O CANADA POLL: Massive Opposition To Trudeau Liberals National Anthem Changes

With over 1,700 votes, poll shows a whopping 95% won’t sing the changed words Trudeau is forcing into Canada’s National Anthem.

While Trudeau and the elitist press are breathlessly proclaiming that we have a “new national anthem,” it seems nobody bothered asking the Canadian people what we think.

That’s why I conducted a poll on Twitter, to show what Canadians are really thinking.

The results were overwhelming:

Trudeau National Anthem Changes - 1

Over 1,700 people voted, and a whopping 95% said they will continue to sing the historic words “In all thy sons command.”

A mere 5% said they would say the words Trudeau wants, “in all of us command.”

Importantly, the total number of respondents is comparable – and even above – what many “official” polls have in terms of a response.

Clearly, the governing and media elites are out step with the Canadian people on the Anthem (and everything else).

Because the Trudeau Liberals wanted a new “politically correct” anthem, our historic anthem is being changed – without giving Canadians a vote on it.

Yet, as the poll above shows, Canadians aren’t going to sing the “new” version, and will stick to the anthem we know and love.

It shows a spirit of independence within Canadians, that we won’t let the government dictate our history to us.

Help spread the word about this poll and make sure people who oppose Trudeau’s anthem changes know that the vast majority of Canadians stand with them.

Spencer Fernando

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    1. i will never sing his stupid words. let him go live in afghanistan and try to change things there. he will lose his little balls

    2. I’m confused? The original version “Originally called “Chant national,” it was written in Québec City by Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier (words in French) and composer Calixa Lavallée (music), and first performed there on 24 June 1880. … The lyrics of this version were amended several times over the years; the French lyrics remain unaltered from the original. This is from Encyclopedia Canada. (Jan 12, 2017)
      He only wants non-French and non-Muslim, mostly, English speaking people, to be Politically Correct! He knows damn well Quebecois are not going to go along with it! His alteration again is not affected in French? Or is it? The latest version that we all know and love was amended after the first world war, to honour our brave MEN that went to fight and defend us! The women stayed home and manned the fort, so to speak! That’s why we ask, “In all our “Sons” command!” And we ask God to keep our land glorious and free! Not the Liberal Government. Just showing the deplorable shifty politics that is TRUDEAU!

  1. According to this author writing in the National Post:

    As pointed out, “But there’s another reason for amending it — it’s clumsily written. “True patriot love/In all thy sons command.” Is that “command” a noun or a verb?

    Robert Stanley Weir in 1914 revised the O Canada lyric that he had written in 1908, changing his original “thou dost in us command,” which really is gender-neutral, to “all thy sons command”.

    Weir’s earlier version is much clearer: “True patriot love/In us thou dost command.” It’s a verb, with “Canada,” three lines earlier, its subject. He got it right the first time.”

    The proposed alteration to “in all of us command” is clumsy.

  2. Seriously? Is that all this village idiot has for pressing issues to focus on? So when he’s not busy being a complete and utter failure to Canadians in terms of our National Security while dishonoring our military and veterans, finding new ways to piss away money including giving generously to terrorists and racking up massive debt, taxing us into poverty via carbon taxes while he flies the world over in our gov’t jet modelling socks, stripping away our religious freedoms as well as our right to free speech – This is his big win for Canada? I am frightened for the future of this once great nation and also disgusted with those who voted this clown into power despite all the obvious warning signs.

    1. Another example of this incompetent Prime Minister changing our basic foundations to suit his own agenda! I will continue to sing it the way the author wrote it, and we have been singing it for over 100 years, but it became our national anthem in 1980, I personally preferred God Save the Queen, but they didn’t ask us about that either! This man is a fool, who continues to embarrass our country, and doesn’t listen to the people! Can’t wait till election day!!!
      Right on!

    2. Well said Frank, I too am very concerned about our beloved country. Never in my history have I ever witnessed such chaos and debauchery that is the state of our Political Landscape. I don’t see anyone capable of removing this mess. Our Governor General should be ashamed. Yet, she’s too infatuated with “HER” illustrious leader to care about the power and position she wields! She has the power to remove him from office! Why is she not?? He BROKE THE LAW!! Get him out!

  3. I prefer,”O Canada, our home on Native land”but realize you can’t have everything you wish for.

    How about this version:

    O Canada!
    Land of our forefathers
    your brow is wreathed with a glorious garland of flowers.
    Because your arm can wield the sword,
    it is ready to carry the cross.
    your history is an epic
    Of the most brilliant exploits.
    your valour steeped in faith
    Will protect our homes and our rights
    Will protect our homes and our rights.

    This is the Quebec version which is nothing like the Rest of Canada version.

    And I’m still po’ed at changing the line to ,”from far and wide,O Canada” we stand on guard for thee. This is just more pc madness and a good idea of how unrepresentative of us our MP’s really are. They will pander to whatever activist group scares them enough to make them think they might lose a few votes. We are led by fools ungrounded in anything that made this Country great.

  4. I can’t stand this evil prick. Something has to be done. He is destroying Canada. Canadian’s need to wake up and they need to fight this Globalist to the bitter end. The LIberals are destroying Canada right before our very eyes. Rally’s and Protest should be happening, demanding this evil dictator to step down.

  5. Since when did any liberal govt ever represent the people. Trudeau certainly exemplfies that as he is arrogant beyond explanation.

  6. Take a knee?
    Who the hell knows what this week’s version of the Anthem is or what it might be next week? Bit by bit the damn Liberals are trying to change what used to be a wonderful country, a wonderful people.

    They are trying to push sharia law, ignorant carbon taxes based on BS, banning freedom of speech by infidels, the garage sale of Canadian industries to Communist Chinese donors and sucking up to the Mayor of Montreal, making the Passport just expensive butt wipe, making a farce of the Citizenship Ceremony so you don’t even have to be SEEN to be saying the words and on and on. Why not get rid of the Criminal Code of Canada? Liberals don’t apply it as it is, particularly Sections 318 and 319 regarding hate literature.

    What’s next, banning any mention of God? Why stop here? How about changing the current colors of the flag to blue and white? Red represents violence and blood and aggressiveness and is the color of the Liberal Red Book. Blue is softer and not aggressive or offensive and is more representative of the three oceans around Canada. It is a more Canadian color.

  7. This Liberal government as a whole will likely never realise that many, if not most, aspects of national character – be they a national anthem, an official language, or a common genetic origin – are things held in common by the folk and is not subject to the dictates of the state. Nation and state are inherently separate entities and at the present in Canada, this separation is growing ever wider.

  8. Well, it also shows the majority of the voters are followers of Spencer Fernando, which does affect the balance a bit …

    Having said that , I agree 100% and will still sing “ALL THY SON”S COMMAND” …

  9. Another example of this incompetent Prime Minister changing our basic foundations to suit his own agenda! I will continue to sing it the way the author wrote it, and we have been singing it for over 100 years, but it became our national anthem in 1980, I personally preferred God Save the Queen, but they didn’t ask us about that either! This man is a fool, who continues to embarrass our country, and doesn’t listen to the people! Can’t wait till election day!!!

  10. I will ALWAYS sing “in all thy sons command” I will NEVER sing it the way Justine Trudeau wants us to sing it….I was NEVER offended by that line in our anthem….I grew up with it, we sang it every morning before school started (I grew up in the 70s and 80s) then we would say the morning prayer…I am very patriotic to Canada and I really hate what is being done to our country at the hands of that slimy, disgusting as$hat clown named Justin Trudeau.

  11. Yesterday while working in a local public school I was surprised to hear the music teacher instruct the students in this new version of our National Anthem. She did mention that Trudeau did not ask Canadians for their opinion. Of course, because Trudeau does not know what a Canadian is or what our culture is either. Nor does he seem to care what 95% of Canadians think.

  12. I’m sorry but really anyone can vote on Twitter . How do we even know if those 1700 are even Canadian ? Also 1700 is no where near 1 percent even of the Canadian population so that’s far too small a sample size . It just really hurts your journalistic integrity relying on such flimsy evidence .

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