REBELLION: Faith Leaders Rip Trudeau Government As “Communistic” & “Fascist” Over Canada Summer Jobs Policy

The federal government faces a surge in anger across the country as faith organizations rebel against arrogant Trudeau’s slide towards authoritarianism.

Justin Trudeau’s attempt to make faith organizations adhere to his worldview in order to access federal money faces a growing rebellion across our nation.

Faith groups are challenging the Trudeau government in the strongest possible terms, and are pledging to fight Trudeau’s Canada Summer Jobs policy as being against the Charter.

As noted in a recent report, President of the Canada Christian College Charles McVety “called the new policy “Draconian,” “communistic” and a violation of charter rights.” “Ideology tests do not belong in this country of Canada,” he said. McVety said the issue is top of mind for Christian Canadians, who are joining forces to fight what he called “pure discrimination.” He worries the policy will be expanded to other federal government programs.”

Those strong words where echoed by Peter Marshall, the head of Canadian Religious Broadcasters, who said the policy from the Trudeau government is “discriminatory and fascist,” adding “If we go down the road of what our prime minister is trying to do with this policy, then is it OK to be punitive toward those that don’t embrace your philosophy, your ideology, or your political viewpoints? That is tyrannical, and very dangerous to our country.” 

Marshall makes an essential point:

This isn’t just about what one faith group happens to believe, it’s about the idea that the government is telling Canadians that they must agree with the government in order to get federal funding. Making this even worse, the Trudeau government has repeatedly refused to deny that they will expand the policy to other programs.

We are seeing the growth of an authoritarian attitude within Trudeau and the government. While they hide behind ‘inclusivity’ and political correctness, they are attempting to silence and punish those who don’t do their bidding, and see themselves as the masters of the Canadian people, rather than our servants.

As reportedsurprisingly – by CBC, the head of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) Michael Bryant has also expressed concerns:

“CCLA has been freedom fighting for 50 years, so the feds’ promotion of Charter rights is great news, except when the government becomes thought-police, telling organizations what they have to stand for, in order to obtain federal funding for a program for which they’d otherwise be eligible.”

That represents a serious danger to our nation, and it’s why all Canadians – regardless of whether people agree or disagree with the viewpoint of faith groups rebelling against the policy – should stand with those who are fighting for the protection promised by former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker:

“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.”

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  1. “Making this even worse, the Trudeau government has repeatedly refused to deny that they will expand the policy to other programs.” If this authoritarianism isn’t stopped in its tracks, it will continue to advance in Canada.

    1. When they won’t deny that this policy will be expanded to other programs, you can bet the farm they are at least considering it.

  2. This is Canada’s Justin Trudeau’s Parliament telephone number, please call and let him know when you disagree with something our government is doing(613) 992-4211

    1. Thanks for posting this number, Michelle. I called and they put me through where I could leave a message, which I did. They also gave me this email address so that I could write to him.

  3. ” core mandate respect human rights, including reproductive rights”
    From the Ottawa Sun.

    “including Islamophobia”
    From M-103

    Trudeau is desperately trying to expand his dictatorship. It WILL NOT end here, it is just the beginning of his intention to remain in command of this Country with the help of his Islamic terrorists in Caucus and is using the practices of his Communist Chinese supporters.

    This will no be ending well for Trudeau. Guaranteed we are going to be pushing back harder than he can imagine. Catch the bastard in Edmonton or Nanaimo.

    1. something has to be done about this prick. He is a dictator, a globalist a traitor. Cant understand why the hell the Canadian people are putting up with this bastard.

  4. Good for them! Finally people are fighting back! Now Canadians must go hard after him on his horrid immigration policies as well!!

  5. With the prevailing attitude we are getting from the Prime Minister,
    I think he has been brainwashed on many of his trips to China. He
    has expressed his admiration for China’s government.
    He’s acting like a tyrannical parent!!

    I recognize abuse when I feel it, which is my right to feel, think, express
    my opinions, etc regardless of wether or not it meets the liberal agenda.
    He has no respect for the citizens of this country and it will take a
    long time for him and his party to gain any respect.
    This feels like living we are moving towards a dictatorships like that of China.
    We no longer have a democracy here in Canada.

  6. Next it will be a pledge to “love” something that the goverment wants me to love? I love Trudeau! Yes, I do. Please believe me so I get my pension…….??? It’s a very slippery slope.

  7. …. The attitude of the dangerously-dullard “Baby-Dawk” Trudeau and that of his fascist-Leftarded and rapidly-Nazifying “government” is, of course and needs must be, increasingly authoritarian.

    …. Seeing themselves as the masters of Canada’s Peoples, rather than as the servants Canadians all know them to be, the Trudeau Gang hides behind the Marxist-Institute-become-Frankfurt-School’d /Alinskyists’ twin culturally-communist tyrannies: “multiculturalism” and “political correctness.” Its “group-thunk” (and, prima facie, often marijuana-induced) paranoia, Transference Derangement and pathological Projection-induced inability to ever see other than reflections of themselves, make it seem necessary to their survival to silence and to punish those who don’t do their bidding ….

    Best begin to think about the Trudeau Gang as but the temporary face of the fascist-Left’s long-in-the-making willful destruction of the Canadian culture and nation, the success of which destruction was long ago locked in by the then ‘fascissocialist’ federal government’s imposition of the policies that mandated and that enforce what’s called, ‘government “health care.”‘ Whose “inventor,” Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov “Lenin” and such of whose early endorsers as Adolf Hitler and his “socialist-workers'” party, called “the keystone to the archway through which we will force-march all Free Men into the totalitarian state.

    Like every other socialist “experiment,” Canada’s began with indoctrinated dreams of an entirely-delusional Utopia — and will end as Venezuela, redux.

    Brian Richard Allen

  8. It’s essentially ‘extortion’. The liberal government by threat of financial loss coercing employers to deny their social duty in informing the populous of an alternative to abortion. By extortion they are suppressing dissent on the issue of abortion, which culturally speaking has not been settled, not in any moral or scientific way. This is definitively a communist if not fascist act.

  9. Everyone should check the yes and move on. Do what you do and believe. That box means nothing. It is just a box. There is more to this than is being let on. He wants us to fight this. I think he wants us to win this. That is what scares me.

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