POLL: Conservatives Lead Trudeau Liberals 43% To 38%

Forum Research poll predicts Conservative majority.

A new poll by Forum Research shows the Conservatives with a 5 point lead over the Trudeau Liberals, a four point increase since the Forum poll in December.

The Conservatives are at 43%, the Liberals are at 38%, and the NDP are way back at just 12%.

The Greens and the Bloc are both at 3%.

Forum’s poll predicts a Conservative majority, saying they would get 181 seats. The Liberals would get 142. The NDP would almost fully collapse to just 14 seats, while the Bloc would get shut out.

The poll comes as the Trudeau Liberals are facing growing criticism on multiple fronts, including ethical issues, “ISIS reintegration,” and their ever-expanding list of broken promises.

While the poll is good news for the Conservatives, the head of Forum Research noted that with about half of Canadians not having an opinion on Scheer, he still has to turn poll support into actual votes.

Additionally, we can expect that the Trudeau Liberals and the establishment media – who are getting bailed out by the government – will do everything they can to dishonestly attack and falsely demonize any rising threat to their power.

Trudeau and the elites will stop at nothing to hold onto power, which is why Canadian patriots can’t let one good poll make us complacent.

Spencer Fernando

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  1. I enjoyed your talk with Jill Colton.. I just happened to trip over it as I wasn’t familiar with her work.. Are fearful of the trudeau government shutting you down with “hate speech” laws, and are you familiar with Gab and WrongThink?

  2. The Prediction of this Poll telling us that the Liberals will be getting 142 seats in the next election is far too many seats for this Corrupt Party. Canadians are finally waking up to this Corrupt, Treasonous Dictator and his Liberal bandits who Care Nothing about Canadians and Canadian Values. He has pretty much destroyed Canada and the lives of Canadians already, in just 2 years. Canadians have to keep Heckling and Protesting the very existence of this Dictator and his Liberal Partners in Crime. I am Ashamed of the people at the Town Hall Meetings who actually applaud this Lying Dictator who NEVER answers the questions asked of him. Let’s keep fighting HARD to rid ourselves of this Governing Nightmare!

  3. This is what I expect will become a continuing upward trend for Conservatives as Trudeau continues to rely on his assumed ability to woo voters with BS and broken promises, to say nothing of his ethical lapses.

  4. We have to learn to assume that everything we hear or see in the Canadian media is either slanted or a lie. Sorry people, but they have done it to themselves.

    It is up to people like Spencer to discover, uncover and present information we can research on our own without fear of being monitored and watched. Canada Free Press and International free Press are also pretty good. Multiple sources with varied views. WE can be guaranteed that when Trudeau gives his millions to massive corporations, it will have nothing to do with freedom of the press. Note that part of his deal is control of the media internet sites. They will be recording our IP address with every click and it might get to the point like in Britain where the cops show up at your door within a few hours of seeing anything they deem “hateful” or “offensive”.

    Th current M-103 “committee” has exactly the same intentions. They want to monitor all communications in Canada for the same “hate crimes” or anything deemed offensive to Islam and Muslims. This has become part of their self-described mandate ever since they threw out the lone Conservative member.

    They will even be watching this site but I don’t give a damn. Free speech is free speech.

    It is disturbing when the dear leader has billions to give to dictators in the UN, pretending it will be used for some kind of climate crap and millions to give to Hamas for weapons but has no problem spending millions to fight our Veterans in court.

    Fight like hell for Canada and Canadians. Defeat Trudeau. His stinking treasonous legislation can be overturned. There are better ways of handling pollution than a Trudeau Tax.

    1. Well said!! Do not be afraid to speak your mind in defense of this country. It wasn’t that long ago Canadians were fighting these same Marxists and giving their lives for our freedom, we owe it to them to stand up to these dictators BEFORE they lead us into another war. All that evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing!
      I am so happy to see the truth finally be told and people start to wake up.
      Canada is a great country, but we need to learn to stop letting our left leaning leaders and their paid media lap dogs divide the people and keep us fighting each other, while they loot and destroy our society.
      If we learn to talk instead of yelling at each other and ALL pull together we can solve all our problems and make life better for everyone.

  5. We are in to election mode already!

    There will be an alternative to Liberals or Conservatives, or federal parties in 2019!

    As one recent poll concluded, a Real Majority of Canadians do not trust Party Politics or their promises!

    In 2019, Canadians will be given an opportunity to elect MPs who will be Non-Partisan and committed to SERVING the Will of a Real Majority of Canadians, who will be authors of the next mandate!

    We have but ONE opportunity left to move the power of decision-making to a Real Majority of Canadians!

    2019 will give every VOTING Shareholder in this country an opportunity to choose a Government that will SERVE Canadians!

  6. Polls. Phewy! Libs will pour oodles of money into all their artst fartsy Toronto ridings along with Quebec. Add this to George Soros’ rigged voting machines and globalist elites will hold Canada for their New World Order aka Orwellian Camps. Millennials and Seniors will be too sick, broke and/or stoned to pay attention. So, working poor, middle income, over-taxed, over-indebted Canadians, you can bring back an honest, responsible and competent Conservative government in 2019 or ….settle for more scandals, lies, town hall scoldings and no-answer Question Periods.

    1. I read the articles in the “journal de Montreal ” everyday, also go on Quebec social medias, if the negative comments on these stories about Turd-0 mean anything It shows that the TURD-O his losing his shine in la Belle Province.

  7. As much as many Tories might celebrate this, until other polls start showing similar numbers I am going to assume it is a rogue poll. Not saying Tories won’t do this well, but from my understanding of stats and probabilities its unlikely all the other polls would be way off. I think the Tories still can win in 2019, but it won’t be easy. Canada is by nature a small l liberal country so all things equal Liberals tend to do a bit better than Conservatives as more Canadians are naturally liberal inclined than conservative inclined, but off course with Trudeau moving leftward there is room to pick up some Blue Liberals. Also if the NDP and Greens do better that helps as any gains they make are more likely to come from the Liberals than Tories.

  8. Again Spencer, you have hit the nail directly on the head! Scheer isn’t gaining, in as much as Trudeau is losing. It’s encouraging to see so many comments from people with views in line with mine. I believe most of the power mongers, that are our Politicians, these days, have become obtuse to the realities that average Canadians face. I was re-watching some of the recent town halls, and I have to say, I was sickened by the crowd. I’m so sick of seeing people applaud Trudeau, most of them looked drugged, and only reacted when the crowd clapped, and just clapped along, like zombies!! He asks for questions, with no intention of answering. He only uses it as a jumping off point for some rhetoric he is about to spew out! He waves his hands to the crowd like they are students in a classroom. He blames the PREVIOUS government for everything his Government has done wrong. Then claims it was him who introduced the CCTB? WTF? The baby bonus was introduced by Mackenzie King just after the second world war. It was turned into the Canadian Child Tax Benefit later. Prior to 1987 you received a meager amount monthly, however you could claim your children on your yearly taxes. It resulted in a return of a few thousand, for modest earners. It was usually the family vacation money, or other big expenses to help the family. After the change to CCTB it became a modest monthly payment capped at a limit, regardless of how many children you have, and incomes played much more of a factor. For me it resulted in either owing to the Feds, or just breaking even, only if I asked my employer to increase my deductions every month! So, be careful what you want to take credit for there, Justin!! I haven’t received a cheque from them for over a decade. All my children are now adults, yet I collected that tax credit for three children, when eligible, starting back in the 80’s. What the Liberals have done is raise the monthly credit amount slightly, but eliminate or reduce many other tax credits for working families, including their precious Transit pass credit, because, you know, we are all supposed to park our cars and take the bus! Because that’s the “GREEN” Way. While he and his cronies jaunt around on private planes at our expense! Plus, the Liberals have increased our overall tax burden and increased costs across the board with his RIDICULOUS Carbon TAX BS!! How long does he really think that thin veil of hypocrisy will hold out? Personally, after reading about how he even got to be leader of his party. I have even more reason to want him out! I’m excited to see if these Non-Partisan politicians actually make a mark in the next election. As mentioned in a previous comment posted by Timothy Hickey. That would be so refreshing! Keep up the great work, Mr. Fernando.

    1. I agree, Trudope answers questions by throwing out a pretty word salad and his supporters don’t have a clue what he said but they did pick up on a few pretty sounding words…. Blah blah blah… fair…. blah blah blah… equal… um.. ahh… ahh … women… moving forward…. um.. er.. ahh… ahh… puppy !! and they clap like a bunch of mindless seals.

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