POLL: United Conservative Party Has Massive Lead Over NDP

Mainstreet Research Alberta poll finds the United Conservative Party has more than twice as much support as the NDP.

A new poll by Mainstreet Research shows the Alberta NDP in serious trouble.

If the results were replicated in a general election, the NDP would be almost wiped from the electoral map, and the United Conservative Party led by Jason Kenney would sweep the province – with the NDP only somewhat competitive in Edmonton.

Here are the key numbers:

UCP 56%, NDP 27%, Alberta Party 7%, Liberals 6.7%, Greens 3.1%.

The UCP leads in all parts of Alberta, with a 31 point lead in Calgary, a 6 point lead in Edmonton, and a 47 point lead in the rest of Alberta.

The Conservatives extend their domination to all age groups as well, leaving the NDP in a perilous situation.

These numbers show that the attempt by the NDP to change the political culture in Alberta has failed.

When they took office, the NDP could have pursued a more balanced course, but instead chose to go far to the left, including increasing taxes, increasing spending, and even imposing a carbon tax.

Meanwhile, their massive deficits led to a huge increase in the debt, and the Notley government has shown no interest in balancing the budget anytime soon.

Additionally, this poll shows that the NDP’s pathetic attempt to demonize Kenney and run a far-left identity politics-based campaign is failing miserably.

As a result, the natural conservative majority in Alberta has reunited in one party, and that party is poised for a massive win.

Read the full Mainstreet Research poll here.

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  1. Voters of Alberta are fed-up with the NDP & Notley and her gang of taxing thieves, and their constant outrageous spending that has put Alberta into billion$ of debt and the NDP have put us on the road to financial collapse.!!!!
    VOTE OUT ALL NDP in the 2019 election.

  2. What the hell is wrong with Edmonton that they continue to support NDP? Jason needs to promise outplacement and relocation (to Venezuela) support for government workers who are sitting on their asses counting wait times in hospitals, calculating the growing debt for Joe Ceci and plotting ways to remove parents from the family equation or businsses from the urban and rural landscape.
    So sorry! I know that 50-60% of government workers are required and do good to excellent work on our behalf. I’m just frustrated by the mess the SpeNDP has made of AB with a great deal of help from the Turdos in Ottawa and the Whorgans in BC. I know, Albertans brought this horrible situation on themselves and must pay the price for the next several years.
    Finally, I vow to stop insulting and belittling my Liberal and Socialist neighbours as I know this will only cause them to dig their heels in further. We must persuade with facts, values and reasons why we hold those values dear.

    1. Four words: “government centre; government bias”. Ninety three percent of DC voted for Hillary. Not that it worked.

    2. There’s more blue collar workers who are in unions in Edmonton. I had been watching the election with the Wild Rose Party. Calgary has more white collar workers. Joe Ceci is in over his head, seems he will do anything to appear popular; he keeps saying “we won’t touch the services Albertans hold dear”. Seems they see a large voter base in AHS workers as well. Hospital electrician I had doing work on my house, says he gets a $1000 a month company match for his pension.. there’s no excuse for this largesse, they should have been put in cheaper DC plans a long time ago. It’s unfair for taxpayers to have to pay for this any longer. Borrowing a billion dollars a month isn’t sustainable. Only Alaska has a higher unemployment rate than Alberta in all of North America.

      I’m a Calgary resident who’s working in Los Angeles. Three other people in my business have joined me on the same project. Two of them I’ve known for a long time.

  3. As much as some will disagree with, the ndpee was never elected as they & their few followers claim. The right vote was split resulting in their win. Looking at numbers of vote per riding shows it.

  4. Obviously, Alberta’s Taxpayers Show As Much Interest In Notley Led NDP, As NDP Showed In Balancing Alberta’s Books. Notley Was Accidentally Voted In, Protest Vote Against Redford Went Terribly Wrong. Hence Alberta’s Ship Listed And Was Close To Capsizing, But The End Is Finally In Sight. Good Riddance Rachel! Unbelievably, Notley Won Worst Premier Of Alberta! Now For The Idiot Endangering Canadians In Ottawa.Premiers Are Wringing Their Hands In Anticipation. Kenney Leads Charge On CarbonTax, Provinces Ready To Join Kenney In Fight Against “C” Tax.
    Admit Defeat CALL ELECTION Rachel! For Once Think What’s Best For Alberta

  5. While polls are just a snapshot and need to be taken with a grain of salt, I think for Conservatives the recent mainstreet numbers overall not just in Alberta are not that bad (tomorrow is Manitoba and Nova Scotia).

    On the plus side, the UCP as mentioned have a massive lead in Alberta and are evenly slightly ahead in Edmonton which went massively NDP in 2015. Still there is 16 months left so a lot can change but a 29 point deficit for the NDP is pretty tough to overcome. Saskatchewan numbers also look good with the Saskatchewan Party once again over 50% and a 17 point lead, but with an election still 2.5 years away and both parties choosing new leaders this can change. In Ontario, the PCs have a 12 point lead and are leading in every region except the 416 (Toronto) where they are only four points behind the Liberals so as long they don’t do something stupid they have an excellent chance at forming government this June, although a slight tightening up could result in a minority and there always is the risk the Liberals and NDP will gang up to keep them out.

    In other provinces, things are also not too bad, the centre-right CAQ has a slight lead in Quebec and the PLQ under Philippe Couillard is more centre-right than centre-left unlike Trudeau and Wynne so for those who lean right Quebec looks good. In both New Brunswick and Newfoundland & Labrador, Liberal lead is within the margin of error so also possible pick ups there but still close enough it could go either way never mind in Newfoundland the election is 1.5 years away so a lot can change.

    BC, federally, and PEI are the only ones so far parties on the right are trailing, but even there none of the results are devastating. NDP is still in its honeymoon phase in BC and the centre-right BC Liberals are leaderless so I think the real danger more is if PR passes in which case the left will probably rule BC for a decade or so whereas if it fails the centre-right BC Liberals have a much better chance at coming back. In PEI, the numbers aren’t great but people are turning away from the Liberals and now seem to be favouring the Greens, but that could easily change. Federally the Liberals only have a 6 point lead with Mainstreet and 4 point with Nanos so hardly an insurmountable lead and if you exclude millennials the parties are pretty competitive. The real problem is the Liberals are winning big in Quebec and that is probably the biggest obstacle to defeating them. In the Prairies the Tories are well ahead, things are reasonably close in Ontario while BC still favours the Liberals but they are under 40% and in Atlantic Canada also heavily favours the Liberals but their margin has been cut in half as they won by 40 points in 2015, but their lead has dwindled to 15-20 points so lots of work needs to be done for Tories, but definitely closing the gap.

    So in sum it seems the strong leftward shift we’ve seen in Canada maybe is ebbing. It seems to be wildly popular amongst millennials, but is starting turn off middle age and older voters who feel the left is going too far.

  6. I wish we had a leader like this for Ontario, hooray for Alberta I am rooting for you. Make Alberta strong again, maybe you can attack the rest of Canada and make it strong and free again. Then we will not have to take all your hard earned profits like has been happening. Best of luck!

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