POLL: Increasing Number Of Canadians Say Trudeau Government Doing “A Bad Job”

At the same time, the number of those saying the government is doing a good job continues to decline.

While the opposition parties have so far been unable to take advantage, public perception of the Trudeau government continues to worsen.

According to a Nanos Poll reported by the Globe & Mail, the number of Canadians saying Trudeau is doing a bad job has increased to 39%, up from 33% last year.

Meanwhile, 37% say the government is doing a good job, down from 43%.

Of note, “The result is that Mr. Trudeau’s positive ratings now match those the former Conservative prime minister had in the 2014 Nanos-IRPP survey. “It’s kind of ironic that the positive evaluations now are comparable to Stephen Harper at the end of his mandate,” said pollster Nik Nanos, president of Ottawa-based Nanos Research.”

Vulnerability for the Trudeau government

The accumulation of scandals is taking a toll on the Trudeau government, driving down their approval ratings despite much of the elite media doing everything they can to prop up Trudeau’s image by downplaying his problems and focusing on fluff/US politics instead.

However, the rise of independent media – which the elites are desperate to silence – means the word is still getting out to Canadians, particularly on issues such as Trudeau’s dangerously submissive approach to radical Islam, letting Canada get sold out to China, betraying middle class and working class Canadians, and his ethical problems.

Now, the opposition parties have to take advantage.

While Trudeau has become weaker, the Conservatives and NDP have not become stronger, which is why Trudeau still holds a lead in most polls.

The opposition – particularly the Conservatives since the NDP is so far behind – will have to aggressively confront Trudeau for his failures, while creating a contrasting set of policies that return control of our nation back to the Canadian people and holds the corrupt elites accountable for the damage they’ve done.

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      1. Great comment. He fired somebody from the caucus just a week or so ago for making a perfectly sane, politely expressed comment. Unfortunately, we lack a loose canon.

  1. Opposition being unable to take advantage of Trudeau’s terrible performance worries us. This is where someone in charge should be able to serious damage to the Trudeau gang of misfits and those of devious character. We have, however, people in the official opposition who are just to darn nice and as well, fearful of not being politically correct on all occasions. With Canada breaking to pieces because of Trudeau’s pure idiocy, isn’t it time to forget the politically correct nonsense and wipe the floor with him. You MPs are their to represent Canadians and we want you to get the job done, or get out of the way!

    1. I’ve watched enough governments to realize generally in the first few years people are very forgiving and unless one does something really stupid, a mistake rarely sinks a government. Rather its a series of mistakes over time that do. While nothing is carved in stone, if you look at the history of governments both provincially and federally, one term governments are very rare just as usually after 10 years people want change and staying in power beyond 15 years is unusual so there seems to be a general cycle. All that matters is if you make a lot of mistakes like Trudeau it tends to come faster than if you make fewer. I think Scheer is taking the right approach as no government gets defeated overnight, it takes time and if you attack them on each issue eventually they accumulate enough baggage that they will fall. Trying to bring down on a government on one issue is quite rare. Also I’ve found if people are directly impacted (i.e. tax hikes or spending cuts) it tends to have a greater impact than if its more philosophical and not something that directly impacts them, thus why scandals aren’t as damaging to governments as tax hikes or spending cuts are since the former doesn’t hit people directly whereas the latter does.

  2. Certainly the trends are not good for Trudeau, but usually I find the best predictor is to look at approve vs. disapprove. Recent polls show Trudeau has fallen into negative territory for the first time which means he is vulnerable, however his approval ratings in most polls are still generally over 40% and usually one has to fall below 40% before they get defeated, 30s depends on opponents and below 30% means almost certain defeat except under unusual circumstances. So if Trudeau’s approval ratings stay where they are he should win in 2019, but if they continue to fall, then he could definitely lose.

    The opposition will have a tough time getting noticed, so best to stay on attack in the House of Commons and once we get into the summer of 2019 is when people will get to know Scheer. The main thing is to try to define himself before the Liberals do it for him.

  3. You are doing a great job Spencer. Keep it up.
    Don’t think the Conservatives realize all the strong support they have. They must forget the political correction stuff and get down and dirty. I agree with Ben.

  4. Trudeau is doing a terrible job. The ‘speech’ he made re: Hijab hoax was a distinct slap to Canadians!! he caters to the Muslims/Islam and it can come to no good!!!!

  5. Before we get too gleeful,today’s Nanos number: LPC leads CPC by only 3 points,BUT Trudeau is still considered the best Leader for the Country by a 61%- 37% margin. There is also the fact that governments often experience a downturn in their popularity two years into a mandate. The election is still a long way off.

    The preference for Trudeau as PM is indicative of Scheer’s lack of credibility in the public view. The man may very well be a nice family man with honorable principles,of that I have no doubt,but that isn’t enough to defeat the msm’s love partner Trudeau.
    There are sufficient scandals and blunders that a CPC led by a winner should be able to attack this inept bunch and cruise to a victory, but on conservative blogs and websites all across this Country, I see NO excitement over Scheer,no confidence in him as the next PM.

    The CPC members seem to be repeating the same old same old,” we must back our Leader he will win,we are not the Liberals and we will do a better job in government”, which hardly is the stuff that will inspire the all important 10% of undecided voters to come onside with the CPC.

    It looks like Scheer is NOT the man to do the job,the CPC should consider replacing this 51.9 percenter with someone more capable of exhibiting some fire in his gut and Faraging the Trudeau government to defeat.
    In the leadership campaign,I backed Bernier,and have seen nothing yet to convince me those of us who did were wrong.

    1. My perception is that Canuckbrains are just permanently out to lunch–naively smug, conditioned to only criticize the Americans (how many times must we hear irrelevantly: ‘It’s even worse in the States!) and they will never get it. 20 to 30 years and pfft!

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