ENRICHING GOVERNMENT ELITES: Under Trudeau, Pay For Bureaucratic Bosses Is Rising Fast

Trudeau is using our tax dollars to enrich the entitled government elites at the top of the bureaucracy, while private sector workers and front-line public sector workers get far less.

A new report reveals that top-level bureaucrats are getting big pay increases under the Trudeau government, far above what most other private sector and public sector workers are getting.

According to the report, “Spending on performance pay for top executives increased to $75 million from $72.6 million the year before with wide fluctuations in the percentage increases — or decreases — in many departments.”

“The biggest increases in performance pay were at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC). The number of executives at the latter rose to 15 from 11, and overall spending on executive performance pay was up 22 per cent.”

Additionally, “The 3.2 per cent increase in spending for 2015-16, the most recent year available, was also more than twice the 1.25 per cent pay increases the government has negotiated with many of its public sector unions.”

Deputy ministers also got a large increase on a percentage basis, with their ‘performance pay’ increasing 3.4%.

So, front-line government workers are being kept at a small increase, while more money goes to those already making the highest salaries in the government.

Not quite the “fairness” Trudeau promised.

Meanwhile, those getting the big pay increases already enjoy a level of benefits and job security rarely enjoyed by the taxpayers who fund their salaries and big bonuses.

While this was also a problem under the Harper government, the trend had been moving downward, as the government showed fiscal restraint after winning a majority. By contrast, Trudeau is ‘liberally’ spending taxpayers dollars enriching the elites within the government, just as he seeks to enrich the elites throughout the world.

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  1. Why not? These are the same gov’t elites who did self ” job performance reviews” before parliament closed for the holidays. I’m sure there was a question on the performance review form that asked, ” do you believe you should receive a pay increase in the new year?” It’s obvious all the bureaucratic bosses did NOT miss checking the YES box!

  2. I remember when we got a raise in pay, every one got say $0.25 an hour more (way back when) If you made more than another person you still made the same amount more if you were promoted you could make even more. Then it changed to percentages raises on your hourly amount and “hola” now you even got a bigger raise if you were making more an hour than others after several years your job was worth way too much and the others were still way back at low pay growing so much slower and we instead of working as teammates and getting along were too separated. This was the beginning of big divisions in people, it did not matter the responsibility or how hard and well you did the job. Then after working years and experience gained was again you would be replaced with someone without your knowledge and in many cases did not want to work so hard but they had a degree or paper and very often you still had to do their job and they got paid way more for knowing less and working less than you did.
    Our society is failing badly and useless greedy people tell you that everything will get better with their greedy leadership and power to ruin your no nothing life. Mr. Harper suggested in the nineties that MPs take a pay cut they told him no way, I have read that Mr. Harper does not take his Prime Minister pension just an MP pension. He truly is a good Canadian and would have made a huge difference for Canadians if the Liberal/NDP (one party) were not able to lie about and undermine him, like they did, we very much need our laws made fair and honest across our whole nation to protect all of us from these stealing Liberal/NDP globalist un Canadian selfish unethical politicians.

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