Senate Approves Liberal Changes To Canada’s Historic National Anthem

Almost nobody was asking for the anthem to be changed, and polls showed Canadians wanted the anthem kept as it was.

The Trudeau government has pushed through changes to Canada’s historic national anthem.

Once the bill receives royal assent, “In all thy sons command” will change to “in all of us command.”

The legislation had been originally proposed by former Liberal MP Mauril Belanger, who passed away from ALS in 2016.

A 2016 report by the Toronto Sun noted the results of a Mainstreet Research poll, showing Canadians didn’t want the changes.

Here’s what that report said:

A Forum Research survey — provided exclusively to the Toronto Sun — found half of 1,429 Canadians polled disapprove of changing “in all thy sons command” to “in all of us command.” Only 35% agreed with the move. And if the re-write of the national anthem was intended to appeal to female voters, it looks like it missed the mark, says Forum’s President Lorne Bozinoff. “It is apparent the gender-balanced approach to governance may have skipped a beat when even a plurality of females (45%) prefers the old lyrics to the new (36%),” he said.”

Conservatives in the senate had tried to stop the unpopular changes, but were unable to block it permanently.

Unfortunately, the Trudeau Liberals and the left refused to listen what Canadians wanted, and forced the change through anyway.

Will you sing the new anthem lyrics, or will you keep singing the traditional “in all thy sons command”?

Spencer Fernando

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  1. The country is going to hell in a hand basket and liberals worry over a song. Just another diversion from getting pipelines moving, irregular immigrants, soaring debt, Edmonton terrorist trialS, or maybe even paying back vacation cost.

  2. I will sing the old lyrics but I will make these other changes until we get a Canadian government for Canada. Oh Canada our once strong and native land, leave out the free part because we are loosing it.

  3. I will continue to sing the National Anthem as we all know it/knew it before Selfie King Puppet Master. This has got to stop! QUIT changing our way of lives for others who don’t give 2 c-hits about our way of life. Someone please back up the bus on all of the New LIEBERAL buzzwords, Racist, Nazi’s, White Supremacy, Female Racism, Gender Racism, Bigots, Hitler, Islamaphobia, Xenophobia, and a slew of others from A to Z. Liberals all of them, Puppet Master and Premiers Lieberals are working with unscrupulous folks, the Clintons, Soros, Podesta, and a slew of others! They all thrive and BUY AND PAY FOR THE DISRUPTIVE ANTIFA FOLKS

    We Canadians need to stand up together NOW and stop sitting back and letting these Liberals remove all of our rights, and stop making us pay for their (a) screwup deals (b) their crazed Ideologies they want to put on us all (c) their corruption (d) their crimes (e) their bad deals that are costing us for their elite friends (f) Trudopes payoffs to criminal/terrorists (g) his is treasonous just like many of the Liberals across this Country especially the Premiers and Puppet Master himself (h) our taxes dollars given to Clintons and terrorists and his elite friends has got to stop (i) selling us off to China, Soros and Podesta, Clintons (j) us, taxpayers paying for all his Illegals and Immigrants who he is fast tracking citizenshipto….. I could go on but this madness has to stop way before 2019. We CANNOT afford him in office that long…we’ve seen his destruction…he must go! Prorogue and Go…or someone bring him up on treason!

  4. As long as I live in this country it will be IN ALL THY SONS COMMAND. Trudeau can go to hell. My two grandfathers fought for this country in the trenches not that son of a b—-th of a Trudeau.

  5. I generally support political correctness but this is over the top. Seriously, pick your battles wisely and trying to do one like that is popular on the chattering class, but once you move outside of it, not so much. But a lot in the chattering class don’t realize that. I am unlike some no fan of populism, but its attitudes like this that help create it.

  6. Once the bill receives royal assent, “In all thy sons command” will change to “in all of us command.”

    I’m no grammar expert, but that doesn’t sound right.

  7. I will never stand for this liberal shit that the vast majority of Canadians do not want.IT IS TIME FOR CANADIANS TO START KNEELING FOR OUR DISTORTED NATIONAL ANTHEM.

  8. “Unfortunately, the Trudeau Liberals and the left refused to listen what Canadians wanted,”

    Standard practice for the stinking Liberals. Watch their pathetic childish non-answers in Parliament. Contempt for Canada, contempt of Canadians. Piss on the Liberals.

    This latest “Tick the box or we don’t get funds” is almost identical to the “and Islamophobia” crap.
    Trying to force their distorted version of life on the rest of us.

    Tell everyone you know about Spencer’s website but DO NOT let the friggin Liberals find out. they will quickly try to ban it claiming they find it offensive and Islamophobic or some other ignorant Liberal excuse. Also, take a look at as well as Both give a non-Liberal perspective.

    Spencer is my first click after my e-mail and my bank, dead center on my toolbar.

  9. We must stop buying in to the drivel that these politicians keep throwing out. I am not sure if Dave was trying to mock or not with “irregular immigrants” comment but there are only two kinds of immigrants. There are illegal ones and legally arriving ones. Let’s not let Trudy twist the truth and use words that sound less bad. Illegal immigrants are illegal immigrants and should always be referred to as such in print or when being referred to verbally in public or private. This is the only way to win these wars on the truth and yes I will always sing the anthem the old way and louder now more than ever.

  10. i will sing the correct anthem… not the politically (un)correct version… does this mean trudeau is a zir or a zit… ( i think a zit )

  11. The Anthem does matter

    My feedback to the boondoggle of the changed Anthem.

    First, to those who say “what does it matter? It’s only sung at sports events and special occasions.”

    Um this is a problem with Canadians, the apathy towards our national symbols. The FLAG and the ANTHEM are TWO of the most important symbols of a nation, any nation. Of course liberals, “progressives” and socialists have no care, nor love for nation. They only worship their ideology of leftism and collectivism. But I digress, except to add this. This anthem stuff helps separate the USA and most Americans’ ideology from Canadians’ ideology. Most Americans CARE and LOVE their Anthem as well the Flag and OF COURSE LOVE THEIR NATION!!!

    As to the messing up of our Anthem in P.C. fluff, lets look at the verse as I see it standing now.


    Most of us sing that part, well actually the whole anthem zombie-like and not thinking about it, but lets dissect it.

    It says that Our Sons in Command do so with Patriot Love! IT MAKES 100% TOTAL SENSE!!!

    Now lets look at our Federal Govt. mandated P.C. messed up version.



    Grammatically it makes no sense. Using some form of mental gymnastics it seems to now mean that PATRIOT LOVE Commands us as citizens. But even at that it’s grammatically wrong. It should then say this.


    But that too is stupid as it now infers the possession PATRIOT LOVE commands the possessor, THE PEOPLE to give patriotic love. If I am told [COMMANDED] to give patriotic love, I no longer believe in patriotic love as it comes at the barrel of a figurative gun.

    NOW! 18 months of House and Senate debate with our OOH SO INTELLIGENT AND VISIONARY politicians and nobody was able to see the mess of this change???

    I was able to quickly formulate a NEW P.C. variant that makes sense and does not make CANADA LOOK LIKE A RETARDED NATION!

    Here is my LOGICAL changed version.


    Lets look at it now. It now states that where/when WE as CANADIANS ARE IN COMMAND, we do so with PATRIOT LOVE!


    Sing the Anthem with my version and see it makes total and acceptable sense! That said I will stand and sing the current “In all the sons’ command” and govt. mandated P.C. be damned but if one wishes to be more P.C., at least my version makes grammatical sense.

    To think our messed up politicians in Ottawa COULD NOT THIS VERSION IN THIS DEBATE SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME!!!

    Figuratively, today, circa 2018, when the host of nations meet and it is asked, “Where is Canada?” among these nations, it will be answered this way.

    “CANADA!?! Oh it’s the nation sitting in the corner of the room, talking to itself, finger up it’s nose and it’s shoelaces still untied.”

    The world of P.C. lunacy sees today circa 2018 Sweden looking close for the Gold Medal, and in behind we see nations like Germany, France, Holland and Belgium looking at racing for Silver and Bronze. BUT WAIT! the pitter patter of feet coming up the middle is good old Canada and Justin Trudeau yelling out, “WATCH OUT SWEDEN WE ARE STILL GOING FOR P.C. LUNACY GOLD!!”


    1. Last time I a multi-generational Canadian daughter of veterans will ever sing this abomination again ..thanks for that Frances, looks as though the song is no longer for the natives….in so many ways…trust an immigrant to our change history!

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