CASH GRAB: Trudeau Government Reveals Federal Carbon Tax Plan, Brad Wall Ponders Court Challenge

Brad Wall is standing up for the rights of Canadian provinces to set their own climate policies, while Trudeau & McKenna seek to dictate what the provinces must do.

The Trudeau government has revealed the federal carbon tax (cash grab) they plan to impose on provinces that don’t create their own carbon pricing schemes.

“Today, we’re following through on our commitment to put a price on carbon pollution across Canada, with federal legislation and a practical approach to protect competitiveness for large industry,” said Environment Minister Catherine McKenna.

Of course, individual provinces don’t get a say in the plan, as the ones that don’t want a carbon tax – particularly Saskatchewan, are having one imposed on them.

That isn’t sitting well with Brad Wall, who tweeted the following:

While it’s easy to lose sight of history in day-to-day political discussion, Brad Wall’s position is in line with how Canada was supposed to be structured.

Individual provinces are supposed to have a large amount of independence, and the federal government was supposed to be confined to a few narrow tasks of national-scope, including national defence and the overarching laws of the country.

However, over subsequent generations, the federal government has increasingly centralized power, a trend which has reached it’s apex in the Trudeau government which arrogantly stomps all over provincial jurisdiction and overrides the will of provincial representatives.

That’s why all of us should be cheering for Brad Wall and Saskatchewan to succeed if they end up taking the Trudeau government to court against the centralized Trudeau government.

The federal government should not be able to impose a carbon tax on unwilling Canadians.

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  1. And carbon is not “pollution.” It’s essential to life. Who writes these missives for McKenna?
    Even from a jurisdictional and legal perspective, 100% suppprt for Brad Wall.

  2. It would be a most welcome solution to the majority of our population in Canada, thank you Brad Wall. It would be even a better idea if all the other premiers would join in and help him. Maybe working together we all can make this horrible, globalist, unethical, elitist, destroying our democracy, Liberal government step down. Mr. Brad Wall the country would stand behind you in this. I think we should all e mail every politician that is not Liberal and try and get this country back and the liberals stopped from stealing from all of us.

  3. Trudeau demands a price for carbon pollution. He wants everyone to cut back on polluting our Country and as we cut back and make adjustments in our lives to reduce pollution, Trudeau wants us to pay additional funds to do so. Maybe Trudeau should reduce “his” carbon imprint and stop using his private plane so often. Planes are one of the worst polluters of our environment and yet he’s on that thing every chance he gets. How does he get to these town meetings in different provinces and cities? He doesn’t walk, take a bus or even drive…he hops on a plane each time in order to do question and answer period that amounts to nothing more than promoting himself for re-election and sets himself up for selfies for drooling Canadians. Our own Prime Minister has the nerve to lecture us on pollution while he excessively pollutes our skies. If Saskatchewan doesn’t want a carbon tax and believes they can clean up pollution without enforcing a tax that no one wants and cannot afford, then they should be allowed to prove it. Carbon Tax is a cash grab, only. Trudeau needs more money because he doesn’t know how to handle money, especially when it’s someone else’s. Talk about a dictatorship. Talk about hypocrisy. He has 2 more years untill election…you wait, he’ll come up with more reasons to get more money from us. He’s going to bleed Canadians dry. Plus, he expects a second and third term.

  4. Should the federal government run roughshod over the provinces and the people, the provinces need to de-confederate. Globalism is the opposite of freedom.

  5. As I’ve been saying for well over a year now … this scumbag, so called leader is trying to form Canada into a socialist state! Forcing what HE wants … nobody else wants it. IE; the Canadian taxpayers. I wish Brad Wall 100% success, unfortunately, even if he’s wins his case, Ontario will not follow because Wynne has the same outlook as Trudoh, spend all you want, then pull more out of the people … hey, we’ve got lots more, a never-ending river of cash! Just ask any Liberal!

  6. All For Brad Wall being nEw LEader of the New WEstern Canada Republic!
    Maybe then Centre of universe will listen to the west and help with positive change!

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