AUDIO: Discussing Liberal MP Chris Bittle On The Roy Green Show

Bittle sparked outrage when he called Canadians protesting against Trudeau’s ISIS “reintegration” plan “white supremacists.”

As I reported earlier this month, Liberal MP Chris Bittle has faced significant criticism for calling protesters “white supremacists,” even though they were protesting against the Trudeau government plan to “reintegrate” ISIS fighters with poetry and pottery classes.

I recently appeared on the Roy Green Show to discuss Bittle’s comments. You can listen to the audio below:

Spencer Fernando

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  1. While many may find Trudeau’s attitude shocking, lets remember his main target audience is the millennials. Millennials through much of the school system have been taught pretty much everything the SJWs promote so in many ways older generations may find some of his statements shocking, but appeals strongly to the millennials who believe socialism is superior to capitalism, who think the West is bad and responsible for most problems in the world (Many Western countries have done bad things, but its not so simple its complex) so not surprised and in the long run unless future generations have different viewpoints, I believe such views will be the norm in 30 years from now.

  2. It is hard to fathom the stupidity of liberals and those who vote for them. I guess the shithole that Europe is turning into somehow appeals to these people.

    1. Actually in Western Europe the Muslim population is less than 10% and while there have been issues, not nearly as bad as the Rebel media and Breitbart make it out to be. I travel there twice a year. That being said it does seem a lot on the left want us to be more European in higher taxes, more social programs, and a bigger government. What is odd is social democratic parties are doing quite poorly in Europe now and Europeans are generally turning away from the left wing big government ideas much of the left in Canada wants. A lot want us to be like the Nordic Countries forgetting the Nordic Countries are trending away from their traditional social democratic models so if those who live there are turning away, maybe European style social democracy is not as great as it is cracked up to be.

  3. I have come to the conclusion that liberalism is a brain disease. I also believe it to be an indoctrination/ideology and it’s members, a cult.

  4. Bittle replied to my email objecting to M103, Bittle stated he doesn’t pay attention to social media comments about his politics. He also does not reply to emails that don’t kiss his butt. He’s a waste of skin

  5. It’s the Liberal way, Bittle is following his leaders lead…recall when Turdeau allowed illegal border crossings, and when Canadians complained, he labeled them as “racist”. So, this is the government that the fools have chosen, if you are a true Canadian and disagree with their views…you’re labeled as ANTI-Canadian.

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