NDP idiology only works until the money is gone. Then chaos.

    Conservative approach to a smaller, less intrusive and more responsible government is the best choice for Canada in 2019 and the forseeable future. It will take at least 12 years to restore the country after Trudeau’s disastrous influence.

  6. I do not believe for one minute that Boyle was kidnapped. He went to Afghanistan to join the Taliban and become a terrorist. He has in all probability took part in killings. I believe that when their convoy came under attack they concocted the kidnapping story to avoid being classified a terrorist. He needs to be interrogated with the use of a lie detector. All returning ISIS terrorist need to have lie detector tests. The CBC documentary where journalists where allowed into an interrogation room in Iraq viewed and filmed some of the questioning. In each case the captured terrorist had a prepared story when asked, (why did they join ISIS ?) each said they joined because they were promised money one was for his sister who he said need expensive cancer treatment, another stated he need money for his impoverished family. All have this money excuse for joining and none of them said they took part in killing anyone. Yea sure.

    1. Amen, Brian Mellor . Liberal voters are not voting Liberal. They are voting for the preservation of a fake Rock-star celebrity, without a justification to be a celebrity, and his head of hair, much more important than the abstract notion of the lack of a functioning brain.
      Canadians wake up. Learn about your dictators’ agendas before approving them.

  7. Justin Trudeau is dangerous and a puts the Safety of all Canadians in jeopardy!!!
    He has no interest in the average Canadian, but is in thick with Muslim terrorist organizations and Political Islam, and would/is selling Canada out to this cause!
    Canada is a Haven for secrecy and terrorism! No checks and balances, no enforcement of the rule of law for Trudeau, or his government! It’s out of control!

  8. Every day that passes I swear the PM gets more insane. I don’t care what anyone says , he seriously needs to get checked out by a doctor. As usual Liberals never take responsibility for their own actions . It’s always someone else’s fault. It’s been a trait for years by these Liberals.

  9. Sad thing is that, when compared to Canada’s worst-ever traitor, the person who was married to his mother when she conceived him, Baby-Dawk Trudeau, fils, is a puny piker. Trudeau’s pathetic “prime-minister-ship,” made possible by and the natural progression in the failing state. The potentially great nation-become-state, that is, set on its spiral into self-destruction by Trudeau, père and by others with brains and capable of comprehending Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov “Lenin,” who ‘invented’ government ‘health care’ and of understanding Hitler — who quickly endorsed and added it to his socialist workers’ party’s platform. Both said of it that government “health care” is the keystone to the archway through which the fascist Left will force all Free Men into the totalitarian state.

    Every one of those to whom I refer and most importantly, the traitor, Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau, well comprehended the teachings of the Marxist-Institute-become-Frankfurt School and traitorously institutionalized that school’s fascist frauds: “multiculturalism” and; “political correctness.”By way of which Trudeau, père struck the fatal blow that set Canada into its spiral into the third world — and to, thus, becoming able to be made over and into a totalitarian state.

    Brian Richard Allen
    L A – CA – and The Very Far Away
    January 13 2018

  10. I grieve for Canada, my Canada. How did this happen? How and why did our country elect Trudeau? Why are Canadians so uninformed, and really, supportive of such corruption?

  11. this whole thing stinks to high heaven and the more you hear about it the more strange and unbelievable the whole litany is! please, the man says he went to Afghanistan, dragging his then pregnant wife along, to back pack? who would go to Afghanistan for leisure time unless they were involved in terrorism somehow. they also do not look like they were imprisoned, at all. and who would have more children if you were in captivity? why bring another child into an unhappy existence. but the whole exposure to the Prime Minister is a big concern. Trudeau and he look pretty cozy. I am starting to think Trudeau is a massive supporter of terrorism. he might not be but it sure looks like it, he sure likes giving them a lot of money that is for sure. Omar Khadr anyone? the military must be completely outraged at that. this PM is a disgrace and must be voted out. I pray the mainstream media starts telling the ugly truth about this elitist narcissist instead of continuing to protect him.

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