POLL: 49% Of Canadians Oppose “National Day Of Remembrance And Action On Islamophobia”, Just 17% Support It”

The Canadian people consistently see through the attempts by the elites to slander legitimate questions and criticism of Islam as “Islamophobia.”

A Forum Research poll shows far more Canadians oppose the idea of an anti-“Islamophobia” day than support it.

As reported by the Toronto Sun, “Forum Research polled 1,408 Canadian voters and found half (49%) disapproved of designating such a day. Almost 40% disapproved strongly.”

Meanwhile, support for the day is very low:

“Approval came from only 17% of those polled; strong approval was noted among 7%. The same number — 7% — say they don’t know, while fully a quarter (26%) neither approve nor disapprove.”

This matches with what we saw when the Trudeau Liberals forced M-103 through Parliament.

The vast majority of Canadians opposed it, clearly able to see that the term “Islamophobia” is dangerous in a free society.

After all, we have the right to criticize religions and political ideas, and calling that criticism a “phobia” is a way to silence debate and make the topic off limit – suppressing free speech in the process.

As Canadians, we were horrified by the mosque shooting, as nobody should ever be attacked or live in fear when worshipping in our nation.

With that in mind, the elites despicably tried to take advantage of the attack to push their political agenda and slander Patriotic Canadians.

The results of this latest poll shows that Canadians are rising above the manipulation, and firmly reject the idea of a day against “Islamphobia.”

Spencer Fernando

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  1. How in the world did we ever get to this place? The Muslims are counting on our (willful) ignorance and our obsession with political correctness. This is how we will be overtaken unless we wake up from our complacent slumber.

  2. What would Trudoh say to a majority of Canadians asking for a WASP day? He’d label the entire country as racist…which he’s already done during the illegal boarder crossings, which he encouraged. But, hypothetically, would he have a choice if only 17% opposed? He’d still find a way to cut it down, because he’s an enemy of the state, and doesn’t like real Canadians!

  3. I say let him do it. Give him a big megaphone to say “All you tax-paying are bigoted racists and you all hate Islam. You boomers who disagree with me will face retaliation through CRA, active surveillance by my buddies at BELL and Rogers and will be allowed to live out your lives until you die soon, hopefully. I know what’s best, so shut up.”

    I, for one, am under surveillance by Bell for no other reason than I refuse to keep my mouth shut. I have received a bill from CRA demanding a large amount of money, although my return for FY 2016 was done professionally and assessed by CRA without incident. Even Rogers cuts my cable service for days at a time and can give me no other reason than “It’s an inexplicable technical issue which affects only you.”. I receive twice-daily calls from the same mysterious number. Bell says “don’t worry, be happy”.

    Canada is being changed into a Keystone Kops police state by Junior Trudeau or whoever pulls his strings and the cool millenials in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal don’t care, or too damn dumb to see it. As long as the Rolexes, Lamborghinis and endless cash keep coming.

    Farging iceholes, all of them weenies.

    1. Soon you’ll be denied access to health care. This lunacy will only end when we start getting rid of politicians who have too much power.

  4. Frankly speaking, from watching jihadi Justin trudeau’s reaction shows he has no interest no care two-bits about your thoughts on the subject just as long as he follows orders from his radicals and when they want something they know that NAJASHI JUSTIN will not hesitate to comply to their wishes. Meaning, Sharia law WILL BE ENFORCED and I hope all those feminists enjoy their freedom while it last before being told ‘do’s and don’t’.
    The media is a waste of time to follow they already have been subjected to strict rules by the liberals when reporting the so-call news.

  5. Using the Mosque story to push this insanity when we don’t even have all the details on what really happened at he Mosque. For all we know it was planned and for all we know it was Muslim doing the murdering! Wouldn’t be the first time.
    Would like to see further investigation on this. Trudeau is somehow connected, I’m sure.

  6. If anyone in this country should have their citizenship revoked its Trudeau! He’s the most non patriotic UN-Canadian person I have seen in my life. Everything he does appears to be geared towards undermining and destroying our democracy rights and freedoms. If this doesn’t border on subversion or Treason for undermining a country’s democracy, then what does? where the hell are our opoosition party’s and why aren’t they hollering louldly or taking action to stop this insanity. Clearly he governs only for the 17% that seem to aporove of his totalitarian actions

    1. I have been saying that, surely the Conservatives can get someone stronger, God help us at the next election. The one thing that troubles me is the possibility of fake id’s if it’s machine, the machine is rigged……

    1. It won’t happen, Gord. He’ll be re-elected in the biggest landslide in Canadian history because George Soros has a vote counting company that will be used to “count” the votes. That’ll be the end of Canada which, because it’s such a dysfunctional country, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  7. Either we have freedom of religion or we don’t; however it needs to be a personal freedom, as do all our freedoms. Any thinking person observes that all religions require a suspension of rational thought and a belief in magic. I don’t believe humans will progress politically until the Abrahamic religions are understood in this light, and the good can be separated from the evil. Yes there are good Jews and good Christians and good Muslims, but these people would be good without the crutch of religion to lean on. How about Trudeau proclaiming a memorial day for “Truth” and “Love”, rather than his divisive identity politics? Peace would follow as day follows night.

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