China Plans To Put Communist Party In Control Of Aecon After Taking Historic Canadian Company

As many have warned, state-owned companies exist to serve the interests of China’s Communist Party, and those interests don’t line up with Canada.

There are more warnings about China’s takeover of Aecon – a historic Canadian construction company.

Aecon’s competitors are warning against the move, because the company will be controlled by the Communist Party of China.

The company officially buying Aecon is called China Communications Construction Co (CCCC).

As noted by the Globe & Mail, “The Chinese government has a 63-per-cent stake in CCCC. In recent years, the company has helped Beijing assert sovereignty over the disputed South China Sea. National security agencies in Canada and the U.S. have warned that companies under Beijing’s control aren’t just commercial operations and could potentially pass along information that would hurt Canadian interests.”

Now, it is being confirmed that China will be installing a “unit” of the Chinese Communist Party within Aecon. This means the Communist Party will clearly be dominating the decisions made by the company, which is not good for Canadians or our allies.

It’s a huge loss of Canadian sovereignty, and it obviously needs to be stopped. Canada must retain control of our large and historic companies, because if we keep losing them we become weaker and weaker.

Of course, the Trudeau government has pathetically bowed down to China over and over again, and the government seems to have no desire to block the deal.

Once again our nation is being sold off to China, and our so-called “leaders” are doing nothing to stop it.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. You talk about Aecon as they are a wonderful Canadian company doing business by the book. Well do your home work as these guys and the Royal Bank are a bunch of slim Follow Cow Harbor Construction

  2. Can we all agree that Justin Trudea is on a personal mission to destroy Canada? RCMP and CSIS should be investigating. Canadian people need to know. We probably need American assistance to prevent further deterioration of our security and democracy.

  3. Based on the Communist Chinese Government history when buying into foreign countries, Trudeau’s Communist friends will drastically underbid all other companies at a horrendous loss and eventually put them out of business. Remember, this has the financial support of the Communist Chinese Government. They are prepared to lose billions as long as they can achieve monopoly, power and control. Of course this destruction of Canada’s corporations will be with full approval and support of Trudeau. Just like the Eastern Pipeline, he will make changes in Legislation that will wipe out any competition to his Chinese donors.

    Once Trudeau’s Chinese Communist donors have complete control they will simply take over Canada, using the treasonous airhead as a convenient tool. Watch for contracts where the Liberal Chinese Aecon uses the Justin Trudeau Public / Private Infrastructure Bank to construct things like airports and harbours but take partial ownership for payment. In just a few years, China will own and or control Canada. Trudeau has been planning and arranging this for years.

    China will have a say as to which ships enter harbours, which airlines use all the airports, which companies get to use pipelines and rail, all because Trudeau gave Canada away to the Chinese for a few dollars donated to the Justin Trudeau Family benefit Fund.

    Trudeau is dangerous and offensive and must be removed from Canadian politics, whatever way possible. Anarchy is coming to North America, courtesy of the Liberals and Democrats. Arm yourselves.

    Think back to his early days after the election. He passed “Bail in” legislation that has allowed Canadian banks to claim they are failing and use that as an excuse to seize all our bank accounts and investments. Bank shares will be issued instead. Who would want shares in a failing Bank?

    In the next few years, buy gold, silver and weapons. Canada as we knew it is gone forever.

  4. Spencer, is Acecon the construction company that the NDP in BC are hiring to build the Site-C dam. You know, the dam the NDP cancelled, then decided to start again after Trudeau went to China? It will bring Chinese workers. So, after it was cancelled were Canadian jobs lost? To be replaced by Chinese workers?

    1. Aecon was involved right from the start but the NDP didn’t hire them, the Liberals did. It doesn’t seem to matter if Political Parties are Provincial or Federal, there is no difference in their philosophies, thinking or actions.

      The Liberals complained when Harper allowed the sale of a tar sands company to China, but Trudeau is actively selling off some pretty serious companies. An advanced satellite communications company in Vancouver, a leading edge laser company in Quebec, a huge Seniors care corporation in BC to a Chinese Communist “Insurance” company that instantly started abusing residents and staff.

      Trudeau and his Liberals are dangerous and seem to be deliberately destroying what used to be a respected progressive free country. Complain to your MP and MLA.

  5. How is this going to be worst than the inhumane and outright screwing Tim Hortons , Burger King, Dairy Queen, McDonalds are giving our young students on thier first jobs?
    ever buy a Rusty Ford, A Ford Pinto? A Corvair, an Edsel? A buick V8 that came off the showroom floor with piston slap? Do you know that most dyes and flavorings in US Food are protected by “Proprietary” laws? Did you know that Trump gutted the USFDA just this year? Did you know that they approve of foods eaten in Canada and are taken at face value?

    1. Entry level jobs, no matter what industry, are not meant to provide money for a family, house, car, vacations and multiple cell phones. We all start at the bottom and work our way up. Unfortunately today’s 18 – 25 yr olds expect to start at Middle management with massive benefits and holidays. They seem to forget that a lot of the benefit of those jobs isn’t in wages but in learning responsibility and how to work with others, to follow orders and to do their job as they are expected to do. It’s called experience, something to put on a resume.

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