Canadians Across The Country Rally Against Trudeau’s Refusal To Apologize For Spreading Hijab Hoax

Anger continues to grow among countless Canadians, yet Trudeau continues to show his disgraceful arrogance and elitism by refusing to acknowledge the disservice he did.

Justin Trudeau played a key role – perhaps the key role – in helping spread the story of a girl who said she had her hijab cut.

Of course, we now know that story was a hoax.

The story falsely implicated an ‘Asian man’ and ended up spreading throughout the world, in large part because Justin Trudeau pushed it on social media and in a press conference.

After it was revealed to be false, he refused to apologize, particularly to the many Canadians from an Asian background who are outraged at what took place.

As a result of this growing anger, there are protests taking place across Canada yesterday, today, and tomorrow in Montreal, Toronto, London, Regina, and Edmonton.

The lack of media coverage has been notable, and shows the complicity of much of the corrupt establishment elites in covering up for Justin Trudeau and refusing to share the truth with Canadians leading many people to wonder what else is being hidden from the people of our nation.

Below, you can view some photos of Patriotic Canadians protesting against Trudeau:

Help share this story and spread the word about these protests. All of us should stand with these Canadian Patriots who are demanding that the dishonest ‘leader’ of our country show respect and accountability for our citizens.

And since much of the media won’t show these protests, it’s up to us to get the truth out to Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. Who Cares!There Is Nothing trudeau Will Or Can Say That will Change This Affront On Our Principles. He Said We Were The Problem After The Hoax. So Now Canadians That Voted For Him Have To Decide Whether They Agree With Him And Like Where He Is Taking Canada,
    Or Not. I Voted Against The Boy Blunder So There Is Nothing I Can Do Except To Try And get People To Think What Direction Canada Is Going With trudeau At The Helm

    1. Ditto! I tried before the election but the pull to legalize pot was to strong, the pot came before the country. It is interesting because the stupid idiots that voted for this idiot had little if any knowledge of the idiot that came before him (his father). The old idiot took away the right to recall, but the old idiot didn’t dispose of our gold reserve like the young idiot did.
      We have to get rid of the little creep if we don’t Canada will become a Muslim country, but try
      and tell that to the young! Good luck!
      Both idiots don’t and didn’t like the west and especially Alberta. I think it is so awful that before BC closes the polls the election is finished, we know the result and the west gets angry because the east determines our govt. My friend in the maritimes said the People there like the NDP, but if we don’t convince others that a vote for the NDP takes away the power of removing the young idiot, he will take the election.

      1. It’s not the East that determines government, it’s Ottawa and Toronto. The largest concentration of morons per capita than any other country on the planet! Not to mention that the next government (not the Liberals, pleeeese) should pass a law that government employees (unions) should not be allowed to vote because of their bias outlook on the “union first”, normal people don’t matter! Then we’d get a government that the PEOPLE want, not the self serving “public servants”!

  2. Just a heads up, people. The word “Asian” is a code word he or his MB jihadist Caucus members picked up from the British Police and Media which they use instead of “Muslim”. It is required by the British Government so as not to offend Muslim criminals and the many rape gangs.

    ” covering up for Justin Trudeau and refusing to share the truth with Canadians – leading many people to wonder what else is being hidden from the people of our nation. ”

    I have stated this since before the election. Secret mosque meetings, unpublicized meetings with donors around the country. How many clandestine trips to Vancouver. Admitting he screwed up yet again would mean he isn’t perfect.

    He always blames someone else, dumps on others for his own incompetence, ignorance, and lack of intelligence. His illegal trip to Khan’s holiday resort was blamed on the Ethics Commissioner for one example. How many know that he secretly met with Kerry and the Clinton mafia on that Island. How many know he had the professional help of Obama’s campaign team ( illegally ) for the election? How many undeclared trips has Sofee made to that Island?

    Keep protesting, people. Well done. Don’t be afraid of the Liberals. Record everything. Take these signs to his pathetic “town hall” meetings. Demand, demand, demand. Phone, e-mail, snail mail.

  3. If the prime minister of socks had an ounce of decency he would admit that he is grossly unqualified for the position he holds and resign immediately. Without the infamous last name and minus the family fortune, and having to rely on his wits and abilities to survive, he would be homeless like many of our veterans that he and many in the disgusting LPC dishonor everyday.

  4. Trudeau does not care about the truth or Canadians. He has his preference “groups”.He does not even protect a woman in Senate/parliament who tells the truth!! He is such a twit!!!

  5. Hats off to the Asian community. Hopelfully their boldness will be the spark that sets off a flame of protests across the country.
    The irony, as suggested by Ezra Levant, is that the young girl likely muffed her lines and was supposed to say “Caucasian”.


  7. Where is Prime Minister Stephen Joseph Harper , Canada’s most recent such, when a Prime Minister is needed.

    Long (post Canada’s to-date deadliest-ever enemy, the traitor Trudeau-père) the country one has when one no longer has a country, Trudeau fils’ (political) “leadership” is that one has when no longer having a leader.

    Just’ a dhimi.

  8. Trudeau has a fascination with one particular culture and no other culture can compare to them. It is disgusting how he protects them and not his fellow Canadians, he has returned killers to Canada and has not once said sorry to anyone for not protecting the Canadian People against these people, he has no plan to protect us. He has paid off terrorists and his continued relationship with Boyle should be investigated. Justin Trudeau should be charged with Treason, he is a traitor. My husband and I are embarrassed to call ourselves Canadians because we are seen as weak people because of this traitor.

  9. In a way i am glad they blamed the Asians as white people are demonized and there opinion today does not seem to matter. With Asians being a so called minority they can help us get this idiot out. Canadians have been reduced to sheep and the idiots in Toronto are complacent in the destruction of Canada, I am proud of the Asian community for speaking out they are the kryptonite to Trudeau.

  10. I just want to say my two cents worth here…the first time the Europeans came and ‘took over’ this country, the First Nations People had no choice, as it was somewhat sudden … now today, they have more knowledge of the goings-on around the world with new technologies; they have more descendants of mixed heritage, and are more powerful than they were at the beginning… so here goes… if any scum group of illogical ideologies want to take over this beautiful country called Canada, our First Nations People will fight along side the rest of us Canadians to ensure the safety and freedom of our country…they are the Warriors of Mother Earth, and together, we will fight and we WILL WIN against this vile invasion of scums…this land belongs to the First Nations People first, and we live on their land which has become our home…any aggressive invaders this time…in the TWENTY-FIRST century, will have a pretty hard time living here… for ALL CANADIANS who stand TOGETHER will become something to be reckoned with… and I don’t believe these backward scums from the cesspool will want a war that they will lose to… and they WILL lose this war on us Canadians…okay, so that was more than two cents worth, but I’m glad I got that bit off my chest…cheers

  11. Also, Spencer, you do great work here…as soon as I am able, I will start to do my part in donations; like a friend of mine says…’the Universe giveth, and the government taketh away’… cheers my friend, and keep up the great work for the rest of all of us Canadians…cheers

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