WATCH: Discussing Trudeau, Radical Islamism, & More With Canadian Patriot Jill Colton

An in-depth discussion about the big issues facing Canada.

I recently spoke with Canadian Patriot Jill Colton about many of the big issues facing our country, including Justin Trudeau’s failed leadership, Andrew Scheer, Radical Islamism, and much more.

Jill Colton has a rapidly growing following on YouTube, with her fearless discussions about what’s really happening in Canada and around the world.

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Watch the full interview below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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  1. What a wonderful interview, thank you. I honestly don’t know what it’s going to take for the Canadian populous to wake up, stand up and speak up. Have Canadians become that complacent?? Sad state of affairs in Canada where the ppl fear the Government instead of the Government fearing the PEOPLE. Islam is a problem in Canada, the push for Sharia Law to become acknowledged by Canadians is a real threat. Reintegrating known ISIS fighters has got to be the most treasonous decision I think I’ve ever heard. Poetry is not going to take the hate out of them but make them angrier. I don’t believe for a second that these ‘terrorists will be monitored so we as Canadians will not know who they are, where they are and what they’re doing. Justin Trudeau has committed treason by endangering every Canadian by that decision and also the Quebec open border hoppers and not dealing with that breach. He told the RCMP who were trying to track these thousands of migrants hopping the border, to SHRED their documents. Trudeau must resign, now!!

  2. Great video
    Jill and Spencer.
    We can all talk about consequences and we must do something about the corrupt Liberals, but, what can we do, how can we get through to this gov.? We write letters to our M.P. ‘s. We complain amongst ourselves but nothing changes. The gov. has total control, they don’t listen. We need power of some sort. We need a powerful Lawyer and Judge to fight for us. Is this possible?

  3. Is twitter now corrupt also? Each time I get close to the corrupt actions of Canadian Government, l get restricted or this time locked out. I challenged Don Lemon on CNN. He blatantly called Trump a Racist. Lemon has been insulting the President of the United States before he was even President. He has accused and called President Trump White Supremist, Racist, womanizer, Bigot, sexual crimes on and on.Lemon has been wrong on everything he has claimed about the President. Lemon should not be able to pass his Racist Bigotry against white People. He must be fired for his past anti White rants. Lemon is protected by CNN and now I believe twitter. Questions I have are. Is lemon a child of Islam? Is Lemon a blend of Afro American and White. Is he guilty of promoting Hate? Why is it every time someone in conversation with Lemon gets close to defending President Trump, lemon butts in, over speaks. He goes to commercial or anything possible to gag the defender of the President. I will not watch CNN and I will recruiter as many of my followers and those Following as to boycott CNN until Lemon is gone or at least forced to back his mouth with facts, start to give news of the accomplishments of his President or get the F#$k out of America. He is vindictive, Racist, anti American and spreads hate as to harm the Presiden5 of the United States.

    1. My sister watches CNN. I told her CNN has trouble with the truth and she shouldn’t watch it. I also told her to look for independent news sources and to us common sense and logic when watching or reading the news.
      I feel sorry for Trump. I have never seen a president so vilified in the news and online.

  4. well spencer, i listen to this interview, i was highly impressed with the young lady, both of you made alot of sense, however you are a canadian patriot, she is also. and i am also. how can we as patriots, get to scheer, and give him those dor me, i was pulling for kellie leitch, she spoke from the heart, and why she didn,t win i have no clue, when i heard that mr. scheer won, i said i was surprised for sure.however, i love your discussions. everyday i love to comment on the issues of the day. thank you ever so much, and keep up the great work.

    1. I think that Kelly Leitch looks very old fashioned! She does not have an appealing personality and a voice difficult to hear! But her Canadian value platform was great and represented the desire of millions of Canadians to implement it.

  5. Wow, That was an Awesome debate, between you, Spencer & Jill Colton. You both are very much in sync, have an excellent grasp of the political climate in Canada & what needs to be done. Both of you would be great in politics! Perhaps somehow Andrew Scheer could receive a copy of this video.
    I thank you both for being such good Canadian Patriots. Best Regards!

  6. Loved watching the interview, it seems to me the world has gone mad, then I watched two young people who think like I do and it gives me hope. To thine own self be true. I bow to you.

  7. I don’t trust Trudeau or his government, I agree, he is very corrupt and the worst PM in the history of Canada‼️‼️ I pray to god that Trudeau doesn’t get in for a second term, if his does, Canada will be destroyed for sure, and there will be no more Canada, as we know and love. Trudeau is making Canada into a third world country, with his open borders policies, the borders need to be closed, and the illegal immigrants need to be deported back to their country. We need Mr Harper back, or someone like Mr Trump to fight for us Canadian citizens, and our welfare, which Trudeau has destroyed‼️‼️‼️

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