VIDEO: Trudeau Responds To Allegations Against Liberal Cabinet Minister Kent Hehr

Hehr has been accused of making unwanted sexual comments during his time in the Alberta Legislature.

In the wake of Patrick Brown’s resignation, there are allegations being levelled against Liberal cabinet minister Kent Hehr.

Hehr has been accused of making unwanted sexual comments while he served in the Alberta Legislature.

In Davos, Justin Trudeau – who repeatedly calls himself a feminist despite having to be pressured into condemnations of the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation – was asked about the allegations against Hehr.

His response can be seen in the video below:

Given how he presents himself politically, Trudeau will be under immense pressure to remove Hehr.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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  1. These allegations come as no surprise to anyone who has ever had to deal with this Minister. He has a lengthy track record of inappropriate comments and behaviour. It will be interesting to see how Justin Trudeau handles the situation as a self proclaimed “feminist”. Time to put up, or shut up Mr Prime Minister.

  2. Trudeau…” we must believe and support women who come forward…” Blindly believe and condemn before any investigation of allegations; and throw one of his own under the bus as guilty, without any verification. Says a lot, and sounds familiar. In the recent Hijab Hoax, all Canadians were quickly scolded and condemned of racism by him another Liberal leaders.

  3. his ” leadership ” does he not love the prestige regardless of what is at stake ….. I am sure he will be taking this ” very very ” seriously and try to investigate the ” irregular ” behavior ….yuk

  4. Watch out Justin Trudeau, with all the huggly snuggly you have been doing, some women may accuse you of sexual harassment!! Such a shame that he doesn’t just say, ” I reserve judgment, I will speak with Kehr andwe shall wait for the investigations.”

  5. Hehr is gone, Trudeau will have no trouble throwing him under the bus. Unfortunately,this only strengthens Trudeau’s image.

  6. I totally agree with you Ray! What kind of a response was that anyway…. “We Must Believe” oh really? Not saying these allegations were not true but how is it he feels free to make a judgement call…. regardless of how true they might be…. before any investigation has been done. Just another opportunity for Justin to reveal his inability to think on his feet and speak to an issue in a logical way.

  7. And yet another distraction from the Liberals. what liberty or right is he destroying in the backrooms today? The “Sexual allegations” debacle is ridiculous! How much trauma has someone suffered, if they don’t come forward for 30 years? Gee, I seem to recall a Liberal MP dropping by a restaurant I worked in 30 years ago. He reached out and took my hand, as he did his hand brushed against my thigh!!! Oh God, Trudeau, Help Me! I need 10.5 million dollars to help me with all this TRAUMA I have suffered! Insert a “Tongue in cheek” emoji here. Thank you Spencer Fernando, you are doing a fantastic job at reporting accurate and important information. Please look into what Justin is up to now. He sure likes to hide when doing his nasty business. Then emerges, as if fresh from the womb, everyday. Is he really that mentally challenged, or is it an ACT?

  8. This is Canada’s Justin Trudeau’s Parliament telephone number, please call and let him know when you disagree with something our government is doing(613) 992-4211

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