ARROGANCE: Trudeau Ignores Question, Signs Autographs Instead

Instead of answering questions from elected representatives of the Canadian people, Trudeau prefers pretending he’s a celebrity.

During Question Period, Justin Trudeau was asked a question about his law-breaking trip to the Aga Khan’s private island.

Conservative MP Rosemarie Falk pointed out that Trudeau told Veterans there isn’t any more money for them, while putting taxpayers on the hook for $200K in costs for his trip.

Then, Falk asked Trudeau when he would pay it back.

But instead of answering, Trudeau hid behind Bardish Chagger, having her answer the question instead.

Even worse, he chose to sign autographs instead of answer the question.

Apparently, catering to his supposed fan-base is more important to him than the job he was actually elected to do, which is to be accountable to the Canadian people.

Total arrogance.

Watch below:

This isn’t really a surprising move from Trudeau, as he’s consistently put his own image above the duty he has to serve the Canadian people.

We can only wonder what other important issues are being ignored behind the scenes because of Trudeau’s obsession with his image.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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12 comments Add yours
  1. Yes I watch it almost daily now and the arrogance, smugness of this child is absolutely out of control. He cares not to answer questions and I would like to wipe that smugness off his face, his ignorant little smirks when he 1/2 grins to the Speaker of the house with his little nod.

    Also when he does answer a question he usually ends with a smug smile that last fleeting seconds and then takes his seat, puts his earplug in to get the next question coming their way!

    Puhhleasse someone get the Governor General to do her job and remove this fool because whenever he opens his mouth he proves to the entire world how he rolls.

    Check out FOX who on most of their programs last night showed Trudeau (and stated a Drama Teacher) corrects his citizens and creates new words PEOPLEKIND. Love it that the World Wide Stage is covering him we need more of this.

  2. “Poor Justie” mother Maggie referred to her then Prime Ministerial son in an interview last year.
    Yes, poor Justie. Now everyone shed a tear.

  3. This Prime Minister thumbs his nose at the democratic institution known as parliament. He is much like the 16th century French King, Louis XIV, known as the Sun King. Ring a bell? Sunnyways? The real power behind Louis was his First Minister, Maserat (like Gerald Butts).
    Louis died and left France broken and bankrupt. His heirs were eventually toppled by the French Revolution. Google Louis 14 to learn more about Justin Turdeau, sorry Trudeau.
    I pray, but somehow doubt, that the Canadian electorate see this Liberal government as the threat it presents to our freedom and way of life. Mr. T’s sycophants in cabinet, on the back benches and in the mainstream media are complicit in His attack on Canada and I feel it is past due to question them on a regular basis, in the House and in their constituencies.

  4. So off he goes to the u.s.a to meet some more college students.
    He s obviously much more comfortable around kids rather then adults.
    His ego will be soothed as he hands the autographed cards he s signing in the video.

  5. Looking to the Governor General is useless, she’s as bad as he is. I hate to say this but I think we are stuck with him to the next election and then if prayers are answered and our country can withstand the assault he has put us under he will forever be removed but seriously people we are going to have to talk talk talk to the rest of Canada about what he and his government are doing if we want him removed.

    1. He’s meetng with Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, the Democrat ‘Boss’ in Chicago and former Clinton or Obama Chief of Staff. Emmanuel will make a run at the WH if Soros and the DNC can rig the 2020 election again. Trudeau hangs with some very bad dudes.

  6. Might as well sign autographs,this way he keeps his mouth shut instead of coming out with nonsense as does every time.

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